Abrasion Testing Machine for Aerial Insulated Cable, Extruded Insulation Cable and Rubber Insulated Cable

Abrasion testing machines provide accuracy and precision when examining extruded insulation used for aerial insulated cables, as well as rubber insulated cables. Using an abrasion resistance tester for aerial insulated cables, rubber insulated cables, and extruded insulation cables can provide fast and accurate information that is invaluable for assessing the characteristics of the product. Discover some of the key benefits this tool has to offer and how it can help your business succeed.

If you’re in the business of extruded insulation or rubber insulated cables, then an abrasion resistance testing machine is a must-have for your laboratory. The wire and cable abrasion testing machine offers precise measurements, with an accuracy of up to 0.1mm, ensuring that your products meet industry standards. This machine is designed to assess your cables for flaws or defects in their coatings, giving you the confidence to deliver quality products to your clients. With an abrasion resistance testing machine, you can accurately measure the thickness of your cables and insulation, making it an essential tool for any quality control process.

Abrasion Testing Machine
Equipment Model WEW-ATM-010-3E WEW-ATM-S20-6E
Test Station 3 Stations 6 Stations
Gauze Specifications Grade 1/2 (Medium) Diamond Gauze 500 Mesh Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper
Grade 1/2 (Medium) Diamond Gauze
Total Count 0 ~ 999999 Times 0 ~ 999999 Times
Abrasion Distance 0 ~ 100 mm 0 ~ 160 mm
Weight Unit 3.3N (340±1g), 500G 3 Pieces 3.3N (340±1g), 500G 6 Pieces
Friction Wheel Radius 90 mm 120 mm
Rotation Speed 1 ~ 30 times/min 5 ~ 60 times/min
Total Power Max 200 W Max 350 W
Power Voltage AC220V 50Hz, 1 Phase AC220V 50Hz, 1 Phase
Equipment Dimension W750xD450xH950mm W850xD600xH1200mm
Equipment Weight 55 KGS 86 KGS
Machine Instruction Fix the wire and cable sample to be tested on the fixture, hang a 340g or 500g weight on the other end, move up and down on the 1/2 grade (medium) emery cloth, and repeat the abrasion test.
Accessories Parts: 1 Copy of the Operating Manual, 1 Power Ccord, 1 Set of Hexagons
The Wewon’s abrasion testing machine comply with GB/T 12527 abrasion resistance test way and IEC 60245-1, IEC 60245-2 abrasion resistance test way. The cabinet is treated with electrostatic baking varnish, the overall design is reasonable, and the operation is safe and stable. Wire abrasion tester is to fix one end of the wire and hang a weight on the other end. The wire moves back and forth at a certain speed and times to contact with the friction wheel to test the wear resistance of the wire. Test speed, test times, etc. can be adjusted, humanized design, simple and convenient operation.
Test method and comply with GB/T 12527 abrasion resistance test way. The machine is used to test the wear resistance of the insulation layer of the wire and cable within φ35 mm. One test can test 3 samples.
Test method and comply with IEC 60245-1, IEC 60245-2 abrasion resistance test way. The machine is mainly used for abrasion test of rubber insulated cables with rated voltage 450/750V and below, sheath of high voltage cables and overhead insulated cables.
related page logoIEC 60245-2 Rubber Insulated Cables of Rated Voltages Up To and Including 450/750 V Part 1 : General Requirements
related page logoIEC 60245-2 Rubber Insulated Cables of Rated Voltages Up To and Including 450/750 V Part 2 : Test Methods
related page logoGB/T 12527: 2008 Aerial Insulated Cables for Rated Voltages Up To and Including 1 KV
If you run a business that involves extruded insulation and rubber insulated cables, investing in an abrasion resistance testing machine can help you develop high-quality assurance standards for your products. By accurately measuring the thickness of these materials, You’ll have the information you need to ensure your products meet industry standards, which in turn gives confidence to customers that they are buying reliable products from your company. This can also help protect your business from product liability claims.

An abrasion testing machine makes it easier for businesses to get detailed results about the extruded insulation and rubber insulated cables that they use in their products. This type of machine allows you to quickly access different standard test methods, such as UL 1581, UL 62 and others. With the ability to customize tests according to your needs, you can be certain that your materials are meeting industry standards.

The Wewon’s abrasion resistance testing machines are designed to accommodate the needs of different materials, cable types and coatings. By adjusting the machine settings, you can test different types of insulation materials including rubber sheeting, film and foil shield cables, or extruded single or double layer insulated alumina-taped cables. This means that you have greater control over the results of your tests and can ensure that your products meet quality standards in accordance with industry regulations.
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