Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in WewonTech Factory

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional event for Chinese. In order to welcome the arrival of Dragon Boat Festival and promote Chinese traditional culture, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has launched DIY Zongzi activities for celebrating Dragon Boat Festival purpose. The Wewon’s celebrate Dragon Boat Festival event attracted more than 40 colleagues from various departments. Through three senior professional trainers explained the whole process of making zongzi, glutinous rice, soaking red beans, filling rice, tying rice and boiling zongzi, and guided our staff to make zongzi.

In the experience of zongzi, We understand that the leaves must be boiled after use, tenacity. Boiled dumplings must be placed empty, leaving no gaps, to prevent the boiling of overturned leakage of rice. When a small zongzi in the hands of the staff flipped, little by little change. There were joyful smiles. Finally, We made a total of more than 300 pieces traditional Chinese rice-pudding.

Activity site for everyone to prepare glutinous rice, zongye, meat, red beans and other fillings. The more than 40 employees who participated in the activity were divided into nine groups, and one table wrapped around each other to make zongzi. Fold the leaves, fill the glutinous rice, put the filling, wrap the leaves and tie the string. After a while, a lovely Chinese sticky rice dumplings were born.

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in WewonTech Factory

The wrapped zongzi come in all shapes and sizes, from triangle to quadrangle. There are not shaped dumplings, looking at a different form of dumplings, the scene of laughter. By making zongzi by the staff themselves, we can feel the connotation of traditional Chinese festivals more vividly. In such a relaxed way to further exercise the hands-on skills of employees. Before the Dragon Boat Festival comes, let the staff celebrate the festival together to enhance the deep feelings between us.

In order not to interfere with the business of the company, but also to make people feel relaxed, Leaders from WewonTech to stick to their jobs, responsible for the company’s business processing, the rest of the staff went to the company canteen for zongzi preparation work.

The whole event starts in the morning and is not put on the table until evening. In addition to distributing zongzi to each employee, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. also prepared various fruits such as apple, cantaloupe, watermelon, dragon fruit and cantaloupe for each colleague.

Ingredients for making dumplings: pork, sausage, dumpling leaves, glutinous rice, salted duck eggs, etc.

For a long time, many companies seem to attach great importance to the construction of corporate culture. First of all, make great efforts to compile corporate culture propaganda materials, which are full of tens of thousands of words. Everywhere permeated with the feelings of the country, everywhere revealed the national sentiment.

Then, employees are given a strong indoctrination when they enter the company, and trained in the form of military training. Even worse, usually Shouting slogans, or embarrassed dance, or kneeling, playing chicken blood, make a fool of oneself. Entering the working office is like entering a lunatic asylum. Such a culture can last for a while if supported by higher wages and benefits. If the company runs into a crisis, the corporate culture will collapse and the entire company will soon be empty.

And the colleagues stay together to cook zongzi, is a good way of training corporate culture, We interact with each other, feel the atmosphere of home together, feel each other’s friendship, establish each other’s family affection, dissolve the fatigue of work, and resolve each other’s misunderstanding in the collective activities full of entertainment. The establishment of this corporate culture is many times better than those outdoor outreach activities, and it is easier for some older employees to accept and participate.

When making zongzi, cut the sausage into pieces and chop the pork

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. It aims to make employees feel the cultural connotation of traditional Chinese festivals more deeply by making zongzi, so as to enhance the friendship among employees. Despite the varying levels of skill, everyone, both skilled and new to the road, was extremely happy.

The factory canteen prepared glutinous rice, zongye, jujube, bean paste, fresh meat, egg yolk and other materials, we were very happy. Rectangles, triangles, pentagons, a variety of zongzi have been born, the process of making zongzi, skilled people do not need a minute to wrap a zongzi, We all very enjoy the process of making zongzi, in the laughter for the staff of zongzi, celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival,

Chinese Sticky Rice Dumplings Zongzi wrapped together by colleagues

At the same time in the process of making zongzi to feel the warmth of the big family. After hard work, different forms of Chinese sticky rice dumplings out of the oven. The air is emitting a fresh and mellow flavor, the flavor of zongzi floating all over the canteen.

Small zongzi reflects the concern of workers, considerate of the mind of workers, Zongzi eat to the mouth is also a different taste, taste of home, there is the taste of love, There are all the leaders care about the staff, put the staff on the heart of the taste of happiness, More big family warmth and happiness, and this warmth and happiness will become a force to make workers happy to work forward.

Wewon colleagues making Chinese sticky rice dumplings together

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