1500 Liters Environmental Chambers, Temperature Range: -80C +150C, 6P Tecumseh Compressor, 2 PCS

When you get an offer for environmental chambers from your supplier, They always quote you the temperature range : -70C to +150C, Because the -70C is their MAX ability for their temperature chambers. How we supply you the environmental chambers with -80C +150C ? This is the temperature range which your current supplier can not guarantee, But we can.

In fact, It’s not easy work, But we can do it ! Let me explain how we meet this technical requirement: Normally, The critical temperature, boiling temperature for R-404A (R-507) is -46C, The boiling temperature for R-23 is -82C, We use 2 pcs 6P Tecumseh compressors and replace this 2 pcs 3P compressors which is a standard design, In this way, Improve the cooling speed, and make the cooling rate running faster. Then temperature goes to -80C reliable !

environmental chambers

We also can change the MAX hot temperature from +150C to +180C / +200C based on customer requirement, There has another solution as well. If you have the interest and want know more, Please negotiate with me online by Skype or send me an email. I am very glad to talk with you on these environmental chamber technology topic.

Make you easier understand this low temperature range, Here is an example which is a real order comes from our local customer, Request a 1500 Liters Environmental Chambers, Temperature Range: -80C +150C, Now, We are doing the testing and quality checking procedure before shipment. From customer P/O received to shipment, The lead time is 25 days only !

The R23, R404A, R507, are the mainly Freon which frequently used for environmental chambers, thermal shock chamber or any environmetal chamber request a refrigerating system. The difference and application range for R404A, R23, R507 Freon as below mentioned :

environmental chambers
R23, which is a high pressure liquefied gas, can be used as low temperature, ultra low temperature refrigerant, alternative to CFC-13 (R13), commonly used in scientific research refrigeration and medical cooling;
With a clean, low toxicity, fire extinguishing agent and other characteristics.
R23 Boiling Point: -82.1C
R404A refrigerant is a mixture of HFC class refrigerant, does not contain any damage to the ozone layer of the material, the ODP value of zero, R502 refrigerant is the most important long-term alternatives.
R404A is suitable for medium and low temperature new commercial refrigeration equipment (supermarket refrigeration freezer, cold storage, shown chamber, transportation), ice making instrument, transport refrigeration equipment, marine cooling machines or update equipment.
Applicable to all R502 normal operation environment, the vast majority of the world’s refrigeration instrument manufacturers recognized, and its production of low-temperature cooling equipments in the early installation and maintenance widely used.
R404A Boiling Temp: -46.2C
R507 is composed of HFC-125 and HFC-143a, which is a long-term substitute (HFC) of R-502 refrigerant, ODP value is zero, does not contain any ozone depleting substances.
R507 is more suitable for cryogenic applications than any of the other known R-502 alternatives, since the R507 refrigerant has a very close cooling capacity and efficiency to R502 and has excellent heat transfer performance & low toxicity.
R507 and R404A, is used to replace R502 environmental protection refrigerant, but R507 R404A can usually achieve a lower temperature.
R507 suitable for middle and low temperature of the new commercial cooling system (supermarket freezer, cooling storage, shown cabinets, transport), ice equipment, transportation cooling system, marine refrigeration equipments or update instruments, works for all R502 working conditions and environment terms.
R507 Boiling Point: -46.8C
R508B is an azeotropic refrigerant consisting of HFC and PFC substances, which does not contain any ozone-depleting substances, ODP values is zero, which comply with industry-standard and good replace for R-13, R-503 and R-23.
Compared with the R-23 update cost is low, high energy, energy saving, low release temperature, thus extending the equipment life.
R508B mainly used for ultra-low temperature cooling instrument, can be reduced to -80 ℃, often choosed by scientific research and refrigeration and medical refrigeration and other cold equipment.
The R508B is suitable for all R-503 environment working condition and terms.
R508B Boilling Temp: -125C
environmental chambers

Environmental chambers are an essential testing tool for many types of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and defense. These chambers allow manufacturers to test their products under a variety of different environmental conditions, such as extreme t temperatures, humidity, and vibration, ensuring that their products can withstand harsh environments and meet industry standards for quality and safety.

Below is an youtube movie which I have taken in Wewon manufacture dept, During the engineer doing the testing and adjustment work for environmental chambers. All the movies are true and real from our manufacture dept directly which can be trusted ! Hope you like it. If you have the interest and try to know more, Welcome visit our factory !

environmental chambers

One type of environmental chamber that is commonly used is the 1500 liters chamber. This chamber is designed to provide a large testing area while maintaining a small footprint, making it ideal for facilities with limited space. One of the key features of the 1500-liter chamber is its ability to control temperature and humidity levels. This is achieved through the use of advanced control systems that can accurately maintain temperature and humidity levels within the chamber, even under extreme conditions .

Another important feature of this1500 liters environmental chamber is its -80℃ ultra-low temperature capability. Customers require the tested samples to be tested in an environment of -80℃, in fact, we have achieved this. This is essential for testing products that will be used in applications where vibration is an issue, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries. In addition to temperature, humidity, and vibration control, 1500-liter chambers can also be equipped with a range of other features and accessories. For example, some chambers may be equipped with viewing windows that

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