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Our constant climate chamber is tailored to environmental simulation, material testing and stability testing in accordance with the ICH guidelines. The advantages of our constant climate chamber: Remote Monitoring And Control Via Ethernet Connection ; With the Ethernet Port’s help, The operator can monitor the constant climate chamber by computer directly. You can set programs and start and stop operation from a PC connected to Wewon’s constant climate chamber with Ethernet port’s help.

On this page, You can find all the essential technical data on the constant climate chamber. Our customer relations team will be pleased to help if you want further information. If you should require a customised special solution, please contact our technical specialists at

constant climate chamber
Temperature Range 0°C to +150°C Temperature
Temp Accuracy 0.1 °C
Temperature Sensor 2 pcs Pt100 sensors Class A in 4-wire-circuit
Humidity Range 10 – 95 % RH Humidity
Setting Humidity 0.5 %
Humidity Humidity supply with distilled water from external tank by self-priming pump
Humidification Humidification by hot steam generator
Dehumidification Dehumidification by cold trap using the Peltier technology
Control System Japan OYO 9256P Controller/ Korea TEMI 1500 Controller/ TFT-colour displays. Control Technology
Display 5.7 inch TFT-LCD
Screen Resolution 640(W)*480(H); Constant Climate Chamber
Language Setting Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Support
Adjustable Parameters Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), relative humidity, programme time, time zones, summertime/wintertime
Timer Digital backwards counter with target time setting, adjustable from 1 minute to 99 days
Temperature Control Over- and undertemperature monitor, Protection class 3.3 or adjustable temperature limiter, Protection class 2, selectable on display Safety
Auto Safety Additionally integrated over- and undertemperature protection “OT”, automatically following the setpoint value at a preset tolerance range, alarm in case of over- or undertemperature, heating function is switched off in case of overtemperature, cooling function in case of undertemperature
Autodiagnostic System Integral fault diagnostics for temperature and humidity control
Alarm Visual and acoustic; Constant Climate Chamber
Peltier Energy-saving Peltier heating-/cooling system integrated in the rear (heat pump principle) Heating Concept
Volume 225 Liters Stainless Steel Interior
Testing Room W x D x H: 500 x 750 x 600 mm
Max. Layers 9 Layers
Max. Loading 20~ 40 Kg
Dimensions W x H x D: 700 x 1260 x 1660 mm SUS Coating Case
Housing Powder Coating Blue
Electrical Data Electrical Data: 220V, 230 V, 50 Hz
Voltage Electrical Load: Approx. 920W
Electrical Data: 110V, 120 V, 60 Hz
Voltage Electrical Load: Approx. 920W
Set Up The distance between the wall and the rear of the appliance must be at least 15 cm. Constant Climatic Chamber Packing/shipping
The clearance from the ceiling must not be less than 20 cm.
The side clearance from walls or nearby appliances must not be less than 5 cm.
Transport Information The appliances must be transported upright
Customs Number 8419 8998
Packing Dimensions Approx W x H x D: 930 x 1380 x 930 mm
Net Weight Approx. 425 kg
Gross Weight Approx. 485 kg
constant climate chamber

Our constant climatic chamber has got the CE, ISO quality certificates as well. Each our constant climatic chamber, We guarantee the lead time for shipping in 30 days. Meanwhile, The Germany, France, and Netherlands customer has a strictly request a CELAB signed request on CE document. We have no prolem to meet this testing standard as well.If you are looking for a constant climatic chamber, Work with us is really good choice.

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