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We take pride in offering top-notch climatic chambers that are designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Wewon climatic chambers are precision-engineered to simulate and control a wide range of environmental conditions, enabling accurate and reliable climatic tests. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, our climatic test chambers provide the perfect solution for testing and evaluating the performance of products under extreme temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

Wewon’s climatic chambers are equipped with state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and reliability. They can replicate extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and even simulate altitude conditions, enabling users to test their products in a controlled environment that closely resembles real-world situations. This allows for accurate assessments of how products will perform in different climates, ensuring their reliability and durability before they are launched into the market.

At Wewon, We understand the importance of quality and durability, which is why our climatic chambers are built to the highest standards and undergo rigorous quality inspections to ensure exceptional performance and reliability. One of the key advantages of Wewon’s climatic chambers is their versatility. They can be used for various applications, including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries. Whether it is testing the performance of electronic components under extreme heat, evaluating the impact of high humidity on pharmaceutical products, or analyzing the behavior of materials under varying temperatures, these chambers offer a reliable and efficient solution.

climatic chamber
Equipment ModelTH-064TH-080TH-150TH-225TH-408TH-800TH-1000
Test Volume64 Liters80 Liters150 Liters225 Liters408 Liters800 Liters1000 Liters
Temperature Range-60℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +180℃ (200℃)-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃ (180℃)
Humidity Range20%~ 95%20%~ 95%20%~ 98%10%~ 98%20%~ 95%10%~ 98%20%~ 98%
Temp Uniformity±0.5~ ±0.7℃±0.5~ ±0.8℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.5℃±1.0~ ±2.0℃±1.0~ ±2.0℃
Heating Rate2℃~ 3℃/min2℃~ 5℃2℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃
Cooling Rate1℃~ 2℃/min1℃~ 2℃1℃~ 2℃1.5℃~ 2℃1.5℃~ 2℃2℃~ 3℃2℃~ 3℃
CompressorTecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)
Noise Level (dB)50 dB50 dB55 dB55 dB60 dB60 dB60
Power Supply220V ±10%230V ±10%50Hz, 60Hz380V ±10%400V ±10%50Hz, 60Hz380V ±10%
Gross Weight225 KGS280 KGS350 KGS425 KGS485 KGS650 KGS770 KGS
These climstic chambers are equipped with advanced control systems that allow users to program and monitor the desired environmental conditions at all times. The precise control of parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and airflow ensures that the testing conditions are consistent and repeatable, leading to accurate and reliable results. Additionally, the chambers are designed with safety features to protect both the products being tested and the users operating the chambers.

The power supply of the climatic chamber design is a three-phase five-wire system. The cable of the benchtop climatic testing chamber is a four-core wire, three-phase wire, and one zero-line. Please note that the zero-line can be distinguished. Because the partial load of the climate chamber and the control system are single-phase, connecting the wrong zero line will cause the climate chamber design not to work and will damage it.

The climatic test chamber has a tough heating system that can handle high temperatures. It’s coated with galvanized steel on the outside and has a smooth stainless steel inner tube which is easy to clean. Advantage of Climatic Chamber
It has a reliable refrigeration system with imported compressors and eco-friendly refrigerants. It uses top-quality refrigeration devices and efficient cold and heat exchange systems.
The refrigeration system is designed with a hermetic compressor at its core, working alongside other components to create a cascade refrigeration setup.
To ensure even temperature distribution, the chamber has an air circulation system with built-in ducts and a powerful fan. This improves temperature uniformity throughout the chamber.
The chamber’s heating system is continuously adjusted using PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control. It maintains constant temperature and humidity during operation and optimizes performance for different types of tests.
The chamber features a reliable air supply system with vertically installed motors and adjustable louvres. This system ensures consistent temperature and humidity in every corner of the chamber.
Safety is a priority in the chamber. It has an independent temperature limit alarm system that automatically stops operation if the temperature exceeds the safe limit. Additionally, the humidification system’s pipeline is separated from the control circuit board, reducing the risk of water leakage and enhancing safety.
Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal Shock Chamber

The equipment features adjustable temperature ranges for both hot and cold testing, which can be tailored to meet various industry standards and requirements

Benchtop Environmental Chamber

Climatic Test Chamber

The Wewon’s climatic test chamber can not only perform temperature test for your testing procedure, But also perform humidity test at the same time. 

Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature Humidity Chamber

It is a specially designed piece that allows for the precise control and manipulation of temperature and humidity levels within an enclosed space. 

sand and dust chamber

Sand Dust Test Chambers

Sand Dust Test Chambers simulate harsh environments such as dessert, construction, etc sites by blowing sand and dust unto products and components for testing their response. Test standard according to IEC 60529.

Rain Test Chambers

Rain Test Chambers

They simulate rainfall conditions for testing the materials, components, and products that are intended to function under rainy or wet conditions. The chamber typically has a spraying system that replicates different levels of rainfall.

Xenon Test Chamber

Xenon Test Chambers

They simulate high-altitude conditions by decreasing air pressure and lowering the oxygen concentration. It is designed to test the performance of products that are used in high-altitude environments

Wewon’s climatic chambers are built with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality inspections to ensure their durability and performance. They are engineered to withstand the demanding requirements of continuous operation, delivering reliable and consistent results over an extended period. Furthermore, the chambers are designed with energy-efficient features to minimize power consumption and reduce operational costs for the users.

The climatic chamber can alter the temperature and humidity levels inside the compartment according to a defined test program. Overall, a climatic chamber provides a controlled environment that is used to verify the robustness and reliability of products, materials, and systems. The climatic testing chamber is used in a specific area, The test specimens are regularly subject to extreme temperature changes. For example :

Electronic equipment on the aircraft taking off from the desert airport and rising to high altitude, missiles, photoelectric equipment, and bombs in bomb silo.
Products dropped from high altitudes to desert areas. Products transferred from indoor to outdoor in the Arctic region.
The climatic testing chamber may also be used for testing products that are subjected to humidity changes, corrosive environments, or exposure to different types of gases.
It may be used to test the durability and reliability of products under extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, and snow.
Cliamtic test chamber is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and military where products need to be tested for their ability to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Photo of Climatic Chamber
How often should climatic chamber manufacturer process the maintenance work ? What are usual maintenance for climatic chamber ? Maintenance requirements must be carried out every year under professional maintenance. Such as filter cleaning, screen cleaning, electrical components and power lines inspection.

Maintenance Work for Climatic Chamber

1. The condenser is stuck on dirt can make compressor high pressure switch jump off and produce false alarm, According to this, Vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust attached on the condenser heat release screen monthly or use a high pressure nozzle to blow out the dust.
2. The ground at the bottom where park the climatic chamber should be kept clean at all times to avoid accidents or debasement of climatic chamber due to dust inhalation into the unit. When opening and closing doors or taking samples from the climatic test chamber, Do not make the test sample touch the door seal.
3. Check the refrigerating system annually. The freezing system once a year, check whether there is leakage of copper pipe, whether there is any leakage of each joint and interface, if so, please inform the climatic chamber manufacturer.
4. Humidifier and water tank should be cleaned frequently to avoid scale and steam emission. It is necessary to clean the humidifier every time the test is completed. Removing scale in time is conducive to extending the life of the humidifier tube and ensuring the smooth flow of water. Wash with a brush and then rinse with water.
5. Electronic circuits should be cleaned and maintenance more than once a year, the loose node will be the whole equipment in a dangerous state of work. Wet and dry bulb gauze should be checked frequently. If the gauze becomes hard or dirty, replace it in time. It is recommended to replace it once every 3 months.
6. Water circulation system cleaning, water filter cleaning, filter replacement, check the operation of the pump, including whether the water flow switch is in good operation, regulating water circulation flow, test operation.
7. The stored water in the humidifier should be replaced once a month to ensure the water quality is clean and the flow is smooth. When the test sample is taken out after the time is up, the power of climatic chamber must be shut down and the staff must wear dry, electricity-proof and moisture-resistant gloves.
8. Supplement refrigerant according to working conditions: Check whether the system refrigerant needs to be supplemented to ensure effective refrigeration power. Inspection of vulnerable parts of refrigeration system: Check the sealing condition of compressor and connecting components, and replace all filters.
9. Power supply voltage: The voltage in the working environment for the climatic test chamber must be stable. If the voltage is not stable, the current will be too large or too small. Running in this situation for a long time will cause great damage to the compressor.

At Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide excellent technical support and assistance to our clients throughout their entire experience. Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to helping customers select the most suitable climatic chamber for their specific testing needs. We offer comprehensive after-sales service, including installation, calibration, maintenance, and repair.

Wewon’s climatic chambers offer a comprehensive solution for testing products under various environmental conditions. With their advanced technology, reliable performance, and versatile applications, these chambers are an invaluable tool for manufacturers, researchers, and quality inspection engineers. By simulating real-world conditions, they enable accurate assessments of product performance and durability. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is committed to providing superior quality chambers, outstanding technical support, and complete customer satisfaction.

We know that the climatic chamber has a variety of fault alarm functions, each fault alarm has the corresponding code, such as water shortage alarm, over temperature alarm, etc., the following for you to introduce the climatic chamber of various fault alarm functions. Failure Alarm Function for Climatic Chamber Testing:
If you encounter this kind of failure, you should first check whether the transition protection relay of the compressor has small adjustment or the fan of the heat dissipation of the compressor is broken. If there are these faults, please call the climatic chamber manufacturer for technical support. Compressor Overcurrent Protection Fault:
This type of failure may be caused by a lack of water in the tank, Just fill the tank with enough water, Then problem solved. But the water in the tank must be clean water or distilled water, and probably just because long time no and tank cleaning make the floating ball stuck inside the cylinder cannot rise, please put the tank clean until the floating ball can free up and down is better. The Water Shortage Alarm:
This kind of failure may be caused by the lack of water in the humidifying cylinder and the over-temperature adjustment, which leads to improper adjustment. Generally, the adjustment range is from +120 ℃ to +150℃. If there is water shortage in the humidifier, Please check the water level of the humidifier in time. Humidification Overtemp Protection Fails:
Temperature humidity chamber specifications. If the temperature rises slowly, check to see if the air circulation system’s damper is open. If the temperature is too high, the PID parameter setting should be adjusted. Failure alarm code for climatic test chamber, Please refer the below excel form. High Temperature Fault Alarm:
adobe-pdf-logo Technical Parameters for MODEL: WEW-0800L-TH Part One
adobe-pdf-logo Technical Specification for MODEL: WEW-150L-TH Part Two
adobe-pdf-logo The POP Photo Climatic Testing Chambers external Outlook
adobe-pdf-logo Video for 408L Climatic Test Chamber’s Cooling Rate Testing
adobe-pdf-logo Climatic Chambers Technical Spec for TEMP 2500 (Russian)
adobe-pdf-logo Climate Chamber Installation Solution for TEMI 2700 (English)
adobe-pdf-logo Climatic Chambers Installation Manual for TEMI 2500 (English)
adobe-pdf-logo Data Sheets of Climatic Test Chamber Model WEW-2250L-TH
Q: What Is A Climate Test Chamber for Testing ?

A: The climate test chamber is a test and inspection mechatronics product used for product performance testing in the field of industrial production .It is also called an environmental test chamber.

Q: Who is Wewon Tech Enviornmental Chambers ?

A: Wewon Environmental Chambers as a manufacturer and supply environmental chambers, environmental test chambers, climatic chambers, xenon test chambers, walk-in chambers… for abroad partners for many years ! Wewon Environmental Chambers is a professional manufacturer of high-performance environmental chambers, Walk-in chambers, xenon test chambers, ozone test chambers, and vibration test systems.

Q: What Is the Climatic Chamber Test Purpose ?

A: The climatic Chamber used to test environment temperature suddenly impacts the test item’s performance. When you are processing a climate chamber test, the temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator is lower than the pipe outside air temperature; heat from the air will spread to the refrigerant, and the heat transfer is continuous. To facilitate interpretation, we divided it into convection and heat conduction.

Q: Difference for Climatic Chamber and Incubator ?

A: Climatic chambers and incubators are both temperature-controlled devices, but they differ in their intended use and the range of environmental conditions they can simulate.

Q: Why Do You Need A Climatic Test Chamber ?

A: The climatic chamber suits electrical, electronic, instrumentation, and other products, parts, and materials. It is a reliability testing equipment for various electronic, electrical, electrical, plastic, and other materials and devices for cold, heat, humidity, and dry resistance tests.

Q: How Does the Climatic Testing Chamber Work ?

A: A climatic chamber, also known as an environmental test chamber, is designed to replicate certain temperature and humidity conditions inside a sealed compartment to test the behavior of the products we use every day in extreme climatic conditions. The chamber load is exposed to defined temperatures at atmospheric pressure within the climate chamber. Thermal energy is transferred to the chamber content by conduction or radiation.

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