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Eddy conductivity meters are used in the non-destructive testing of materials to determine their electrical conductivity properties. One of the manufacturers of these instruments in China is Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. , which produces high-quality eddy current conductivity meters. These meters offer a range of features, including the ability to replace the probe in the field, eliminating the need to adjust or return it to the manufacturer.

The WEW 90A portable digital eddy conductivity meter is our company’s new generation digital eddy current conductivity meter designed by eddy current phase testing method. Used for inspection of non-ferrous magnetic metal identification, classification and status. Widely applied in metallurgy, machinery, power electronics, aerospace science, nuke industry, military industry and other industries.

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Eddy Conductivity Meter
Alloys identification & inspection
Inspect heat treatment status during manufacturing process
Materials Classification
Metals Assortment
Inspect powder metallurgy parts density
Inspect electrical conductivity of conducting materials under operation
Application for Eddy Conductivity Meter
Nice appearance, easily carry and hold, operation easily and conveniently
Big screen and character, can simultaneously display testing results, testing frequency, temperature, temperature compensation coefficient and other necessary data.
Back lighting designed, easy to get testing results under low light environment
WEW-90A possess 2 switchable operating frequency, 60 KHz is aviation industry standard, 500Khz is for testing thin profiles and small specimens.
Unique temperature compensation coefficient set and automatic calibration design making the operation easy and reliable.
Possess good lift-off compensation and temperature compensation design to insure measurement accuracy.
Probe is exchangeable, customers can replace a new one supplied by our company buy themselves, no need to match.
Data storage unit built-in can record 500 units of testing results and necessary data, connect with DC to create full report.
Features for Eddy Conductivity Meter
Eddy Conductivity Meter China Manufacturer
60KHz sine wave Operating frequency
7.76% IACS to 110%IACS, 4.5MS/m to 64MS/m or electrical resistivity 1.560 to 22.22μΩ•cm Electric conductivity measurement range
0.01%IACS(when<51%IACS) Resolution
0.1%IACS(51%IACS-110%IACS) ±0.5%(temperature 20℃) ±1%(temperature 0-40℃) Measurement accuracy
probe compensation 0.5mm Lift-off compensation
0℃-50℃(accuracy reaches to 0.5℃) Temperature measurement
Electric conductivity testing results automatically calibrated to 20℃value Automatic calibration function
temperature 0-50℃, relative humidity 0-95% Normal operating environment
Large LED screen , with back lighting , simultaneously display many necessary data Display
3 AA chargeable batteries (Ni-MH) or 3 1.5V alkaline battery chargeable batteries can continuous work for over 16hours( back lighting off) Power
A type matched diameter Φ14mm operating frequency 60 KHz probe, replaceable Probe
Storage 500 measurement data Data storage
RS 232 serial port PC communication mode
0.5kg( batteries included) Main unit weight
High Impact Resistance, water proof engineering plastic shell Instrument shell
High Impact Resistance, water proof aluminum carrying case, filled with main unit, probe, communication cable, operation manual, standard block, charger, instrument support, CD Packing and protection
A1 type electric conductivity standard blocks (2 pcs) Accessories
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