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Wewon has produced one piece 23 liters benchtop environmental chamber which is a desktop mini-type equipment in this week. Its test room size: 300*250*300 mm (W*D*H) Furthermore, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can customize the production test room for different customers with a size of 300*300*300 mm (W*D*H) benchtop environmental test chamber as well. Since this 23 liters environmental chamber is running, The noise will not exceed 50 dB. Therefore, by placing this small device next to the desk of the test engineer, You can observe the test situation of the tested sample timely.

This Wewon’s 23 liters benchtop environmental chamber can not only perform temperature test, but also perform humidity test at the same time. According to different customers feedback, The 23L and 27L small sizes chamber are very popular with customers. In the last six months, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has successively sold 8 sets of the same type of equipment to the US, Canada and Russia markets.

This 23 liters benchtop environmental chamber is a new product independently developed by Wewon Tech. Its key technology has applied for 2 national invention patents. This mini benchtop environmental chamber was unanimously approved by experts at the new product appraisal meeting of the Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition in April 2019. It was identified as “The main performance of the product has reached the international advanced level.” Reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive (PUR) has extremely high application value in the automotive, construction, machinery, electronics and other industries due to its excellent initial bonding strength, fast fixation, heat resistance, durability, and high final bonding strength.

23 liters benchtop environmental chamber's sheet metal structure
Model DescriptionWEW-23L-TCWEW-23L-TDWEW-27L-TC
Internal Dimensions (W*H*D)300*300*250300*300*300400*400*400
External Dimensions (W*H*D)450*690*795450*690*1015550*790*1015
Temperature Range-40℃~150℃-70℃~150℃-40℃~150℃
Cooling Rate20℃~-40℃ within about 60 minutes20℃~-70℃ within about 90 minutes20℃~-40℃ within about 70 minutes
Heating Rate40℃~150℃ Within 60 minutes-70℃~150℃ Within about 70 minutes40~150℃ Within about 70 minutes
Temperature Fluctuation±0.3℃ ±0.3℃±0.3℃
Temperature Distribution±1.0℃(-70℃~100℃)
Humidity range30~98%RH30~98%RH30~98%RH
Humidity Variation±1.0%RH±1.0%RH±1.0%RH
Humidity Distribution±2.0%RH±2.0%RH±2.0%RH
Internal MaterialStainless steel plate (SUS304)
External MaterialCold rolled steel sheet / powder coating
Thermal Insulation MaterialPolyurethane Board + Glass Wool
Fan Systemlmpeller Fan︱Wewon Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test Chamber
CompressorRolling (frequency conversion type)Rolling (frequency conversion type) binary freezingRolling (frequency conversion type)
CondenserAir-cooled Air cooledAir-cooled
RefrigerantR23,R507 DuPont United StatesR23,R507 DuPont United StatesR23,R507 DuPont United States
EvaporatorAir-cooled Plate Fin Cooler
The HeaterNickel-Chromium Heating Wire
HumidifierStainless steel cartridge heaterStainless steel cartridge heaterStainless steel cartridge heater
Net Weight85 KGS105 KGS148 KGS
Ambient Temperature+5~35℃︱Testing Hole: Φ50mm, 2pcs︱Shelves Plate, 2 pcs
Safety Specification Cut off the control circuit to prevent excessive temperature rise, overload relay, chiller protection circuit, leakage cut-off machine, external alarm terminal, water shortage alarm.
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Regarding this 23 liters environmental chamber’s installation, Please choose a place with less dust and humidity and good ventilation. If it is placed in a poorly ventilated room, or in an environment with a room temperature of 30℃ or higher, the cooling rate may slow down or it may not reach the required low temperature or Cause the compressor high pressure alarm. The power supply lines and water supply and drainage pipelines should be shortened as possible and the water supply and drainage should be smooth.

23 liters benchtop environmental chamber

High temperature alarm devices cannot be installed directly above the installation equipment. When installing the equipment, ensure that there is enough space for testing and heat dissipation of the equipment. There should be at least 60 cm between the machine and the wall and any other machines. The four corners of the equipment are equipped with fixed foot cups and rollers. When installing the equipment, a wrench can be used to adjust the surrounding foot cups to ensure that the equipment is level. When adjusting, use a spirit level to check the level of the equipment. When shifting, use a wrench to loosen the surrounding foot cups to move. equipment.

Benchtop Temperature Humidity Test Chamber | -70C +150C, 30%~98%

The Wewon’s benchtop environmental chambers can be raised or lowered by rotating the fixed foot cup. When positioning the equipment, use the feet to support the weight of the equipment. Before rotating the foot cup, use a wrench to loosen the lock nut. Move to the front of the equipment, adjust the foot cup so that the foot cup is off the floor, and then move the equipment. Sewage should not be directly discharged to the outside. The sewage pipe usually discharges the sewage on the main sewage pipe, or use a sewage collection container (the height of the outer edge of the sewage container is lower than the sewage outlet of the equipment, and the collected sewage should be dumped in time).
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