Different Constant Climate Cabinet Models for Stability Testing GMP And FDA Compliant

If you are looking for a supplier for dry and constant temperature storage of medicines, Please read this article with patience. Once you have fnished the reading of this article, You will understand the Wewon Tech’s different constant climate cabinet models. These climate cabinets use the Wewon’s self-developed common refrigeration circuit and single-stage oil smooth compressor refrigeration technology. It achieve fast temperature constant and save time for lab engineers. Wewon’s constant climate cabinet adopts intelligent control fan forced air circulation system with excellent air duct design to achieve air circulation refrigeration, This ensure the uniformity of temperature inside the test room.

What kind of medicine needs to be stored in the +2℃ to +8℃ temperature room ? For example, vaccines with clear low temperature requirements, test reagents, pediatric medicines, biological products, medicines for respiratory system, etc. The +20℃ is a cool storage area, It is suitable for normal temperature storage of medicines in pharmacies, clinics, pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, scientific research, food laboratories, etc. Constant climate chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. the temperature range is between +2℃ ~ +48℃ degrees Celsius, and the required value can be set arbitrarily. It is very suitable for departments such as hygiene, epidemic prevention, food and chemical industry, environmental protection, military industry, scientific research, environmental monitoring stations, etc.

Temp RangeModel TypeCapacityTest Room SizeOutside Size(mm)
+2℃ ~ +8°CFYL-YS-100E100 Liters405*365*733480*470*843
FYL-YS-62L62 Liters355*310*435650*400*520
FYL-YS-88L88 Liters350*335*670480*470*840
+4℃ ~ +38°CFYL-YS-50LK50 Liters370*385*425430*488*535
FYL-YS-100L100 Liters405*365*733480*470*843
FYL-YS-138L138 Liters465*428*724540*545*830
+0℃ ~ +48℃FYL-YS-150L150 Liters520*440*655595*570*865
FYL-YS-280L280 Liters524*438*1223595*570*1445
FYL-YS-430L430 Liters510*530*1585595*680*1805
-30℃ ~ +10℃FYL-YS-50L50 Liters370*385*425430*488*535
FYL-YS-155L150 Liters520*440*655595*570*865
FYL-YS-408L408 Liters600*800*850680*885*1150

constant climate cabinet

The constant climate cabinet’s structure is vertical box body and divided into four parts: electrical control system, refrigeration system, heating system, display system. The inside of the test room is made of high density polyurethane, which has the characteristics of light weight and good heat preservation performance.Equipment Features
Automatic frost function, suitable for high temperature and high humidity areas, the application of anti-condensation technology on the outside door, 85% humidity without condensation.
Intelligent computer temperature controller, digital display temperature control precision is high, with high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor, fault alarm, power failure alarm and safety lock (key lock + door lock) function to prevent accidents.
Precise temperature sensing probe, automatic display of the internal temperature of the test room, easy to observe the temperature changes in the test room at any time. Adopt new air duct design, porous air to make the temperature in the box body more uniform temperature deviation range is small.
The refrigeration system is reasonably matched with the heating system, and the forced air circulation is adopted to ensure that the overall constant temperature in the test room has no dead Angle of cooling or the heating speed is fast. The set temperature can reach the set temperature requirement in a short time.
The use of three layers of high strength insulating glass, the middle layer is vacuum treatment, good heat preservation effect, high transparency, easy to observe the goods stored inside the box at any time.
Adopt new type fully enclosed compressor, running balance, low noise, long service life. This product can be embedded in the thermostat, the product can be directly embedded in the closet or wall, do not take up excess space
The machine’s body is made of high quality steel plate, with advanced anti-decay spraying technology, the surface color is soft, and the inner layer can be expanded and narrowed at will, which is convenient for storing different items. The constant climate chamber has internal lighting facilities, which is convenient for observing the stored items at night.

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If constant climate cabinet is not used for a long time, how should we deal with it ? When the constant climate chamber is not used for a long time, people often think that when the power is cut off, they will clean it up and then they will be able to use it again. This concept is wrong. After the climate cabinet is cleaned up, it is a common mistake to put it in a packing box. When not used for a long time, the medicine in the climate controlled cabinet should be cleaned out, and any remaining parts should not be left.

If there is water in the storage area, it needs to be dried. After cleaning the constant climate cabinet, do not use plastic cloth cover, so as to avoid internal obstruction and make the shell discoloration and peeling. It is also not allowed to cover the outer packing box, so as to avoid the airtight box, and the internal pipe fittings will fail when they meet moisture, which will affect the service life of the machine.

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Some customers think that when the constant climate cabinet is not used for a long time, it can be power off and then energize when it is used. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. Before using the machine again, it is necessary to check whether the sealing strip of the door of the climate cabinet is tightly closed. Then, energize the machine to run for a period of time to see if there is cold air.

If there is cold air, it means that there is no problem with the internal pipeline press and it can be used directly. If no air conditioning is found, Please contact your supplier for equipment maintenance in time. If the machine is not in use for a long time, it needs to be powered on once a half a month or a month, for more than 2~4 hours each time, so that the constant climate cabinet can be better maintained.

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