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HAST Chamber – Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

● HAST Chamber, Accelerated testing is an approach for obtaining more information from a given test time than would normally be possible. It does this by using a test environment that is more severe than that experienced during normal equipment use. Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) is one method of accelerated testing. HAST chamber has gained in popularity as it can deliver results in typically 100 test hours.

● Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) was developed by Nihal Sinnadurai while working as a Research Engineer at British Telecommunications Research Laboratories in 1968 in order to perform highly accelerated reliability testing of electronics components that are likely to encounter humid environments during normal (ambient) operation. The test is sometimes referred to as the Pressure Cooker Test (PCT).

● Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) is a similar humidity and temperature testing process. THB is used to accelerate corrosion activities in metal and typically requires a test time of 1000 hours. Test samples at room temperature are placed in the hast chamber, any electrical connections being made. Humidifying water is also added. After the chamber has reached 100C air from within the chamber is released so that the atmosphere remaining in the chamber is water vapour.

HAST Chamber
1 Inner Dimension: 450×300 mm(φ×D) Testing Room Space
2 External Dimension: 1050×950×1550 mm(W×D×H)
3 Inner Material: SUS304# Stainless Steel Material
4 Body Material: SUS304# Stainless Steel Material
5 Temperature Range: 105℃ ~ 132℃can be set freely.
6 Humidity Range: 60%~100%RH saturated steam humidity can be set freely
7 Pressure Range: 0.5Kg/cm~2.00Kg/cm2
8 Safety Pressure Capacity: 2Kg/cm2 / G = 1ambient atmosphere pressure
9 Time Range: 0 ~ 9999 Hours
10 Temperature Difference: (+/-) 1.0℃
11 Heating Time: RT ~ 132℃within 65 min
12 Pressure Time: 0.0Kg/cm2 ~ 1.00Kg/cm2 about 35 min

● The vapour pressure inside the hast chamber is then raised to the test value where it is maintained for the designed test time. Test item functionality tests and parameter measurements can be performed within the test environment. At the end of the vapour pressure test the hast chamber and test item are cooled or allowed to cool naturally. Final examination and test of the item should be performed within twenty fours hours of cooling.

● Testing will only inform on the performance of products subjected to test parameters. When these results are used in a model to extrapolate performance at different levels of stimulus (moisture and pressure) or time interval the results will only be as good as the model employed. As with all models, They are only a model and not reality itself and therefore the limitations of the model must be understood if the modelling results are to usefully contribute to a product design or development.

● Within the discipline of Reliability, HAST Chambers can be used to reduce the time required to complete humidity and temperature testing of semiconductor and other electronic devices. Critical Assumption – The same failure mechanisms will be present at the higher stress levels and will act in the same manner as at normal stress levels. For more detials check and confirmation for Wewon HAST chamber, Please continue to read below words with thanks !

Features and Advantages for Wewon HAST Chamber WEW-HAST-450: The Wewon HAST chamber with the circular box & adopt stainless steel material. Conforms to the industrial safety standard to prevent condensation dripping phenomenon during test. Features Advantages
Wewon HAST chamber with a precise designs: Good air tightness, and little water consumption , can be work 1h continuously and after manually adding water and 9999 hours after automatically adding water.
Automatic safety door, when the pressure in the door is bigger than outside, the door can’t be open to keep safety. LIMIT protection, display abnormal reasons and fault indicator light;Regular dry function to keep specimen dry.
The equipment is mainly used for temperature and humidity tests under pressure conditions. It has manually and automatically add water function to keep test continuously, after test, the equipment can release pressure automatically.
Testing Standard IEC 60068-2-66: Environmental Testing Part 2: Test Methods – Test Cx; Damp heat, Steady state (unsaturated pressurised vapour)
Testing Standard IEC 60749 : Semiconductor devices Mechanical climatic test methods. 5C Damp heat, steady state highly accelerated.

● Unless fully protected – Hermetically Sealed, semiconductor devices and other components will be subjected to the effects of moisture in the air, Humidity. The use of desiccants and other moisture extraction systems can reduce the humidity that the devices are subjected to.

● Relative humidity is the term used to describe the amount of moisture in the air relative to the maximum amount of moisture that the air can hold at a given temperature and pressure. Therefore for a relative humidity of 50% the moisture in the air is half the amount of moisture that the air could hold. The chart below illustrates relative humidity for 100% and 50%. From the chart it can be seen that the amount of moisture that air can hold rises rapidly with temperature.

● The relative humidity (φ ) of an air water mixture is defined as the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapour (H2O) (ew) in the mixture to the saturated vapour pressure of water (e*w) at a prescribed temperature. Relative humidity is normally expressed as a percentage and is calculated by using the following equation:

HAST Chamber

● The processes used in HAST chambers are intended to accelerate moisture penetration into the internal parts of the item under test by raising the water vapour pressure using a test chamber. The level of penetration and the effects are then evaluated to determine the test item’s resistance to humidity. The use of vapour circulation fans, vapour heaters and condensation shields will improve test reproducibility. As condensation will form on the walls and ceiling of the chamber if a shield is not provide it can drip onto the test item affecting the test results.

● Simplistically, the HAST chamber is a pressure vessel able to withstand the planned temperatures and pressures required for the test. The chamber contains water and a heater in order to produce the required humidity and gauges to measure the conditions within the chamber. More complex test systems consist of two chambers that allows for the creation of saturated or unsaturated levels of humidity.

adobe-pdf-logo Technical Parameters for MODEL: WEW-HAST-450 L1
adobe-pdf-logo Technical Parameters for MODEL: WEW-HAST-450 L2
adobe-pdf-logo The Actual Pictures Profile of Wewon Hast Chamber 01
adobe-pdf-logo The Actual Pictures Profile of Wewon Hast Chamber 02
adobe-pdf-logo The Actual Pictures Profile of Wewon Hast Chamber 03
adobe-pdf-logo Programme for TEMI Controller Connect with Computer
adobe-pdf-logo Temperatrue and Humidity Test Spec for PT 100 Sensor
adobe-pdf-logo CE Certification-LVD-Temperature & Humidity Chamber
adobe-pdf-logo CE Certification-EMC-Temperature & Humidity Chamber
adobe-pdf-logo OYO Temperature and Humidity Controller User Manual 1
adobe-pdf-logo OYO Temperature and Humidity Controller User Manual 2
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Keystroke Life Tester

Keystroke life testers are devices used to determine the durability and reliability of computer keyboards. They simulate the repeated keystrokes that a keyboard would experience during normal use and measure the impact of these keystrokes on the keyboard’s performance. In this article, we will provide an overview of keystroke life testers, how they work, and their importance in the manufacturing industry.

Keystroke life testers use a mechanical arm to simulate keystrokes on a keyboard. They can be programmed to apply pressure and force on specific keys, allowing manufacturers to test the durability and performance of different areas of the keyboard. The mechanical arm hits the keys repeatedly, mimicking the repeated use that a keyboard would undergo during normal use. The total number of keystrokes, also known as the keyboard’s endurance, is monitored and recorded to measure the keyboard’s lifespan.

Keystroke Life Test Equipment, The three axis (XYZ) servo-control automatic key loading-curve tester which we simply named keystroke life tester used for various of tensile pressure test. It can set the coordinates, the machine automatically displacement test, and record the test value. Use the Windows Chinese Windows menu. All data can be stored (test conditions, load – stroke curve, life curve, inspection reports, etc.)

Keystroke Life Tester

The application for keystroke lift tester : 1, General product multi-point strength test automatically. 2, Key (keyboard) curve test (multi-point automatic displacement). 3, LCD resistance to stress testing (multi-point automatic displacement). 4, Pressure life test (multi-point automatic displacement). For more details check, Please send us a mail. I am waiting for you there ! Thank you.

Keystroke life testers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of computer keyboards. By simulating the repeated keystrokes of normal use, these devices can identify potential defects and help manufacturers ensure that their products meet user expectations. As technology advances, we can expect keystroke life system to become even more sophisticated, further improving the durability and reliability of computer keyboards.

The importance of keystroke life testers lies in their ability to identify keyboard defects before they reach the market. Defective keyboards can cause frustration for users, and can also lead to expensive returns and repairs for manufacturers. By testing the durability and reliability of keyboards before they are released, manufacturers can ensure that their products are of high quality and meet user expectations.

Equipment Name:
Keystroke Life Tester
Test Load Range: 0 ~ 100N
Minimum Display Load: 0.01 mm
Z-axis Tests the Height and Stroke: Height 450mm;Moving 150mm
Z-axis Display Distance : 0.01、0.001mm (Option)
Test Speed Range: 1-200mm/min
X-axis Moving Distance: 400mm
Y-axis Moving Distance: 300mm
Transmission: Ball Screw
Drive Motor: Servo Motor (Three-Axis)
External Dimension: 1000W× 900D× 800H (mm)
Machine Weight : 150 Kgs
Power Supply :  AC220V, 230V, Single Phase

One of the most important aspects of keystroke life testing is the measurement of keystroke force. Different keys on the keyboard require different levels of force to be pressed. Keystroke life testers can be programmed to measure the amount of force required for each key and record it for later analysis. This data can be crucial in identifying potential defects in the keyboard, such as keys that are too difficult or too easy to press, or keys that get stuck.

In addition to measuring the endurance and force required for keystrokes, some keystroke life test machine can also measure other factors such as the speed at which the keys are pressed and released, the frequency of keystrokes, and the duration of keystrokes. This data can provide valuable insights into how users interact with keyboards and can help manufacturers make data-driven decisions about product design and development.

Features for the three axis (XYZ) servo-control automatic key loading-curve tester :
Can be arbitrary input X, Y axis coordinates, the machine automatically moves the position test.
Can enter the maximum test stroke and load, the computer automatically controls and tests.
Keystroke Life Tester, Can be set load, when the load value arrived, the machine can be suspended or turned.
Can set the trip, when the trip value arrived, the machine can be suspended or turned.
Can be directly test and copy each trip point (0.01mm) and load the graphics.
Each measurement can be traced by cross cursor track, interpretation of the corresponding load and stroke value of the minimum resolution of 0.01mm.
Can print and store graphics (load – stroke curve, life curve, check the report).
Test data stored on the hard disk (each data can be stored, unlimited number of times).
The test conditions are set by the computer screen (including test load, stroke, speed, frequency, air pressure, pause time, etc.)
The contents of the inspection report can be modified at any time (both in English).
The test report can be transferred to Excel for editing or directly through the network output.

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Wewon Xenon Test Chamber’s Technical Questions and Answers

Wewon xenon test chambers are high-quality, reliable, and efficient pieces of testing equipment that are suitable for various applications across different industries. They come equipped with a powerful xenon lamp that can produce a spectrum of light that is similar to that of natural sunlight. The chambers come with advanced control systems that enable easy programming and monitoring of test cycles, as well as data logging and analysis.

Wewon xenon test chambers are a popular choice for conducting accelerated weathering and material degradation studies. In fact, They are the specialized environmental testing chamber used to simulate the effect of sunlight and weather on products. As with any complex piece of laboratory equipment, there may be technical questions and concerns that arise during use. Below are some common questions and answers about Wewon xenon test chambers:

Q1. How is the radiometer calibrated for Wewon Xenon Test Chamber ?
A: We have 2 ways to do the rediometer calibrate. Way 1 is, We have a measurement tool which can calculate the data automatically; Way 2 is, We have 1 unit standard parts and stock here, When we need the rediometer calibrate, We use this standard unit for calibration.
Q2. Is the radiometer single band such as 340nm or over the range 300-400 nm ?
A: Normally the Xenon lamp’s spectrum is 280–800 nm, If there has a special requet, We can filter out a part of band/ waveband. In Wewon, We have some manners to estimate the 280–800nm lamp’s strength. For example, Choose the UVA340 to do the estimation, or we can choose 300–400 nm band to estimate the lamp’s strength, But frankly to say, they have a same essence.
Q3. I assume there is a radiometer in Wewon xenon test chamber which measures the radiation intensity and user can adjust the radiation energy through that. My question is that how does this work ? Does it measure single band or measure the full spectrum 300-400 nm ? Besides is it portable or is it built-in in the chamber? can we move it in the chamber space to see whether the radiation is uniform ?
A: Principle: There is a measuring probe in Wewon’s xenon test chamber, The measuring probe do measurement for xenon lamps during it working. And transfer the testing data to the controller. The controller according with the setting value, and calculate controlled variable based on PID algorithm, and send to control device, In this way to control the Xenon Lamp’s output power.
The measuring probe will measurement the fully waveband, It fix inside the Wewon’s xenon test chamber and without move. If you want test the uniform of radiation, We can equip 2 or 3 pcs measuring probe inside, Then it works !
Q4. In Wewon xenon test chamber’s software manual I could not see the choice for exposure time and spraying time cycles and number of cycles. How can we do that ?
A: There has a procedure in Wewon xenon test chambers, So you can setting the exposure time, sprayting time, and cycles by yourself freely. We will make a short movie and teach you how to process the programme for exposure time, spray ting time, and cycles. It’s easier way to our both parties !
Q5. I need extra lamps and accessories since our lab is going to use the chamber non-stop.
A: OK, No problem, We can supply you continuously. Because we are the manufacurer, and sometimes we have the stock there.
Q6. How BST and BPT are selected ?
A: The Wewon xenon test chamber support both BST and BPT mode. BST normally used for testing the inner quality of samples, and BPT mainly doing the sample’s surface testing.
Q7. What is the radiation energy in kW/m2 for 300-400 nm range ? What is the maximum radiation energy for 300-400 nm ?
A: The intensity of the radiation depends primarily on the how many xenon lamps used and the power of lamps, The normally range is 60–110W/m2; But we can choose a 180W/m2 as well. We need apply the more strongly xenon lamps and more quantity xenon lamps to make it to be 180W/m2.
Q8. Can we remove filters to receive 300-800 nm energy band ?
A: It’s not means remove the filters, the inner/ outer filter, Try to choose borosilicate and we can get a 300-800 nm energy. In another words, The Wewon’s xenon test chamber can make it to 300-800 nm energy band.
Q9. Is that possible to use a higher power lamp such as 7.5kW or 12 kW to achieve higher radiation energy as possible ?
A: For this moment, The Wewon’s xenon lamp has a 6.5KW, and can get a MAX power which support 7.5KW, For the 12KW, We have not developed this type, Now we are working and developing for it.
Q10. Is the refrigeration system necessary? Let’s say we use the chamber 40-80 degree C.
A: Refrigeration system is necessary, Because the xenon lamps has quantity of heat, If we don’t use the refrigeration system, the fully xenon test chamber and parts will be limited, Because of heat, It’s not a smart idea for customer to reduce the refrigeration system
Q11. According to the data provided for the 60s time step for recording, the recording time will be 60 days, But somewhere you have mentioned the maximum recording time is 180 days. I need recording time up to 180 days and if it is no considered I suggest to delete 1 sec time step for recording and add 240 sec.
A: This is no problem for Wewon’s xenon test chamber. The customer better declare their request clearly during order, And we can meet this requirement.
Q12. Is it possible to put two 6.5 Kw lamps in the chamber ?
A: For sure, If we can equip 2 pcs 6.5KW, We will mentioned it in our data sheet. In fact, Even the ATLAS, Q-LAB, SUGA, still can not equip 2 pcs xenon lamp in a same chamber ! If you want a good and exactingly/ exactly radiation intensity, Better choose the ATLAS xenon test chamber or Wewon’s Xenon Test Chamber can meet your requirement.
Meanwhile, The Chinese supplier they equip 2 pcs even 3 pcs xenon lamps in the xenon test chamber with an air cooling way, They are doing a poor car way, In this solution they can not get an exactingly/ exactly radiation intensity. In fact, They are doing a false work without exactly testing data, The main problem is the poor solution what they have choosed.
wewon xenon test chamber

What’s the purpsoe of a xenon test chamber ? A xenon test chamber is used to simulate the effects of sunlight, temperature, and moisture on materials and products. It is especially useful for testing the durability of materials that are exposed to outdoor conditions, such as plastics, coatings, and textiles. The chamber exposes the test specimens to xenon light, which simulates the UV spectrum of sunlight, and cycles the temperature and humidity to simulate different weather conditions.

By subjecting the materials to these conditions over a period of time, the xenon test chamber can determine how well they will hold up in real-world applications. This information is important for manufacturers, as it can help them improve their products and ensure that they meet industry standards and customer expectations. This allows engineers and researchers to evaluate the durability, performance, and reliability of products and materials in a controlled, accelerated manner, and make informed decisions about their design and manufacturing processes.

The Magnetic Contactor in Wewon’s Environmetnal Chambers got a CSA Certification

CSA Group is a global provider of testing and certification services and leading standards development organization. They provide localized testing and certification services globally for a wide range of products across key business areas. In fact, Mostly of Wewon’s key parts/ core spare parts, mainly are famous brand and got a CSA/ UL certification as well. Like Tecumseh, Schneider, Gavazzi, Omron, Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson, Unitè Hermetique, Bitzer and so on.

The Magnetic Contactor in Wewon’s Environmetnal Chambers got a CSA Certification, You can check this CSA Certification on the related links. This magnetic contactor is a famous brand from Taiwan, The certification number: LR112529-4


● Their offices and labs located at Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kunshan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China provide localized testing and certification services for a wide range of mechanical, alternative energy & sustainability, electronics and electrical products for global marketplace. The local experts offer you the certification solutions for global market, and the guidance to drive you towards success.

● Depending on which countries you are doing business in, safety & performance requirements may vary greatly. Through CSA Group’s Global Market Access service offering, they will work with us to help navigate the international requirements so that you can obtain the certification marks for products including:

1. Electrical and electronic products
2. Gas-fired products
3. Plumbing products
4. Personal protective equipment
5. And a wide variety of other products

● In order for you to sell products that fall in these categories to the North American market they must be tested by an accredited third party testing agency, such as the CSA Group, to applicable industry standard(s). If you also sell your products to international markets, The CSA experienced technical experts will work with you to understand the requirements and help obtain the required certification marks.

● CSA Group’s accreditations and recognitions make us a one-stop solution for testing & certifying products for markets around the globe. They are widely recognized by numerous North American and international organizations for providing testing & certification services for a broad range of product categories including electrical, gas-fired, plumbing, personal protective equipment and others.

● Recognitions and accreditations, Select global offices are recognized or accredited by the following:

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes CSA Group as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory(NRTL)
The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) accredits CSA Group as a Certification Organization (CO – ISO 17065), Testing Organization (TO – ISO 17025), and Inspection Body (IB – ISO 17020)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredits CSA Group as a Certification Body (ISO 17065)
International Accreditation Service, Inc. (IAS) accredits CSA Group as both a Testing Organization (TO – ISO 17025) and Inspection Body (IB – 17020)
IECEE CB Scheme recognizes CSA Group as an National Certification Body (NCB) and recognizes many of our labs as Certification Body Testing Labs (CBTLs)55
IECEx recognizes CSA Group as a hazardous location Certification Body (ExCB) and recognizes many of our labs as Testing Labs (ExTL)
Notified Bodies (NB) in the context of European directives, such as the ATEX, MID and the EMC directive
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST/NVLAP)
International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) members around the globe; City of Los Angeles

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and supply humidity and temperature testing chambers for abroad partners many years ! The mainly product from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. : temperature humidity chambers, walk-in chambers, thermal shock chambers, xenon test chambers, ozone chambers, & vibration test systems.

Energy Efficiency Verification Program Recognitions|CSA Group will verify that your products comply with the latest energy efficiency requirements including ENERGY STAR and Lighting Facts. The magnetic contactor we have purchased from our parts supplier recognized by numerous governmental agencies including:

●  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
●  U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency (DOE)
●  California Energy Commission (CEC)
●  Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
●  Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec
wewon CSA Certification
COIL CONTROL VOLTAGE AC12V-440V/50Hz AC12V-440V/60Hz AC12V-480V/60Hz AC12V-480V/50Hz
● CSA CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 1 Click Here 1
● CSA CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 2 Click Here 2
● CSA CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 3 Click Here 3
● CSA CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 4 Click Here 4
● CSA CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 5 Click Here 5
wewon CSA Certification

THE UL Certification for Magnetic Contactor used in Wewon’s Environmetnal Chambers

Wewon UL Certification, Most of the parts which used for environmental chambers, We prefer choose a famous brand. For example : Schneider, Gavazzi, Omron, Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson, Unitè Hermetique, Bitzer and so on. The magnetic contactor which used in Wewon environmental chambers has got a UL certification as well. Confirm the Wewon UL CERTIFICATION for magnetic contactors, Please click here, The related document which supplied by Wewon’s magnetic contactor supplier|

● Magnetic contactor is common used in automation industry for motor control application.It is function basically like “relay”. The power source into the coil of winding,it like the solenoid operation. It can delivery a big ampere to the loads and very long lasting and high durability.


● When the power is “on”, it energized the coil and make plunger move and the switch contact is change from normally open to closed position. It allowed the current move from input terminal to output terminal. Then if we connected to the 3 phase motor, it will running.

● A magnetic contactor is part of an electromagnetic-operated switch that starts and stops a large-load electric motor through a control circuit that connects contact devices to the magnetic motor starter coil. The magnetic contactor is usually paired with an overload relay in a magnetic starter to flick the switch when the motor load exceeds its capacity.

● A magnetic contactor may be present in a magnetic starter as either stationary or moving, together with a solenoid coil, pressure springs, an electromagnet that is kept in place, magnetic shading coils and a mobile armature.

● If the motor has not been started yet, the magnetic starter does not receive current. As soon as the start button is activated, the electromagnet is powered up. The switch then engages the contactor and directs the current to the motor. When the stop button is pressed, the circuit is broken, which removes the energy from the electromagnet and current to the motor.

● The electromagnet automatically disengages the contactor when the motor power fails. This is possible through the use of momentary switches to call the functions on and off. A magnetic contactor coupled with an electromagnet is similar to ordinary latching mechanisms such as a light switch, although the latter does not disengage when power to the motor fails.

wewon UL certification
COIL CONTROL VOLTAGE AC12V-440V/50Hz AC12V-440V/60Hz AC12V-480V/60Hz AC12V-480V/50Hz
wewon ul certification
● UL CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 1 Click Here 1
● UL CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 2 Click Here 2
● UL CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 3 Click Here 3
● UL CERTIFICATION for Wewon Magnetic Contactors 4 Click Here 4

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and supply humidity and temperature testing chambers for abroad partners many years ! The mainly product get a ul Certification from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. : environmental test chambers, environmental chambers, walk-in chambers, thermal shock chambers, xenon test chambers, ozone chambers, & vibration test systems. Many thanks for your reading ! I appreciate it ! Meanwhile, I am glad to know you have the inquiry for Wewon environmental chambers. The related data as above files mentioned, Hope you like it ! For more details check, Please send us a mail. I am waiting for you there ! Thank you.

Identify Product Flaws Through Temperature Test Chambers !

Temperature test chambers are known for subjecting a test specimen to different temperature test and humidity test conditions. They are being used in several industries for the purpose of meeting intensive testing requirements. The objective of such testing is basically to determine the after effects of the virtual environmental conditions on the tested specimen. Generally this testing is conducted by manufacturers before the shipment of the finished products for the conduct of other types of testing such as mechanical or package performance testing.

The sample is exposed to a full range of potentially harmful temperature and humidity levels to bring out the faulty areas in it. The faulty areas are then addressed to increase the durability and reliability of products. The environmental chambers where this testing is conducted are specifically designed to maintain tight controls over temperature and humidity. You are given the facility to change the rates as per your testing need.

You must be wondering what the need of this intensive testing is. Actually, there is a huge possibility that the final product has to encounter similar kinds of conditions during an extreme distribution cycle, for example, if they are stored in a warehouse for an extended period of time. Also, it is important for the manufacturers to trace all the product flaws before their product actually reaches the market.

temperature test chamber

Environmental Chambers can be used for conducting different types of testing where environmental simulation is required. You can use them in production testing, prototype evaluation, research & development testing, reliability testing, accelerated stress testing, failure analysis, or any other application. The purpose of environmental chambers is to simulate any type of environmental condition virtually like temperature, humidity, vibration, solar altitude, wind, rain test, dust, etc.

If you are also a manufacturer, then these temperature test chambers can help you in the following ways:
● You can significantly reduce the product development time
● You can greatly increase your customer’s confidence in you and your product
● You would be able to improve the quality of your product
● temperature test chamber increasing reliability of your product
● You can do forecast of your product and analyze its life
● You would be increasing efficiency and subsequently, profitability of your business

How can you get these temperature test chambers ?

WEWON is a reputed name in the manufacturing of environmental chambers. You can get your chambers from these manufacturers. They are not only providing quality temperature test chamber but great after sale services. The temperature test chamber after sale services of WEWON are backed by great technical and non technical support. All the temperature test chamber have interiors that are built with tough materials like stainless steel with a powder coated exterior finish so they last for a longer period of time. Get these chambers for you and start the testing of your samples.

For more details check, Please visit our website:

Good Climatic Test Chamber Manufacturer in China

Climatic Test Chamber, Taking the toughness test of products is necessary to check their capability to survive in extreme weather conditions. To take such tests, there are climatic chambers that provide us with the all the customizations of changing the inside atmosphere of a climatic chamber to see the response of the products in varying conditions.

These climatic test chamber are specifically designed to provide you an artificial environment of extremely high as well as low temperature and humidity chambers. Apart from this, you can take the temperature cycling test in these climatic test chamber for quality inspection, assessing the quality and durability of your products.

These climatic test chambers replicate a complete range of temperature and humidity conditions. They are very easy to use and dependable. Depending upon the type of chamber, you would be getting conditions of temperature from -70 C to +150 C or -70 C to +180 C and of humidity from 20% to 98%. So you can program the test temperature, humidity and time as per your requirement.

Climatic Test Chamber

Which one is better -70 C +150 C or -70 C +180 C for a climatic test chamber ?

Well, it all depends upon your need. A climatic chambers with temperature ranging from -70 C to +180 C gives you comparatively more options than the one that comes with temperature test from -70 C to +150 C as you take the temperature to a higher level in it. It can be possible that the product you are going to launch in market works fine in temperature below 150 C but starts giving problems once the temperature crosses that scale. It is plain and simple. With higher temperature option, you can do the testing in a better way.

Apart from temperature and humidity customization, there are several other features of these climatic test chambers. Let us have a look on them.
The 16bit Industry grade PLC, programmable controller helps in better anti jamming and facilitates high reliability of the collected data.
The TEMI880 large color LCD touched screen facilitates real time display of program running time, the number of segments, the remaining time, repeat frequencies.
The controllable silicon step less adjusting technology that helps you to adjust the temperature and humidity without overheating.
The high quality thermal material between the outside chamber and inside of the chamber for optimum insulation.

You can get these climatic test chambers manufacturer through Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd, one of the big climatic test chamber manufacturer. The climatic test chambers that they provide use varying levels of relative humidity and temperature to locate design problems in your products for improvement in them prior to their shipping. They come with many user friendly features. They are quite affordable and you pay for only the best value in the industry. So, get these climatic test chambers now and know your products in a better way !

Environmental Humidity Test Chamber Buying Guidelines

Environmental Humidity Test Chamber Buying Guidelines, Whenever any new product is manufactured or developed, it gets vital to check its reliability and durability as well as it also makes a great sense for companies to make sure when and where the newly developed product is going to be used. With no ifs and buts, manufacturers can’t claim a product to prove true all the aspects as long as they do not taste it on dissimilar environment conditions.

It a well known phenomenon that customers always ask for guaranteed products and manufacturers can’t claim a guarantee of any product as long as the product has not gone through the several stages of testing and proves true to all the aspects. If a manufacture wants to be sure about the reaction of a new product to the cold environment, obviously he will not go to Antarctica to taste it. This is the place where an environmental test chamber perfectly fits into the frame.

Environmental Test Chamber An environmental humidity test chamber is basically a large device that is specifically designed to test the reaction of dissimilar products under the dissimilar environmental conditions. There are a number of industries where buying and installing a high quality test chamber emerges as an unavoidable need. These industries include but not limited to pharmaceutical, medical, packaging, automotive, food processing, engineering, construction, beauty and so on. Medicines, cosmetics, cars, cigarettes, medical equipment’s, cars etc. are just a few of the examples of the products that can be tested under this incredible device.

There are some different types of environmental test chambers available in the scenario; some of them can be used to perform several types of tasks whereas others are especially created to test certain kinds of products. When environmental chambers are used to test the reliability and the reaction level of a product, it helps the manufacturers to improve their products in order to make them more suitable to endure all sorts of conditions well.

Environmental Humidity Test Chamber

Investment Guideline – As said above, there is a wide variety of environmental chambers available in the market today but you are not supposed to just randomly rely on anyone and make the investment. These different test chambers are specifically created to test different kind of materials. Thus, being a smart investor, you need to look for the one which is aptly suitable for your newly developed product as well as can meet all your requirements.

Furthermore, always buy your preferred type of chambers from a reliable and reputable supplier of China only. One of such suppliers that has created a niche in selling and supplying high quality test chambers for long years is “Wewon”. Count on this prestigious source when it comes to buy a high quality environmental humidity test chamber and be sure to get a big discount too with your every purchase.

Xenon Test Chambers For Intensive Quality Testing

Xenon Test Chamber, Quantity can be measured in numbers but if you are asked to measure quality, how are you going to do this task? It’s very simple, through testing. Testing is important to bring out the defects in something and to ensure its durability. It makes us identify those areas which need immediate improvements. But, there are areas where basic testing is not enough and does not do the job perfectly. To meet the high standards, there is a need to perform extensive testing on some materials. A place where such kind of testing is conducted is the xenon test chamber.
The xenon test chambers are into business for a long time now. These chambers are specially designed for conducting various laboratory and research experiments. They are important for carrying out different quality control tests on various types of materials such as cement, various electrical fittings, motors, electronic circuits and components etc.
The most unique thing about these chambers that makes their quality testing different from the usual ones is their xenon arc lamp accelerated aging test conditions. Different kind of environment is required for different type of testing. These chambers provide a controllable xenon arc environment test. So, the aging test level in these xenon chambers can be changed as per the requirement.
xenon test chambers
There are many respected names in the environmental test chamber industry that are providing different types of chambers to meet varied customer requirements. One such chamber is the XENON TEST CHAMBER. This chamber is available at a very affordable price. It is full featured and carries a large specimen capacity. It facilitates precise control of critical test parameters that not only includes chamber accelerated aging test but spectrum, irradiance and black standard temperature.
This xenon test chambers suits both applications whether it is about product testing or environmental parameter testing. The use of this chamber varies from the selection of new materials, improvement in the existing materials to the evaluation of the changes in product formulation etc. This testing of materials is necessary to improve the durability of the products and it can only be achieved in these chambers. These xenon test chambers are ideal instruments for weather testing and total accelerated stability.
Now, the question that would surely be hitting your minds is “Can I trust the China XENON TEST CHAMBER ?” So, let us take a look at their features first.
The top features of these environmental test Chambers are as follows:-
• Innovative designs and easy to install
• Very simple and user friendly interface
• Built-in connection for data logging
• Easy to interpret self-diagnostic warnings and service reminders
• Fast and real simple calibration
The xenon chamber is easy to maintain and very simple to use. The specimen mounting and evaluations are made very fast and easy with the easily removable specimen holders. The xenon chambers are completely automated and can operate for a longer period of time. So, get the best out of the products by making use of these chambers. Just get in touch with the suppliers and rest will be handled by them.

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