Drop Test Machine For Mobile Phone Life Test

The drop test machine simulates the user’s action of dropping the mobile phone to a horizontal surface such as a table during the process of using the mobile phone. Manually put the mobile phone on the drop panel of the reset fixture → the 2 reset cylinders push the baffle to reset the mobile phone and return it → the motor drives the lifting mechanism through the synchronous belt to descend and clamp the manipulator to clamp the mobile phone → the lifting mechanism rises to the set height, The mechanical arm releases the mobile phone to fall freely. In this way, the loop test is continuously carried out, and the overall performance test of the mobile phone is checked after the total number of times is completed.

When it comes to selecting a drop tester for mobile phone life tests, reliability and accuracy are key. From ergonomics to power requirements and impact resistance testing, there are many things to consider before selecting the right machine. Different units have different characteristics, such as weight of the phone, platform size, and impact force. Make sure you select a drop unit that is suitable for the tests you wish to perform. Figure out the types of tests you will conduct and select the right unit accordingly.

Drop Test Machine For Mobile Phone Life Test

Equipment ModelWEW-DTT-012-SWEW-STT-012-5
Test Station1 Station2 Stations
BDrive Motor/CylinderStepper MotorUSMC Cylinder
Total Count0-99999 Times0-99999 Times
Test Speed1 ~ 30 Times/min1 ~ 30 Times/min
Drop Height Range50 ~ 200mm50 ~ 200mm
Transmission StructurePneumatic ElectricPneumatic Electric
Explicit SystemTouch ScreenTouch Screen
Drop Contact SurfaceAlloy AluminumPolyoxymethylene
Air Pressure0.4~0.6 Mpa0.4~0.6 Mpa
Total Power800 Watt850 Watt
Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz 5.0AAC220V 50Hz 8.5A
Equipment Size45*38*45cm60*55*55cm
Equipment Weight35 KG50 KG
Accessories PartsOperating ManualInner Hexagon

Why You Need the Wewon’s WEW-DTT-012-S Model Drop Test Machine?
It is a special equipment for desktop drop fatigue test on mobile phones.
The structure is reasonable and unique, and has sufficient applicability to different types of mobile phones.
WEW-DTT-012-S model drop test machine has the function of mobile phone flip detection.
The equipment runs stably, with low noise and maintenance-free.

Drop Test Machine

Before selecting a drop test machine, consider the type of samples you will be dropping. Make sure the platform size is suited for the device you are testing. Likewise, pay attention to the weight of your samples as some units have a weight limit. Additionally, the cell phone’s drop test should be considered it affects how much damage and force the sample experiences during drops.

It is important to evaluate the size and weight capacity of the drop test machine before purchasing. Make sure where to put the machine large enough to securely hold your samples as well as any removable components that need to be tested. Furthermore, you will also want to ensure that the maximum weight capacity supports greater test items including heavier materials like metal enclosures, batteries and more.

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