Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace for Controlled Atmosphere Heat Treating

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has delivered one unit vacuum atmosphere furnace for controlled atmosphere heat treating for China local customer. The controlled temperature of this vacuum atmosphere furnace for controlled atmosphere heat treating is 1000 degrees. The vacuum atmosphere furnace also named vacuum atmosphere sintering furnace, high temperature atmospheric vacuum furnace.

Vacuum atmosphere furnaces are specialized equipment designed for controlled atmosphere heat treating processes. These furnaces offer a highly controlled environment that enables manufacturers to carry out precise heat treatments and maintain optimal conditions. By using these furnaces, manufacturers can improve the quality and performance of materials while minimizing defects and wastage|Design of Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace

The vacuum atmosphere furnace be used for sintering test samples in a vacuum and in an atmosphere (such as inert gas) with a maximum temperature of 1800 degree. The atmospheric vacuum furnace choose alumina fiber as furnace material and silicon molybdenum bar or silicon carbon bar as heating element. The furnace body design has the good vacuum sealing property, the atmosphere furnace body equip with the gas control system.

1000 degree atmosphere furnace
Product Model WEW-DS-KXRQ1600-308
Furnace Size 740x600x600mm(WxDxH)
Temperature Range +10℃~+1600 ℃
Power Voltage 380V, AC, Three Phase
Power Frequency 8KW, 50Hz
Temperature Control Accuracy ≤±1 ℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±6 ℃
Heating Time ≤50min (Heating Time Without Load)
Temperature Control Mode 30 intelligent precision temperature control instruments can be set up (heating, constant temperature, cooling) program, intelligent precision module soft start constant current technology
Maximum Heating Rate ≤ 20 ℃/ min
Recommended Heating Rate ≤ 5~15 ℃/ min
Chamber Structure Box body high quality cold rolled steel plate, profile double structure side door way, shell high temperature paint treatment is strong and durable
Inner Room Structure Argon welding precision welding, furnace door, furnace top adopts high temperature sealing ring seal, vacuum pumping or inflating for a long time does not leak
Furnace Material High – temperature ceramic alumina inorganic fiber material and anti – infrared radiation and other new materials precision processing
Vacuum System Cold vacuum degree: -0.06 ~ -0.1mpa
Valve Control System Equipped with vacuum valve, inlet valve, manual valve, automatic exhaust valve
Gas Fillable Nitrogen, argon and other inert gases (atmosphere pressure 0.02 ~ 0.04Mpa)
Protection System Independent over temperature protection, over current, leakage, short circuit protection, over pressure automatic discharge function.
The vacuum atmosphere furnace body adopts double layer shell structure, and the atmosphere furnace body is processed by 10 mm steel plate. It is safe and reliable. It conforms to various safety protection designs of national standards and has good safety performance.
The door of the atmosphere furnace is side open. The door and top of the atmosphere furnace are fixed by fastening screws from left to right. The door and top of the vacuum atmosphere furnace are equipped with circulating water cooling system. The furnace body is provided with an air inlet and an air outlet and a vacuum outlet.
It can pass through hydrogen, argon, nitrogen and other inert gases, and pre-vacuum, the vacuum degree can reach 0.1mpa, the atmosphere pressure can reach -0.1 mpa, the glass rotor flowmeter and the inlet and outlet pipeline.
Equipped with RS 485 communication interface, data management software, with paperless recording of historical data and heating curve, correction of temperature deviation error function, can manage multiple equipment and remote fault diagnosis and analysis.
Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace for Controlled Atmosphere Heat Treating
adobe-pdf-logo 1400 degree heat treatment vacuum atmosphere furnaces operation process
adobe-pdf-logo 950°C Atmospheric Furnaces with Vacuum Pump
adobe-pdf-logo 1800°C Sintering Furnace Atmosphere, Product Introduction

Application of the Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace: The vacuum atmosphere furnace is mainly used for high temperature precision annealing microcrystalline ceramic glaze preparation mold annealing powder sintering plastic powder experiment nanomaterials metal parts annealing heat treatment under the atmosphere protection.

It is widely used in the laboratory of scientific research institutes of universities and industrial and mining enterprises to develop new refractory materials for ceramic metallurgy, electronic glass, chemical machinery, special materials, building materials, metal, non-metal and other chemical and physical materials for sintering and melting analysis and production.

vacuum atmosphere furnace
Precise Temperature Control|Programmable Touch Screen Controller, up to 30 imported program temperature control, for the timing of heating, temperature maintenance and maintenance time can be set.  Product Features
When the temperature reaches no overshoot, the temperature fluctuation is small. Gross Weight: The weight of DS-KXRQ1600 vacuum atmosphere furnace is 255 KG. Wewon™ Industrial Benchtop Muffle Furnace Price: $1500 ~ $2500
Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace Body is Solid| Choose high-quality steel plate, thickness of 2 mm, steel plate thickness at the door of the furnace is as high as 5mm, deformation prevention door aluminum plate thickness is up to 8 mm, fully ensure the service life of the furnace body.
Practical Safety: this product has the function of opening the door of the furnace automatically without power. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control technology, high temperature control precision. Over temperature alarm and power off, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation.
High Efficiency and Energy Saving|Chamber of a stove or furnace using energy-saving technology in Japan, over 30 ℅ of energy than a conventional electric furnace; Double layer structure of furnace body with air cooling system, low shell surface temperature.
Temperature Uniformity is Reasonable, Mechanical Button Durable|The heating wire is distributed in the furnace, and the furnace temperature uniformity is high. Button machinery adopts the international brand, the number of times of use is not less than 200,000.
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