High and Low Temperature Impact Test For Automotive Grade Chips

Wewon’s temperature forcing system can be used to complete the high and low temperature impact test of automotive grade chips. Car-grade chips refer to chips whose technical standards have reached the car-grade level and can be applied to car control. Automotive grade is one of the specification standard grades applicable to automotive electronic components. Automotive-grade chips are chips used in automobiles.

Unlike consumer and industrial products, this type of chip has higher reliability requirements, such as operating temperature range, operating stability, and defect rate. Product level differences are mainly realized through complex chip design and production process control, which show differences in operating temperature range, stability, etc.

In terms of reliability testing of automotive grade chips, Wewon’s thermal inducing system has unique advantages different from traditional thermal shock chambers: ①Rapid temperature change. ②Real-time monitoring of the real temperature of the component under test. ③The impact air temperature can also be adjusted at any time. It can independently perform high and low temperature shocks on a single IC among the many components on the PCB circuit board, without affecting other surrounding devices.

High and Low Temperature Impact Test For Automotive Grade Chips
Equipment Model AST-S50E-WTS-82C AST-880E-WTS-95L
Cooling Method Compressor Refrigeration Compressor Refrigeration + Liquid Nitrogen
Ambient Temperature: +5 ° C ~ 35 ° C +5 ° C ~ 35 ° C
Relative Humidity ≤85% RH ≤85% RH
Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa ~ 106kPa 86kPa ~ 106kPa
Temperature Range -82℃ ~ +225℃ -95℃ ~ +250℃
Temperature Control ± 0.5℃ → 100℃ ± 0.5℃ → 100℃
Resolution Accuracy ± 0.1℃ ± 0.1℃
Measure Mode AIR+ DUT Mode AIR+ DUT Mode
Impact Gas Flow 4 to 18 SCFM (1.8 to 8.5 L/S) 4 to 18 SCFM (1.8 to 8.5 L/S)
Thermal Arm’s Height 920 ~ 1420mm 920 ~ 1420mm
Temperature Change Rate -60℃→ +125℃ in 10S +125℃→ -60℃ in 9S
Defrost Function Defrost Include Defrost Include
Power Voltage AC380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase AC380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Machine Appearance W850*D950*H1350mm W880*D980*H1350mm
Equipment Weight 200 KGS 250 KGS
Customer case of using Wewon’s temperature forcing system to complete high and low temperature testing of automotive-grade chips: A well-known semiconductor chip design company independently designs and develops automotive chips, and requires analog and mixed-signal testers to be used in the temperature test range – 50 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ , Check whether the functions of the components or modules involved at different temperatures are normal under live work.
Characteristic analysis, high and low temperature temperature change test, temperature shock test, failure analysis and other reliability tests, such as: chips, microelectronic devices, integrated circuits (SOC, FPGA, PLD, MCU, ADC/DAC, DSP, etc.) Equipment Applications
Flash memory Flash, UFS, eMMC|PCBs, MCMs, MEMS, IGBTs, Sensors, Small Module Assemblies
Optical communication (such as: Transceiver high and low temperature test, SFP optical module high and low temperature test, etc)
Other electronics industries, aerospace new materials, laboratory research.
After comparing many suppliers, the customer purchased 6 sets of Wewon’s temperature forcing system, the test temperature range is -80 to +225°C, the output air flow is 4 to 24 scfm, and the temperature accuracy is ±1°C. By using this equipment, the chip test engineers improve their work efficiency greatly. Meanwhile, The Wewons’s thermal inducing system can timely assess potential problems in the research and development process, making products more in line with automotive safety electronic product standards!
With purely mechanical refrigeration, it is designed to provide high volume, high velocity, temperature controlled airflow to a closed, thermally isolated environment. Structural Design
A complete system includes a host, a flexible hose, a support arm, a HEAD (heating head), and a heat shield.
Insulated heat shield prevents ambient air from entering, creating a closed, repeatable heat transfer environment.
Wewon’s temperature forcing system can be applied to test circuit boards and electronic assembly devices of various shapes and sizes.
In recent years, the intelligentization, networking and electrification of vehicles have developed rapidly. Vehicle requirements for chips are growing rapidly both in terms of quantity and performance. Nowadays, a well-loaded chip can make a car more competitive. OEMs have given unprecedented attention to automotive chips. Compared with other consumer-grade industrial electronic components, automotive electronic components need to face a more harsh external working environment, longer service life, higher reliability and safety requirements.

temperature forcing system

China has become the world’s largest auto market, The trend of electrification and intelligence promotes a substantial increase in the number of automotive chips. The localization of automotive-grade chips already has a large-scale foundation. However, at present, China-made automotive-grade chips still have problems such as small vehicle application scale, long automotive certification cycle, low added value of technology, and high dependence on upstream industries. The temperautre forcing system developed and produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is exerting a positive and effective positive impact on high and low temperature impact test for automotive grade chips.

The test method to complete the high and low temperature impact test of automotive grade chips by the customer who has ordered 6 pieces Wewon’s temperature forcing system:

1. Place the tested chip or module on the test fixture, and press the heat shield on the corresponding fixture (the test specimen is placed in the fixture).

2. Start Wewon’s temperature forcing air stream system, and set the temperature range to be tested. Pass dry and clean compressed air into the internal refrigerator of the high and low temperature testing machine for low temperature treatment, and then the air goes through the pipeline to the heating head to heat up, and the air flow passes through the insulation The hot air hood enters the test chamber. The temperature sensor in the heat shield can monitor the current temperature in the chamber in real time.

3. Under the test platform of automotive electronic chips, Thermal air stream system quickly heats up to the required set temperature, real-time detection of related parameters such as the electrical working status of the automotive chip at the set temperature, for product analysis and process improvement And the directional quality traceability of batches provides reliable data basis.
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