Compression Tester for Paper Cones, Tubes & Cores DIN ISO 11093-9

The compression tester is used to judge the pressure resistance of the carton & paper cores, the machine can do the test of holding pressure stacking. The test results can be used as an important reference for the height of packing boxes or an important basis for the design of packing boxes. The paper cores compression strength tester from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will comply with the test standards such as: BB/T 0032, ISO 11093-9, GB/T 22906.9 GB/T 27591 -2011

Test Principle of Wewon’s Paper Core Compression Tester: The paper tube compression machine puts the test sample between the two parallel pressure plates of the testing machine, Then apply pressure evenly, record the load and platen displacement, Until the test sample breaks or the load or platen position reaches a predetermined value. The paper cores compression tester is the factory technical supervision department commodity inspection institutions, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and other institutions of the ideal testing and research tools.

Compression Tester

Measuring RangeWithin 5000N
Resolution Accuracy± 1%
Indication Accuracy±1%
Variability Indication≤1%
Deformation Error± 0.5mm
Test Speed Error± 5%
Parallelism Upper LowerPlatens ≤0.15mm
Upper And Lower Platens300mm
Pressure Plate Size(D×W) 200mm×200mm
Equipment Deimension500*450*1180mm
Test Speed0~100 mm/min
Machine WeightAbout 95KG
Power SupplyAC 220V/50Hz, 4A

The Wewon’s paper cores compression tester is fully automatic test, high precision, simple and convenient operation, stable and reliable performance. The test process is automatically controlled, and the maximum value is automatically locked after the sample is crushed. The paper cores crush tester itself is equipped with a miniature printer, which can print out the test results, and it is not easy to fade. Built-in electronic clock, automatically print the date, eliminating the tedious operation of manually filling in the date. The upper and lower pressing plates are made of 25mm steel plates, which are thick and not deformed, and the material used for the whole machine is solid

Compression Tester for Paper Cones, Tubes & Cores DIN ISO 11093-9

After the test is completed, the machine has an automatic return function, which can automatically determine the crushing force and automatically save the test data.Equipment Features
The machine speed is adjustable, English interface, liquid crystal display operation interface, a variety of force value units to choose from.
The paper core compression strength tester from Wewon Tech is equipped with a micro printer, which can directly print the test results.

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