0.45 MPa Pressure Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed the 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chamber for IC chips, 5G and semiconductors customers. So far, The Chinese suppliers can produce up to 0.20 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chambers with ability. This is the unique advantage of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., Because Wewon have strong independent research and development capabilities and broke the technological monopoly of foreign counterparts.

There is no doubt that the 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chamber which successfully developed by Wewon Tech can be used for China’s chips and semiconductor industries. Yes, Provide 0.45 MPa pressure range test with temperature and humidity test, not 0.20 MPa pressure. In fact, This is what the Chinese other manufacturers can not do it, but Wewon has done it.

Equipment Advantages 1: Magnetic Fan Work in 0.45 MPa Pressure Depends on the magnetic fan system, We can make the test room keep 0.45 MPa pressure with flowing wind. In China, This design has only Wewon Tech use the magnetic fan system for highly accelerated stress test. Obviously, Install magnetic fan system in test room is a difficult technology, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has done it, but other Chinese manufacturers can not surpass it.

The HAST chambers produced by other Chinese suppliers does not have the fan system which installed in the test room. Therefore, It is impossible for China HAT test chambers manufactures to keep a good temperature and humidity uniformity in the test room, Because their design does not have a device to perform air flow inside the test room. If you want to know what kind of magnetic fan we are using, Please click here.

0.45 MPa Pressure Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber
Model DescriptionWEW-220D395WEW-230D450WEW-208D395WEW-380D450
Outside DimensionsW950 x D1130 x H1630 mmW950 x D1130 x H1630 mmW950 x D1130 x H1630 mmW950 x D1130 x H1630 mm
Test Volumeφ360 x D450 mmφ360 x D450 mmφ360 x D450 mmφ360 x D450 mm
Pressure Range0.019 ~ 0.205MPa0.019 ~ 0.250MPa0.019 ~ 0.405MPa0.019 ~ 0.450MPa
Humidity Range75 ~ 100%RH75 ~ 100%RH75 ~ 100%RH75 ~ 100%RH
Humidity Accuracy±2%RH (at 85%RH)±2%RH (at 85%RH)±3%RH (at 85%RH)±3%RH (at 85%RH)
Signal Terminals14 Pieces x 114 Pieces x 214 Pieces x 314 Pieces x 6
Power SupplyAC 220, 50 HzAC230, 60 HzAC 208, 60 HzAC 380, 50 Hz
Temperature ControlOYO 3200 JapanOYO 3200 JapanOYO 3500 JapanOYO 3500 Japan
Operation ModeFixed ValueProgrammed ModeFixed ValueProgrammed Mode
Temperature Range105.0 ~ 152.5℃(at 100%RH)105.0 ~ 133.3℃(at 100%RH)105.0 ~ 150.5℃(at 100%RH)105.0 ~ 152.3℃(at 100%RH)
110.0 ~ 158.5℃(at 85%RH)105.0 ~ 140.0℃(at 85%RH)110.0 ~ 158.5℃(at 85%RH)105.0 ~ 140.0℃(at 85%RH)
118.0 ~ 162.5℃(at 75%RH)118.0 ~ 150.0℃(at 75%RH)118.0 ~ 162.5℃(at 75%RH)118.0 ~ 150.0℃(at 75%RH)
Temp Accuracy±0.3℃±0.3℃±0.5℃±0.5℃
Distribution Accuracy±0.5℃(at 100%RH)±1.0℃(at 85%RH)±0.5℃(at 100%RH)±1.0℃(at 85%RH)
Water SourceWater Tank (10L)Water Tank (10L)Water Tank (10L)Water Tank (10L)
Time Setting1 min – 499 hours1 min – 999 hours1 min – 599 hours1 min – 999 hours
The test room of Wewon’s HAST chamber is equipped with 2 different styles of racks: Two-layers structure of 304 stainless steel shelf and gray support with anti-conductive and insulating properties, Because customer’s products need to be tested in an insulated state. Click Here
There are 28 pieces signal terminals inside of Wewon’s hast test chamber, Taking into account the actual needs of different customers for the electrical conductivity test of the test object, On the right side of the test area, you can also add another 14 pieces signal terminals.Click Here
The position of the control panel has USB interface, Ethernet interface, RS232, RS485 interface, Ensure that the machine can successfully connect with the computer. Through the data cable, Upload the actual testing data to the engineer’s computer, Improve work efficiency.Click Here

Equipment Advantages 2: The Wall Thickness of the Drum is 5 mm The drum in the test area is a high-density structure, and the wall thickness of the drum is 5.0 mm. We have conducted 12 tests for 148 hours of 0.5 MPa pressure test, and we found that the machine can still operate normally.

Chinese suppliers who can produce HAST chambers, the wall thickness of the drum they ordered is only 2mm. This is one of the main reasons why other manufacturers capable of producing HAST test chambers in China can only perform pressure tests below 0.2 MPa. This limitation can easily lead to difficulties for testers for high-stress tests.|Highly Accelerated Stress Test – Wikipedia

Equipment Advantages 3: Ring-Row Lock Structure with 8 Locks Until now, The HAST test chambers produced by Chinese suppliers all use a single lock structure. This design is not justified for high stress tests. Because of the long time high pressure test, the single-lock structure is easy to burst the door lock in the test area due to the high internal pressure.

In order to solve this problem, Wewon choose a ring-row lock structure with 8 locks. If you want to learn more about this ring-row lock structure, Please click here. A special motor is installed inside the door of the test area, so that the machine can automatically open and close the door. With this design, when the test area is pressurized or relieved, there will be no safety hazards to the engineer in the test laboratory.

detailed pictures of the test area for Wewon's 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chamber

Equipment Advantages 4: Twenty-eight Pieces Signal Terminals The high accelerated stress test HAST chamber produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has 28 pieces signal terminals for sample’s voltage application test built in the middle left of the pressure tank.

This 28 Pieces signal terminals can take off and ON / OFF setting for each test process are possible. The Wewon’s HAST chamber with signal terminals will make it possible to conduct conductivity testing for new products under development. To a certain extent, this solution will expands the scope of application of the HAST chamber. Especially, This signal terminal design very friendly to third-party testing organizations that provide testing services for customers.

42 pieces signal terminals ports on control panel of Wewon’s HAST test chamber. In other words, the machine can support the successful connection of up to 42 signal terminals, Provide maximum convenience for test engineer’s conductivity test.Click Here
The machine is equipped with a 10 liters pure water storage container. After testing, fill 10 liters of pure water at a time, Hast chamber can be operated continuously for 2 to 4 weeks, This depends on the real requirements for humidity during the test.Click Here
The 0.45 MPa pressure highly accelerated stress test chamber produced by Wewon is equipped with a 7-inches large color touch screen design. The touch screen supports Ethernet communication port, RS 232 interface & USB data export function.Click Here
HAST Chamber – Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber
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