AGREE Chamber – Temperature Humidity Vibration Chamber

AGREE Chamber which the mainly work is providing the flexibility to adapt to ever-changing test requirements. AGREE Chamber means the department of defense Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment, was originally designed to perform specific temperature, humidity, and vibration tests in order to improve the quality and reliability of military hardware and to conform with MIL-STD 781 and 883. If you are looking for a cheap and good quality combined temperature humidity vibration chamber, Wewon AGREE Chamber is your best choice !

We have many solutions for these AGREE Chambers : Combined temperature & humidity chamber, vertical horizontal vibration combined environmental test system, multi-vibration combined standard environmental test system, It depends on customer’s testing spec and requirement. Regarding the vibration testing equipment, We buy from a good partner which near our factory. These vibration testing equipment’s quality is quite good, and a famous brand in China locally. We can also equip the Dongling or ETS(Beijing) or SUZHOU SUSHI, or WEISS, ESPEC and doing assembly work for our AGREE chamber. It’s not a problem for us !

Equipment Model Testing Room Temperature Humidity Range Inside Dimensions/Outside Dimensions (mm)
WEW-AG-001 300 Liters -40 to +150°C / 20 to 98%rh W600×H850×D600 / W1800×H1900×D1250
WEW-AG-002 1000 Liters -40 to +100°C,+150°C / 20 to 98%rh W1000×H1000×D1000 / W2500×H2250×D1350
WEW-AG-003 300 Liters -70 to +180°C / 10 to 95%rh W600×H850×D600 / W1800×H1900×D1250
WEW-AG-004 1000 Liters -70 to +150°C,+180°C / 10 to 95%rh W1000×H1000×D1000 / W2500×H2250×D1350

The features of AGREE Chamber – Temperature Humidity Vibration Chamber

● A Wewon AGREE Chamber provides flexibility in your test lab. It can be used as a separately temperature test chamber or temperature & humidity chamber with heating rate from 3°C to 20°C per minute or as a vibration chamber when seamlessly integrated with an electrodynamic shaker or vibration testing equipment. Wewon AGREE Chambers can meet a variety of MIL-STD, ASTM, JEDEC, and other test standards. Such as MIL-STD 781A, B…

AGREE Chamber

The AGREE Chambers Technical Requirements :

AGREE chamber have possibility to make tests on temperature and humidity with vibration. 
Control system is based on pc which is mounted on chamber door with display not less than 10 inches and memory not less than 64 Gb. IP66 protection level. 
AGREE chamber have special floor with diaphragm. 
AGREE chamber can make tests with (with special metallic floor) and without shaker. 
Ventilation with fan which is mounted on back side of chamber; 
Temperature Range:  -70°С ~ +200°С 
Emperature Accuracy:  ± 0,5°С 
Temperature Homogeneity:  ± 1,8°С 
Humidity Range: 10-98% at temperature 40°С 
Humidity Temperature Range: +20..+90°С 
Humidity Accuracy: ± 2 % 
Distilled Water Tank:  Not Less Than 10 Liters 
Heating Velocity:  Not Less Than 1 °С/min 
Cooling Velocity:  Not Less Than 2 °С/min 
Port Holes:  3 holes (2 two on different sides of chamber) 100 mm in diameter 
Maximum Floor Load:  500 KGS 
Cooling for Agree Chamber:  Air Cooling; Freons: R23, R404 
Power Supply:  Three Phase, AC380 V, 50 Hz

● AGREE chambers have been the workhorses of the environmental chambers industry. These AGREE chambers requirements according with military test standards, their flexible design has made them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Cooling rate can be 3 to 20°C/m. are possible, even with significant loads. The AGREE chambers have a removable floor, allowing integration with vibration testing equipment.

● The Wewon AGREE Chambers have the optional capability to interface with vibration systems in both the horizontal and vertical modes of operation. They may also be customized with added features such as two-sided doors, vertical lift for height adjustment, rear sliding door and more. We accept the OEM / ODM orders. The custom design and special technic requirement is welcomed from us.

AGREE chamber

● The specifications of vibration testing equipment which will equip on AGREE chamber can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. We will find the most suitable solution with a custom design drawing according to the customer’s requirements.

● In Europe market, North America, & Asia market, There some some famous brand for AGREE Chamber, Such as THERMOTRON, RUSSELLS, CSZ, WEISS, ESPEC… You have many choice if you have enough budget and buy from these suppliers. But if you have limited budget and need a good quality AGREE chamber, Please contact us !

The temperature humidity vibration combined test system which we named agree chamber is integrated with mechanical stress test such as temperature, humidity and vibration. When the agree chamber is working, the (high temperature,low temperature and temperature change) stress ,temperature stress, vibration stress, vibration stress and electric stress should be carried out ESS Stress screening test for the fields of aviation, spaceflight, ship, electronic, communication and automobile.

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