Hard Pressing Life Tester For Mobile Phone, Touch Screen Panel

Hard pressing life tester can perform sitting pressure test for mobile phones, tablets and other products. Imitating the repeated seat pressing action of the human body, the machine uses an aluminum round bar with a certain hardness as the indenter, driven by a cylinder, and the pressure value is adjusted to 17kg. After measuring the number of arrivals, observe the damage degree of the mobile phone and tablet computer.

Hard Pressing Life Tester’s Using Method: Install the matching battery on the mobile phone you need to test, turn it on and lock the keyboard, put the mobile phone face up, and place the body on a 12cm-long round bar of aluminum perpendicular to the axis of the fixed bracket material extrusion head. Apply (250±10) N, squeeze the sample 1000 times at a frequency of 15-30 times per minute, and then test the function, appearance and assembly of the mobile phone.

Note: To accurately measure and interpret results from a hard-pressing life tester, understanding the different metrics it offers is essential. For mobile phones with folding, sliding and rotating structures, the test should be carried out in the closed state. Carry out the up and down cycle test, and check the overall performance of the mobile phone after the test is completed.

Hard Pressing Life Tester

Equipment ModelWEW-TTL-8680-SWEW-TTL-8280-T
Test Station1 Station1 Station
Largest Sample’s Test200cm*10cm, Max Height 4cm200cm*200cm, Max Height 4cm
Extrusion Force250 ±10 N250 ±10 N
Cylinder TypeSmc CylinderSmc Cylinder
Extrusion HeadRound Bar AluminumRound Bar Aluminum
Total Count0~999999 Times0~999999 Times
Test Speed5~30 Times/min5~30 Times/min
Test Stroke100 mm100 mm
Power VoltageAC220V 50hz, 5AAC220V 50hz, 9A
Total Power200 Watt250 Watt
Equipment Dimension450*470*900 mm450*850*900 mm
Equipment Weight40 KGS55 KGS
Accessories PartsOperating Manual1 Set Of Inner Hexagon

A hard-pressing life tester is a machine used to test the durability of mobile phones and touch screen panels by simulating different types of physical damage. It measures the strength, endurance, and lifespan of a device over time with multiple rounds of hard pressing tests. This helps ensure that devices can withstand regular use and last longer without failing. This tester is designed to detect the differences between pressure levels and fragmentation, allowing users to quickly adjust their pressure testing and achieve reliable performance levels.

Using a hard-pressing life tester ensures that the mobile phones and touch screen panels have good device performance and can stand up to everyday usage. This testing also helps manufacturers identify any potential design flaws or weak points in their products before they’re released, which prevents product failure and customer dissatisfaction. Additionally, this type of testing also enables brands to provide quality assurance to customers, helping them build trust with their brand.

Hard Pressing Life Tester For Mobile Phone, Touch Screen Panel

To detect and troubleshoot any compatible device issues, manufacturers can use a hard-pressing life tester to simulate real-life scenarios and accurately identify potential problems. This eliminates the need for trial and error testing, which can be costly and time consuming. By using this type of tester, manufactures can quickly pinpoint where their devices may have design flaws or weak points that could lead to product failure. Additionally, finding problem areas early on allows them to modify the design accordingly and ensure quality assurance before releasing the product into the market.

High-quality mobile phone screens should last for years. To ensure that your touch screen panel is long-lasting, reliable and accurate, a hard pressed life tester can provide the ultimate testing experience. With the hard pressed life tester, it is easy to understand the precise pressure level needed when testing LCD screen panels. It clearly displays the degrees of pressure that need to be applied to accurately identify quality issues and ensure a long-lasting product.

Hard Pressing Life Tester - Pneumatic Device

The hard pressed life tester produces repeatable and reliable tests, allowing you to check and compare the performance of your mobile phones through multiple testing cycles. With the ability to customize these tests, it provides comprehensive reports and analysis that can help you see how each panel is performing and identify any issues. The data collected from these tests can then be taken into account when adjusting any product specifications or parameters for improved results in future batches of mobile phone screen production.

By using the hard pressed life test machine’s dynamic pressure distribution measurement mode, The users are able to accurately measure and analyze the area-based pressure distribution of their mobile phone screens. This mode allows users to identify areas where panels may be more susceptible to wear and tear, which can then be addressed with preventative measures to improve long-term durability and optical stability. Utilizing this mode ensures a higher quality of product that lasts longer and performs better while simultaneously minimizing the future screen damages risked in mass production.

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