Connect Your Computer with Ozone Chamber Successfully

This article is about how to connect your computer to the ozone test chamber. First of all, What you need to prepare is an ozone aging chamber, Of course, the control system is u745-th model, A data line successfully connected to a computer. If you are watching carefully the following video files, You’ll find it easier to install software on your computer and connect your computer with ozone test chamber successfully !

Connect your computer with ozone test chamber successfully, So the engineer doesn’t have to run to the ozone chamber every time to check the machine working status and the test data. Because of these jobs, through the computer can be easily found there. This can save your engineers a lot of time.

Connecting your computer with an ozone chamber is essential for controlling and monitoring the ozone concentration levels during testing. The ozone chamber is a valuable tool used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and environmental testing. It is designed to simulate environmental conditions and measure the effects of ozone exposure on products and materials.

Step 1 Install the U745OZ Software on Your Computer
Step 2 Check Your Computer & Find Right COM Port
Step 3 Use The Cable Connect With Your Computer
By the time you have watched the three installation videos above, You have already understood how to connect your computer with ozone test chamber successfully. Is it ? Okay, Now let’s go ahead and try to connect your computer to this ozone chamber successfully. Please don’t forget to download this U745OZ.rar softare, Because you might not be able to success without it.

When the connection between your computer and the ozone aging test chamber does not work, At the bottom of the controller screen, a prompt appears: MODELE LINK OPEN. If this connection is unsuccessful, It is usually due to a communication failure. Please carefully check the software installation steps are successful, shut down the computer anti-virus software, and replace a communication cable, Then try it again. Usually, after a single operation like this way, the general failure can be resolved.
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Connect Your Computer with Ozone Chamber Successfully

To connect your computer with an ozone chamber, you need to follow a few simple steps. The first step is to ensure that your computer is compatible with the ozone chamber and that you have the necessary software and drivers installed. Once you have confirmed compatibility and installed the required software, you can connect your computer to the ozone chamber using a USB cable.

The USB cable is used to transfer data between the ozone chamber and your computer. After connecting the ozone chamber to your computer, you can use the software to control and monitor the ozone concentration levels during testing. The software allows you to set up the testing parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and ozone concentration levels.
A. Please refer to the operating manual for the final use of the personnel, at any time to check the place, so that at any time to check.Precautions
B. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using this product.
C. The operating instructions in detail the various functions of the product, the operation of the operating instructions are not guaranteed.
D. To edit, copy, and use the part or all of the contents of this operating manual without permission.
E. The contents of the operating instructions can be changed without prior notice or notice.
F. The operating instructions although experienced all kinds of efforts to write complete, but rather will have poor or typo, missing, if found please contact the place of purchase or the company contact.
The ozone chamber’s control system is designed to respond to the commands sent from your computer through the software. This allows you to adjust the ozone concentration levels in real-time during testing, ensuring that you have accurate and reliable data. One of the key benefits of connecting your computer with an ozone chamber is that it allows you to automate the testing process.

The software can be programmed to run multiple test cycles automatically, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving time. Moreover, connecting your computer with an ozone chamber also allows you to store and analyze the test data. The software can be used to generate reports and graphs that provide insight into the effects of ozone exposure on products and materials.
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C. In order to ensure the system maintenance and safety of the products and the use of this product, it is required to install additional protection devices or safety circuits. It is strictly prohibited to transform the interior of the product (change) or add.
D. Please do not arbitrarily break down, repair or transformation, it may cause electric shock, fire or failure to work.
E. The replacement of the product parts or consumables please contact the sales department.
F. Please do not allow water to flow into this ozone chamber, it is possible to cause trouble. Connect your computer with ozone chamber successfully !
G. Please do not hit this ozone test chamber, it is possible to cause damage or failure of products.
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