4050 Liters Laboratory Oven for Drying and High Temperature

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed one unit 4050 liters laboratory oven for drying and high temperature purpose this week. This 4050 liters laboratory oven will be shipped to the Wewon’s customer in next few days ! The temperature range for this 4050 liters laboratory oven: +10℃ ~ +250℃, the laboratory oven has air flow system. Test room dimensions: 1500*1500*1800mm (W*D*H), Temp heating time: From +80℃ to +250℃ within 30 minutes, Samples load capacity: 50 kgs or more.

This 4050 liters laboratory oven will connect with your computer by RS 485 communication port. So you can do the temperature program and control the testing work by your computer freely ! The power source for this 4050 liters laboratory oven is 220V, 60Hz, Three phase which according to the customer’s requirement. If you have any different power requirement, We have no problem to make it. Since we are the manufacture and accept the custom designs.

4050 Liters Laboratory Oven
Inner Dimensions (H*D*W): 1800*1500*1500 mm|External Dimension (H*D*W): 2240*2110*2030 mm
The controller is located at the top of the machine, and the double doors are opened from the right to the left.
The inner material is stainless steel 304 plate with a thickness of 1.0mm
The external material is SPCC steel plate 1.2 mm thick powder baking paint treatment
Insulation material is high density glass rock wool 100 mm thick, to ensure maximum temperature insulation.
Two inner layers, two stainless steel grid plates (mesh shape)
The tightness proof material is high temperature resistant silicone strip.
Without sight window or High temperature glass window.
4050 liters laboratory oven equipped with movable casters and fixed feet.
adobe-pdf-logo Training Video of 4050 Liters Laboratory Test Oven to make You Understand the Procedure of Installation Steps
adobe-pdf-logo The Video Which Will Make You Understand the Connect Way from Your Computer With the Controller System.
adobe-pdf-logo A Training Video to teach the Customer how to Program the Testing Value from the Customer’s Computer Freely.

Principles of Laboratory Oven: Laboratory Oven during the test work, the operator through the controller and temperature sensor to obtain the temperature value inside the laboratory oven, through the control system to operate the laboratory oven hot air circulation heating mode. Compared with the ordinary cooling heating mode, laboratory oven has a better air flow, It can speed up the drying speed of materials inside the test room.

The hot air circulation system of laboratory oven is composed of the air supply motor wheel and electric heater. The air supply motor drives the wind wheel to send out the cold air, which is heated by the electric heating equipment and carries heat energy, and then enters the oven studio of laboratory oven through the air duct.

The hot air circulation system of laboratory oven is conducive to improving the uniformity of air temperature. In the process of material transportation of laboratory oven door, the temperature value will be affected and change. The uniformity of hot air circulation system is conducive to restoring the temperature value of working state within the maximum speed.

Back Photo of 4050 Liters Laboratory Oven
Forced horizontal air circulation, the wind source is driven by the circulation motor to drive the wind wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent to the oven from the air duct, and the hot air is sucked into the air duct after use to become the air source for re-circulation heating.
Therefore, the energy loss is reduced and the temperature uniformity in the box is guaranteed. When the temperature drops due to the door opening, the air supply circulation system can quickly restore the temperature value of the working state.
The motor is of high temperature resistance type with long shaft and the power is 1hp/50Hz.
The 10.5 inch wind wheel is a multi-blade turbo machine with adjustable air guide plate installed inside, and two sets of air outlets on the rear air inlet are adjustable.
Air Flow System
Overtemperature Protection System: when the temperature is out of control due to external force, the system will automatically stop the power supply of the whole machine when the temperature exceeds 10 degrees, so as to protect the safety of your products and the machine.
Fuse and Over-current Protection System: when the power of the whole machine exceeds the normal power due to high voltage or other reasons, the system will automatically cut off power to protect the industrial control components of the whole machine from damage.
This 4050 liters laboratory oven has motor overheating protection, prevent motor overheating motor damage, phase sequence protection.
Safety System

Some Notification for Laboratory Oven be Used: Industrial laboratory oven use environment is strictly prohibited close to flammable and explosive items such as water, paint or explosion risk. Laboratory oven in the exhaust outlet, must be connected to the exhaust pipe. Most glue kind, the goods that be baked inside paint can have a part to human body below high temperature environment to have harm gas to produce, if get outside timely discharge, endanger personnel health. Please clean the test room of laboratory oven and inner chamber of dust, keep the laboratory oven clean and hygienic. Thank you.

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