4850 Liters Environmental Chamber Shipment

We have a 4850 liters environmental chamber will ship to customer today. I have taken some photo and short movies for this 4850 liters environmental chamber shipment work. Let me share the details with you as below mentioned. I hope you like it. Before packing this 4850 liters environmental chamber, We will do some clean work to make sure the customer receive this 4850 liters environmental chamber without the dirty and any rust there. Yes, before the goods leave our factory, it is necessary to respect the buyer to clean the machine and pack it safely.

Because after a long time high and low temperature testing work, There has a wet weather test condition, and some scrap iron on the floor, This makes the rust and dirty risk happen. Meanwhile, the environmental chamber encounters humid air and salt spray corrosion during ocean transportation, which is also a difficulty we must face. Before the machine leaves the factory, we must face this potential risk and prevent it. Usually we use transparent plastic film to prevent the machine from contacting with humid air.

Fortunately, This 4850 liters environmental chamber has a 1.5 mm thickness stainless steel body structure. It’s easy to remove the dirty and any dust from the stainless steel body structure. We have equipped the sound-proof cotton on the place where the mainly compressor assembly there. This is an important solution which can reduce the noise and keep the environmental chamber with a lower noise during the engineer doing testing work. Thank you.

4850 liters environmental chamber

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● Volume: 4850 Liters● Model: WEW-TH-4850L-4
● Testing Room: 1800*1800*1500mm (W*D*H)● External Dimension: 2040*3300*2040 mm (W*D*H)
● Temp Uniformity: ±1.0~ ±2.0℃● Heating Rate: ±2℃~ ±3℃
● Cooling Rate: ±1℃~ ±2℃● HS Code: 8479899990
● Temperature Range: -60C +90C● Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%
● Power Supply: 208V, 60 Hz● Gross Weight: 1785 KG
The installation location should be tested for heat dissipation and easy maintenance. The equipment and the wall and any other machine should be separately at least 60 cm distance.
Adjust the flat no vibration of the ground, (Please check with the gradienter) Installation site should consider the thermal efficiency of the machine and easy inspection and maintenance and other factors. It is recommended to hire professionals to complete the installation of the equipment to prevent potential safety hazards when the machine is connected to the local power supply.
The ambient temperature should be 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, 70 ± 10% RH make the machine to get the best and most stable operation; the ambient temperature if the change has been drama, (for example, within a few minutes change 5 ℃ or more )
The temperature control and temperature reduction, can not be very stable control. This 4850 liters environmental chamber should be away from heat and flammable \ explosive substances.
The machine should not be directly exposed to sunlight, and keep the machine in room with air circulation. (Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyright)
Good ventilation of the test place is essential. Please avoid make the machine in the place where dirty & dust. The electrical lines and drainage pipes, should be shortened.
4850 liters environmental chamber
The 4850 liters environmental chamber is equipped with a testing hole, It can be used when the test item need a power supply. If you want to observe the changes for testing item in the testing room, you can turn on the indoor light (LIGHT) switch, through the window to understand the internal testing item’s changes.
If the machine running below 0 ℃, should try to avoid opening the door, because do low temperature test, When open the door and easy to cause the internal evaporator and other parts damaged, especially the lower temperature testing the more serious situation. If you must open it, you should try to shorten the time.
When finished the low temperature test, be sure to set the temperature conditions at 60 ℃ drying treatment for about half an hour, Recover the chambers test conditions, avoid any icing phenomenon|4850 Liters Environmental Chamber’s Shipping with a 40 Feet Container
Condenser should be regularly maintained, keep it clean. Water pipe in the humidification bucket , the air must be completely discharged, to prevent water can not enter.

The floor inside the environmental chamber has been welded with a fasten procedure. Normally design has a 100~ 150 kgs load bearing, We can also make this floor load bearing with a 700 kgs or 1000 kgs, It depends on customer testing requirement. The customer should inform us the real testing demand, Because there may has a little price difference according to the load bearing difference. Since we are a factory, We can accept customized design and production.

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