RCA Abrasion Wear Tester For Surface Coating Specimens Conform ASTM F2357-04

The abrasion wear tester is mainly used for testing the surface paint film, ink, electroplating coating and wear resistance of mobile phone, laptop computer, silicone, rubber plastic, hardware and other shell products. Paper tape wear tester in accordance with ASTM F2357-04 test standard. The RCA tape abrasion tester is suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of coating on the plastic surface.Rub the rolled unoiled paper or tape against the sample when using. Depending on its abrasion resistance, the load of the softer material can be reduced by 55G or 175G with a certain number of turns.

RCA scroll tape abration tester widely used in mobile phone keypad printing, mobile phone case, MP3, CD player, laptop, PDA, electrical shell and other products. Tape grinding machine can also be used to test the abrasion resistance of cell phone P.D.A laptop and various surface coating products. RCA tape wear tester for reliable test, Load 275 g, 175 g. 55 g. The effect of friction between unoiled papers or tape and the sample was determined by a certain number of turns.

abrasion wear tester

The Test Speed16 revolutions per minute 
The Test Cycle1800 laps/roll
Test MethodContinuous/gap
Driving ModeElectric drive mode
Counterweight175g (precision ±5g) 55g, 275g(optional)
Control Function4 digit LED display, and 1-9999 arbitrary setting
Alarm FunctionCount up to stop
Accessories PartsOne two-way equalizer, one set of tools, one magnifying glass, three o-rings, one roll of paper tape
Working VoltageAC 220V, 50 Hz, 5A
The Machine Size730 * 490 * 410 mm

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The RCA tape paper friction testing machine’s design of the test system is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.
The main functional components of the RCA tape abrasion tester adopt the world famous brand configuration (high gold content), the technical principle is advanced and reliable, and the noise and energy saving are best controlled.
The matching of parts for paper friction testing is good, and the main functional components are imported with international advanced level.
Use RCA tape abrasion tester to improve the safety and reliability of the product, can ensure users for a long time, high frequency of use.
The RCA tape wear friction tester for paper bagtest has good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, and does not pollute the environment or harm human health.
All wires in the control cabinet have special equipment to print the serial number and number, the line is clear, at a glance.

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester For Car Paint Surface Coating

The abrasion resistance of the unoiled paper and tape against the specimen is determined by a certain number of turns.Equipment Features
Reduce the load of 55 g or 175 g for softer materials.
Two methods of sample fixation for rca abrasion wear tester are available.
Tape abrasion resistance tester for coating surface with a lamp magnifier is attached for viewing.
Counter: digital display counter. RCA wear-resistant paper tape 1 roll
Test load 55g, 175g, one dust jacket, three O – ring

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