5 Kilometers Trekking

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd. has attend the 5 kilometers trekking in Dongguan Qifeng Park last weekend. There more than 2500 participators joined this trekking. It is a great event what happened in Donguan city recently. It was a great memory, and every employees from Wewon has a pleasure mood and share the happiness with family during this 5 kilometers trekking.

There so many work we should handle every working day when we are in factory. So stay with the family members and attend this 5 kilometers trekking in last weekend is a good idea for us. It may improve and update the feels with family members, and you may recognize the new friends when you attended a outside trekking positively.

Meanwhile, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd. welcome the customer coming and visit our factory. We may join the trekking there and climbing the mountain during the weekend. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd. trust the customer may has a good feeling and we will treat the customer as the friends and family members as well. When customer coming and visit us ! We are here and welcome your visit always ! Thank you.

5 kilometers trekking

Trekking is a popular outdoor activity that involves walking for long distances through wilderness areas or challenging terrains. A 5-kilometer trek can be a great option for beginners or those who prefer a shorter distance. This type of trek can offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, get some exercise, and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Dongguan Qifeng Park covers an area of 243 hectares and is a hilly area with an elevation of 35-186 meters and a maximum altitude of 189 meters. There are Huangqi Mountain Top Lanterns, Shanlin Park, Artificial Lake, Botanical Garden, Huangqi Ancient Temple, Huanglingdao Academy, and Liancheng. Springs and other scenic spots, and the new Qifeng Park Plaza, Gatehouse, Qifeng Lake attractions, restaurants and other facilities.

5 kilometers trekking

Dongguan Qifeng Park is a key ecological protection area of Dongguan City. It was previously known as the “Yellow Ridge” in the Tang Dynasty and is a symbol of Dongguan. “Huangqiling Lantern Hanging Lantern” is the first scene in the folklore of Dongguan Eight Scenes. There is a yellow flag Guanyin Temple built in the Song Dynasty. During the holiday, visitors are in the mood.

With the right equipment and a positive mindset, a 5-kilometer trek can be a fun and rewarding experience for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re trekking alone or with friends, it’s important to plan ahead, stay hydrated, and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

5 kilometers trekking

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