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Climatic Test Chamber, Taking the toughness test of products is necessary to check their capability to survive in extreme weather conditions. To take such tests, there are climatic chambers that provide us with the all the customizations of changing the inside atmosphere of a climatic chamber to see the response of the products in varying conditions.

These climatic test chamber are specifically designed to provide you an artificial environment of extremely high as well as low temperature and humidity chambers. Apart from this, you can take the temperature cycling test in these climatic test chamber for quality inspection, assessing the quality and durability of your products.

These climatic test chambers replicate a complete range of temperature and humidity conditions. They are very easy to use and dependable. Depending upon the type of chamber, you would be getting conditions of temperature from -70 C to +150 C or -70 C to +180 C and of humidity from 20% to 98%. So you can program the test temperature, humidity and time as per your requirement.

Climatic Test Chamber

Which one is better -70 C +150 C or -70 C +180 C for a climatic test chamber ?

Well, it all depends upon your need. A climatic chambers with temperature ranging from -70 C to +180 C gives you comparatively more options than the one that comes with temperature test from -70 C to +150 C as you take the temperature to a higher level in it. It can be possible that the product you are going to launch in market works fine in temperature below 150 C but starts giving problems once the temperature crosses that scale. It is plain and simple. With higher temperature option, you can do the testing in a better way.

Apart from temperature and humidity customization, there are several other features of these climatic test chambers. Let us have a look on them.
The 16bit Industry grade PLC, programmable controller helps in better anti jamming and facilitates high reliability of the collected data.
The TEMI880 large color LCD touched screen facilitates real time display of program running time, the number of segments, the remaining time, repeat frequencies.
The controllable silicon step less adjusting technology that helps you to adjust the temperature and humidity without overheating.
The high quality thermal material between the outside chamber and inside of the chamber for optimum insulation.

You can get these climatic test chambers manufacturer through Wewon Environmental Chambers Co. Ltd, one of the big climatic test chamber manufacturer. The climatic test chambers that they provide use varying levels of relative humidity and temperature to locate design problems in your products for improvement in them prior to their shipping. They come with many user friendly features. They are quite affordable and you pay for only the best value in the industry. So, get these climatic test chambers now and know your products in a better way !

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