Automatic Test Equipment for Semiconductor Reliability Testing

Automatic Test Equipment from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. use PID + PWM principle VRF technology (electronic expansion valve servo control of refrigerant flow according to thermal conditions). The heater does not work at low temperature, The refrigerant flow and flow direction are regulated through PID+PWM, Three – way flow adjustment for refrigeration pipe, cold bypass pipe and hot bypass pipe.

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) adopts PID+PWM principle VRF (Refrigerant flow control) technology to realize low temperature and energy saving operation (servo control technology of refrigerant flow based on thermal condition of electronic expansion valve). Realize the automatic constant temperature of the studio.

This method can reduce energy consumption by 30% at low temperature. The technology is based on ETS series electronic expansion valves from Danfoss, Denmark. It is suitable for smooth adjustment of cooling capacity when different cooling capacity is required. In other words, Automatic test equipment for semiconductor reliability testing can adjust the refrigerating capacity of the compressor at different cooling rates.

ATS 710 automatic test equipment
Equipment ModelWEW-HE-ATS005|Automatic Test Equipment
Sample Box Size140 mm diameter x 50 mm high
Refrigeration ModeAir – cooled HFC environment – friendly refrigerant stack system, temperature up to -70℃
To Detect PatternsAir Mode and DUT Mode
Noise Level≤65 dB (Sound level A)
ConditionsThe air – cooled ambient temperature is +23℃
Temperature Control Range-70℃ ~ + 250℃
Impact Temperature Range-60℃ ~ + 200℃
Temperature Conversion Time≤10 Seconds
Temperature DeviationWhen the test product is constant at -40℃, The temperature deviation is ± 1℃
Impingement Gas Flow1.9 ~8.5 L/s (divided into 8 channels, each channel 0.23~ 1.06 L/s) continuous airflow
Change Rate DropsFell RT + 10 ℃ to 40 ℃ 60 s or less
Test Surface TemperatureRT+10℃ drops to -40℃ for about 1 minute, the surface temperature of the test product reaches, and the gas temperature and sample temperature can be measured and controlled
Control SystemImported intelligent PLC touch screen control, 7 inch color screen
Try to TasteWith 2 sets of 1-drag 8 system, 8 pieces of metal package PCB board module
Air Drying FilterThe air at the front end is processed by the drying filter, and there is no obvious dew condensation in and around the product test area. The HE-ATS005 automatic test equipment can run continuously without defrosting.
External DimensionW790× H1600× D1080 (mm)
Power SupplyAC380V, AC220, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
automatic test equipment's inventory and storage area

Energy Saving Measures for Automatic Test Equipment: Efficient and fast energy regulation measures are adopted, For example: refrigeration system cooling capacity regulation, gas – liquid bypass regulation, evaporation temperature regulation, At any low temperature, when the temperature point is stable, the operating power can be reduced to half without heating balance. The operating cost and failure rate of cooling system are reduced to a more economical state.

Automatic Test Equipment Refrigeration Process: In the design of refrigeration system, the protection measures for electronic testing device’s compressors are fully considered. For example, the compressor of thermal testing equipment intake and exhaust pressure automatic protection function. This function keeps the operating temperature of the compressor within the normal temperature range. If you have other customized requirements, Please let us know when the equipment is produced.

Avoid temperature testing equipment’s compressor too cold or overheating, in order to extend the service life of the compressor. In the refrigeration system pipeline welding using high quality oxygen free copper pipe gas welding. This method avoids the damage to the refrigeration unit and compressor caused by oxides on the inner wall of copper pipe caused by traditional welding.

In the design of refrigeration device for semiconductor reliability testing, the vibration reduction measures during the unit operation are fully considered. For example, compressors are equipped with spring shock absorbers. At the same time, the way of increasing arc bending is adopted in the refrigeration pipeline. Avoid pipeline deformation and leakage caused by vibration and temperature change, thus improve the reliability of the whole refrigeration system.
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Automatic test equipment or automated test equipment from WewonTech has excellent damping measures. The compressor uses spring damping. Automatic testing equipment’s refrigeration system, special rubber pad integral is secondary vibration reduction. The refrigeration system pipeline adopts the way of increasing R and elbow to avoid the variation of copper pipe caused by vibration and temperature change, thus causing the rupture of refrigeration parts pipeline.

Related description for compressor return air temperature adjustment: Automatically adjust the return air temperature of the compressor to keep the compressor temperature in the normal range to avoid overheating and overcooling. The case refrigeration of automatic test equipment adopts special silencing sponge with wavy shape to absorb sound, and the sound insulation and noise reduction effect is good. If you have testing and purchase needs for the above products, Please contact us in time. Thank you.

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