Quotation Request for Unique Size Dust Tester Cabinet

If you are looking for a dust tester cabinet with a unique size, there are a few things to consider when making a quotation request to potential suppliers. In fact, There fewer manufacturers who can supply the unique size dust tester cabinet for you. We have one customer who is the leader company in Hungary at the hospital technology and the quality inspection in industry technology. They inquired a dust tester machine but in a very special unique size (40 sqm).

The dust tester cabinet will be used for IP testing. The Dust chamber is maximum 7 m height, but the corridor is just 4 m height. The testing samples are 3 x 250 kg switch-boxes. The switch-box dimension is 600 x 400 x 2200 mm. The test dust is talcum powder. Dust cabinet with sliding doors and with glass windows. When requesting a quote, it’s also important to consider the materials used in the cabinet’s construction, as well as any certifications or standards it must meet, such as ASTM or ISO.

This can affect the overall cost of the equipment, so providing this information upfront can help suppliers provide an accurate quote. In your quotation request, it may be helpful to request information on the supplier’s experience in producing customized dust tester cabinets, as well as any references or case studies of similar projects they have completed. This can help ensure that the supplier has the necessary expertise and capabilities to meet your unique requirements.

Dust Tester Cabinet
Equipment Model WEW-XLS-SC-160F|Technical Parameters for a 160 CBM Cubic Meters Unique Size Dust Tester Cabinet.
Internal Dimension 8000 × 5000 × 4000 (W×D×H)mm
External Dimension 9000 × 6500 × 6000 (W×D×H)mm
Temperature Range . RT+10°C~60°C (heated dusting system)
Humidity Range ≤ 85% RH
Air Flow Speed No more than 2m / s
Dust Amount 2 ~ 4kg / m3
Dust Specification It can pass through a square hole dry talcum powder with a mesh opening of 75um and a wire diameter of 50um
Shock Time 1S-999H adjustable
Dusting Time 1S-999H adjustable
Dehumidification Electric heating dehumidification
Pressure Difference A below atmospheric pressure 1.98KPa or B no pressure difference with a suction and display measurement system below the air pressure test
Run Mode Program Mode|Sand Dust Test Chamber
Control System Embedded large-screen LCD touch screen data saving and printing
Lead Hole φ50 mm, With sealing plug
Internal Bile Imported SUS304 mirror stainless steel; chamber body made of stainless steel
Safety Protection Fan overcurrent alarm, Lack of phase and phase sequence protection of power supply; Automatically shut down and cut off power in case of accident|When no load, there should be a temperature and humidity detection system, and with the display function
The powder circulation pump in the sealed test chamber can be replaced by other methods that enable the suspension of talc. Talc powder is filtered through a metal mesh screen.
The wire has a diameter of 50 μm and a mesh size of 75 μm.
Talc dosage is 2kg per cubic meter, and the number of use shall not exceed 20 times. The test chamber shall be able to maintain uniform suspended dust with sufficient density.
The test shell is placed in the test chamber, and the pressure inside the shell should be kept below atmospheric pressure by a vacuum pump. The air pressure in the test chamber can also be changed to achieve periodic changes in the pressure inside the test chamber.
The purpose of the test is to use the pressure difference to draw the air in the box into the equipment. The volume of air is 80 times the volume of the tested enclosure, and the speed of air extraction does not exceed 60 times the volume of the enclosure per hour. The pressure difference shall not exceed 2kPa under any circumstances.
The dust tester cabinet should have an emergency stop device to ensure safety when the test is abnormal.
The cover (door) of the sealed test box should be sealed reliably. It is suggested that the inner wall of the test box should be made of conductive material and grounded to avoid static accumulation.
There should be dust recovery and treatment functions after the test, and the operation functions of the equipment should meet the requirements of 13.4 of the standard GB4208-2008.
Performance Characteristics
Quotation Request for Unique Size Dust Tester Cabinet
The main electrical accessories besides the touch screen, the ac contactor adopts the French Schneider model 1210 and the Schneider heat relay to ensure that no electrical damage or fault occurs during long operation.
The intermediate dust tester system relay adopts the world famous brand Japan Omron, 220V 8 large angle can withstand high current and is not easy to damage.
The solid state relay adopts the best stable Taiwan Yangming brand. Model: SSR40A is very suitable for heating and humidifying conditions requiring high frequency stability.
The safety protection appliance adopts Taiwan Shiyan, which is safe and reliable. If the mobile equipment is connected in reverse, it can promptly alarm and prevent the equipment from starting, thus protecting the equipment safely.
The dust tester cabinet commonly used button adopts the domestic best performance brand Shanghai Hongbo stainless steel button, which is safe and beautiful for three years.
The transformer of the dust tester cabinet adopts the first brand of domestic electrical appliances: Chint. Specifications 500VA.
Dust tester machine wire cable adopted the most famous brand in China: Jin Longyu.
The selection of all types of electrical appliances is strictly selected and passed the life test after the qualified brand supplier to ensure the overall stability of the control system after design.
Machine Configuration
adobe-pdf-logo Test Method For A 160 CBM Cubic Meters Unique Size Dust Tester Chamber
adobe-pdf-logo The Talcum Powders Blowing System During Dust Tester Chamber Working
The control system is one of the most important systems of this equipment. It adopts the company’s design 10-inch full touch screen controller.
The controller features a comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility design and a user-friendly menu design.
The PLC program and the adaptive temperature control technology independently developed by the company are used for temperature control, which makes the operation of the device completely simple.
It solves the problem that the previous PID control technology requires multiple parameter setting, temperature overshoot and other diseases, and the temperature control effect is excellent.
Microcomputer intelligent control, after setting the temperature, the meter controls the heating power by itself, and displays the heating state, and the temperature control is accurate and stable.
Alarm over temperature and automatically cut off the heating power. The touch operation for the dust tester cabinet is very humanized, and the man-machine corresponding effect is very ideal.
Control System
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