Drop Test Machine

What’s Drop Test Machine ? During the products handling or transport process, there may be drop/ fall, which results in damage within the products. And this device simulates the drop/ fall of a finished product to evaluate the damage. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the products can be tested. Box Drop Test Machine is applied to assess the package in the actual transportation, loading and unloading process by dropping the degree of impact, impact-resistant strength and evaluate the reasonable of packaging design.

The single arm box drop tester simulates a environment of package drop to test falling damage of product package and evaluate the impact resistance strength during transportation. It is applied to electronic parts, ready made products and package, etc. Specially designed to test the damage when product packaging crushed, and to evaluate impact strength of the inside electronic components when suffered a drop in moving. This box drop tester is controlled by an electromagnetic, specimen can instantly free fall, both edges and surfaces of the package box can be tested.


The spindle is used by precision grinding shaft lever, high precision, good stability
LCD screen displays multi-parameter. Up and down lifting limitation setting. Drop Tester
Power failure safety design, keeping the original state when the power is failed.
Adopt single arm supports test object. Swing arm system is controlled by air pressure.
Free adjust pressure and speed up to 2G with object weight. Drop Test Machine. Box Drop Tester
Test electronic parts, finished products or angle surface of the package container.
Decompression change design, low noise. Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance.
Meet international test standards. Customization is available and welcomed. Box Drop Tester.

Drop Test Machine


Type and DescriptionW-DD150W-DD180W-SD150W-SD180
Drop Height Range300-1500mm300-1800mm300-1500mm300-1800mm
Samples Max Weight60 Kgs60 Kgs60 Kgs60 Kgs
Samples Max Dimension(mm)200*800*1000200*800*1000870*740*1000870*740*1000
Drop MethodFace, (Edge),(Face), Edge, AngleFace, (Angle)Face, Edge, Angle
Height AdjustmentServo motor controllingPrecision guiding.  
Machine Size (W*D*H)1600*1100*22301600*1100*25301700*1200*25151700*1200*2815
Control System (W*D*H)350*350*1100350*350*1100330*300*1100330*300*1100
Gross Weight (Kg)625685700755
Power Supply (V. Hz)Single Phase 220V/ 380V230V 50Hz/ 60Hz ;Three Phase 380V50Hz /60Hz


The drop test machine from Wewon Tech will comply with MIL-STD-810G MIL-STD-810G drop test (shock) method. The drop test machine can perform free drop test on the surface, angle and edge of the package, and it is equipped with digital height display instrument and decoder for height tracking, so that the drop height of the product can be accurately given, and the error with the preset drop height is no more than 2% or 10mm.

The drop test machine adopts single arm and double column structure, with electric reset, electric drop control and electric lifting device, easy to use; The unique hydraulic buffer greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine. Single arm setting, can easily place the product, drop angle impact surface and floor plane Angle error is less than or equal to 5 degrees.

drop test machine ready for shipment


The drop test machine is designed to simulate the situation when different edges, angles and surfaces fall to the ground at different heights after the product is packaged, so as to understand the damage situation of the product and evaluate the falling height and impact strength that the product packaging components can bear when falling. Thus according to the actual situation of products and national standards within the scope of improvement, improve the packaging design.

This drop test machine is designed for testing all kinds of product packaging after good in handling or transportation of the internal damage caused by degradation products, and for the prevention and elimination of beforehand, as can be expected to test with the machine, thus it is concluded that the best solution, so that can minimize the loss in transit, and evaluate the impact resistance of electronic components during handling.


1. The single-arm drop test machine has all the functions of the double-arm drop testerDifference Between Single Arm Drop Test Machine and Double Arm Drop Machine
2. The drop height of conventional single-arm drop testing machine can be 300 mm, while that of conventional double-arm drop testing machine is 400 mm
3. The single-arm drop test machine is equipped with automatic reset function, without manual help, and the double-arm drop test machine generally requires manual support of two wings to make the wings reset
4. single arm drop tester on the falling edge and Angle of crash test results more accurate, mainly because of his arms drop tester is composed of two pieces of wing together hold packing, so the wings when fall Angle or edge plate of unity are relatively accurate, and is due to the center of gravity in the wings folded line, therefore, is likely to make the product will be wing under some pressure, and single arm drop tester only a complete piece of plate, so its better united action, there is won’t make the product too down enough, which affects the actual drop height
5. The test load of the single-arm drop test machine is higher than that of the double-arm drop test machine. In general, the conventional single-arm drop test machine is 80 KG, while the double-arm drop test machine is 60 KG.
6. Because the wings limit the size of the product packaging box when falling, the single-arm drop test machine is larger than the double-wing falling machine.
So it is recommended to choose a good single-arm drop test machine.


The Wewon single-wing drop test machine is designed to simulate the situation of different edges, angles, surfaces falling to the ground at different heights after packaging, so as to understand the damage situation of products from the surface and evaluate the impact strength of product packaging components when falling, so as to improve packaging.

Wewon Single-wing drop test machine adopts single-arm and double-column structure, with electric reset, electronic control drop and electric lifting device, easy to use; This machine is mainly used for testing the damage of product packaging by falling, and evaluating the impact strength during transportation and handling. The Wewon drop test machine comply with the international test standard as below mentioned:

adobe-pdf-logoJIS Z 0202: 1994 Japanese Industrial Standards︱Packaged cargo – drop test method Method of drop test for packaged freights
adobe-pdf-logoASTM D 5276︱Standard Test Method for Drop Test of Loaded Containers by Free Fall
adobe-pdf-logoISO 2248-1985 BS EN 22248:1993 BRITISH STANDARD︱Complete, filled transport packages — Method for determination of resistance to vertical impact by dropping
adobe-pdf-logoGB/T4857.5 -92 Packaging -Transport packages-Vertical impact test method by dropping
adobe-pdf-logoISO 12048 1994 Packaging- Complete, filled transport packages – Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester, IDT
adobe-pdf-logoGB/T 4857.4 2008 Packaging- Basic tests for transport packages- Part 4: Compression and stacking tests using a compression tester
adobe-pdf-logoGB/T 4857.18 92 ︱ISO 4180/2 1980 Packaging- Transport packages- Quantitative data for the compilation of performance test schedules
adobe-pdf-logoGB/T 4857.5 -92 Packaging- Transport packages- Vertical impact test method by dropping


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