Condensation Chamber for Condensation Water Test|ISO 6270-1|ASTM D4585

The condensation chamber designed and manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. comply with ISO 6270-1: 2017, ASTM D4585 and BS 3900-F9 test standards. The machine will be used to evaluate the moisture resistance of the coating system and its similar products in the high humidity environment of continuous condensation. The condensation test machine simulates rain and dew damage to the coating by producing continuous condensation on the surface of the sample under test. The condensation test equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and good test effect. Temperature and moisture in a machine, moisture may be invisible dew or a continuous flow of hot condensation water. Drying cycles can be set to remove osmotic pressure, or moisture erosion can be accelerated by increasing the condensation temperature.
related page logoASTM D4585 / D4585M – 18 Standard Practice for Testing Water Resistance of Coatings Using Controlled Condensation
related page logoISO 6270-1:2018 Paints and Varnishes ~ Determination of Resistance to Humidity Part 1: Condensation (Single-sided Exposure)
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related page logoBS 3900-F9:2001Paints and Varnishes. Determination of Resistance to Humidity (Continuous Condensation)
The condensation test chamber does not need special installation conditions, just need to connect to the ordinary power supply and running water can be used normally. The functional diversity of the equipment, fast and low operating costs make the machine a very high cost performance condensation testing machine in the market. The machine can be programmed to control three different test effects: Humidification, natural cooling and drying, and the corresponding temperature and running time of each test, and set the total time of program running and the number of cycles. The condensation tester has an automatic water replenishing device. When the water temperature exceeds the upper limit, there will be a protection device for safety warning, and it is very safe to use.

condensation chamber
Type and DescriptionWE-UV600-CC
Sample Capacity40 Pieces (150mm×70mm)
Chambers Size (D×W×H)1300×500×1450mm
Temperature RangeRT+10℃~70℃
Humidity Range≥95% R.H
Humidity UniformityWithin ±2%RH
Temperature UniformityWithin ±1℃
Distance From Sample to Light50 mm for ISO 6270-1
Ultraviolet Wavelength290nm ~ 400nm UV-A
Lamp Power40W|Condensation Chamber
Angle Description60° ±5°
Sink Depth RequirementControl Automatically
Board Temperature+40℃ ~ +65℃
Working RoomRT℃ ~ +60℃
Test Time0-999H (can be adjustable)
Time ControllerJapan Omron time controller
Equipment Weight130 KGS
Power Supply220V 50HZ, 2.5 kW
Wewon’s Condensation Chamber Control System: Adopt color type 5.7 inch or 7 inch original imported microcomputer LCD display touch screen direct key type, Chinese and English language options. The wide viewing angle of 320×240 dot graphics. High contrast with adjustable backlight function of temperature and humidity can be programmed. The condensation chamber controller has 100 groups of programs with 1000 segments of memory, each segment can execute 99 hours 59 minutes, Each segment can be cycled 999 times, can be divided and set arbitrarily, and multiple groups of PID control functions are attached.

The condensation chamber manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd, speeds up the simulation of rain and dew damage to metals, paints and organic matter by condensing warm water directly onto test samples. The condensation tester is equipped with 7-inch large screen touch screen controller to realize humanized operation. The temperature range of the sample being tested is room temperature to +70 ℃. According to the requirements of the inclination of the sample, There are two types available for selection: 15° model (PSA test method) and 60° model (ISO 6270-1 Part 1: Condensation (Single-sided Exposure)
What Contents Should Be Included In The Condensed Water Test Report ?
The condensation chamber test report must contain at least the following contents: All the details necessary to label the product under test, including a description of the product under test and its pretreatment methods.
From the international industrial standard ISO 6270-1:2018 on this part of the prompt information|The type of climatic conditions tested (CH or AHT or AT), the cycle period, the time of erosion and the reason for the cessation of erosion.
The number and timing of potential mid-term assessments|Treatment of the test material from the end of weather-affected erosion until the evaluation begins.
The results of the test experiment, including the test results of each test body under test and all other instructions required by the test industry standard used in the test, are prepared according to the instructions of each industry standard.
A detailed description of the climate test device shall also be included for every deviation from the established operating procedures, if the test is carried out in accordance with the requirements of section 5 of the condensed water test chamber DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005 in other instruments.
Every conspicuous (abnormal) observation during the test. Menawhile, the test report should include the testing time.
ISO 6270-1-1998: Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to humidity – Part 1: Continuous condensation This standard provides a method for the determination of the moisture resistance of a coating system and similar products to continuous condensation in a high humidity environment in accordance with coating requirements or product specifications. The coating substrates to which this standard applies include porous substrates (such as wood gypsum and paper gypsum board) and non-porous substrates (such as metals). This method indicates a continuous condensation performance test that may occur on a coating surface under severe exposure conditions. ISO 6270-1 test method can reveal the phenomenon of coating failure (including foaming, fouling, softening, wrinkling and embrittlement) and substrate failure.

condensation chamber example for BS EN ISO 6270-1 2018 & ISO 6270-1 2017(E) test standard

Condensation test machine can be used to test the corrosion resistance of automotive coatings, automotive interior steel and other products. It is suitable for the electroplating coating test of electronic and electrical products, automotive aviation military equipment, hardware tools and other product parts, metal materials and products. The condensation chamber is designed to simulate damage to metallic paints and organic materials in high humidity areas under accelerated conditions or by dew. Using a condensed water test chamber will produce results more quickly than in natural conditions.

The evaporation and condensation process on the test sample is actually a distillation process to remove all impurities so tap water is used as the alternative. It should be noted that the condensed water test chamber is different from the general temperature humidity test chamber The condensed water test is to expose the product to an environment with relative humidity above 95%. The same principle applies to the high humidity step of the drenching test and the salt spray test.
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