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The horizontal vertical flame chamber comply with the test standard of UL 94 tests (except section 10 Radiant Panel Test) and IEC 60695 Parts 11-10 and 11-20. The UL 94 horizontal vertical flame chamber used for the flammability testing of plastic materials which used in consumer electric parts. Simulate the small flame produced by the product under the condition of failure, Test products or materials for fire hazard and combustion performance. The flame height and test time for horizontal vertical flame chamber are adjustable.

If you want to buy the ATLAS HVUL2 horizontal vertical flame chamber, But you don’t have enough budget ? Please kindly read this article with patience. Because you may glad to find a good supplier who can support you the horizontal vertical flame chamber with cheap price ! The horizontal vertical flame chamber from Wewon is an early situation in which the surrounding environment of the electronic and electrical products is ignited. The fire hazard is assessed by analog technology. When the product is on fire, it should be ensured that it does not cause combustion.

The horizontal vertical flame chamber is suitable for parts, parts and components of household appliances for electrical and electronic products, such as: insulated casings for household appliances, switch panels, printed circuit boards and insulating materials. Designed for flammability testing of equipment and appliance component materials, numerous end-use test indicators such as flammability, burn rate, flame spread, combustion strength, and flame retardancy of the product can be tested. The high degree of automation and accurate test data is the latest tester for our highly demanding users.

Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber Cabinet Size: 1000mmX 650mmX1150mm (W*D*H)
Test Room: 0.5m3|Ensure sufficient air supply for the test
Test Room Paint Treatment: Internal black paint (standard requirements) corrosion resistant
The horizontal vertical flame chamber consists of an experimental part and a control part.
It is designed to be integrated and convenient for on-site installation and commissioning.
Glass observation window, beautiful and generous; Easy to observe the burning state of the sample
Advanced industrial design, test operation, ergonomic design, easy access to specimens, burner tie rod design, easy to operate
The fixture is designed for horizontal combustion and vertical combustion integration; easy to operate; saves space
Material of Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber: 304 stainless steel flame height gauge
The time digital display shows that the observation record is convenient and the use is stable and reliable.
The gas source of the test flame is gas or petroleum liquefied gas.
The inner diameter of the burner is ¢9.5±0.5mm, the length is about 100mm, and there is air conditioning hole.
The flame height is easy to adjust, and can be adjusted from 20mm to 175mm according to standard requirements.
The flame application time and the holding time can be adjusted within the range of 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds.
Count: 0001-9999*100 Burning Time: 0000-99H99S
Sparks Flames: 0000-99H99S Residual Time: 0000-99H99S
Test Room Volume: 0.5 cubic meters The test process is automatically controlled.
Test Standard: UL94, IEC60695-11-2003. GB2408-2008, GB5169 16-2008
  Horizontal Test Method for Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
CEI IEC TS 60695-2-20 Fire Hazard Testing Part 2-20: Glowing Hot Wire Based Test Methods- Hot-wire Coil Ignitability – Apparatus, Test Method and GuidanceGlow Wire Test Apparatus – Glow Wire Test Method, Definition & Operating Steps
IEC 60695-11-20 Fire Hazard Testing Part 11-20: Test Flames – 500 W Flame Test MethodVertical Horizontal Flame Chamber Supplier from China|wewontech.com
IEC 60950-1 Information Technology Equipment – Safety – Part 1: General RequirementsVertical Horizontal Flame Chamber Supplier from China|wewontech.com
CEI IEC 60065 Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus- Safety RequirementsIEC 60065 Figure 11 IEC Test Equipment Socket Outlet Torque Test Apparatus
IEC 60335-2-2 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 2-2: Particular Requirements for Vacuum Cleaners and Water-Suction Cleaning AppliancesPlug Torque Test Apparatus for BS and UL Plugs IEC 60065 Figure 11
IEC 60335-1 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 1 General RequirementsPlug Socket Tester Socket Outlet Torque Testing Machine IEC 60065 Figure 11
Burner angle can be easily adjusted at 0, 20, 45 degrees Spray Lamp and Gas Control
Blowtorch, barrel length 100mm ± 10mm, inner diameter 9.5mm ± 0.3mm
The blower itself adjusts the amount of air intake
Flow meter precisely controls combustion gas flow
U-tube differential pressure gauge
Precise control of flame height 20mm ± 2mm; flame adjustable
Vertical Test Method for Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
Intelligent meters display time, count, burning time, residual flame time, sparks flames time, etc. Control System Automatically
Pulse high voltage electronic auto-ignition.
●  No need to hold a stopwatch or manuscript timing; test time system automatically records
The top is equipped with a smoke exhaust fan device, and the exhaust gas generated by the combustion is discharged after the test is completed;
Note: Customers are equipped with exhaust pipes and gas.
Voltage for horizontal vertical flame chamber: 220V, 50/60Hz Electrical Description
The socket is equipped with a grounding port;
Methane or propane gas or gas; customer-owned
Place the horizontal vertical flame chamber on the ground with horizontal. Attention Notice
Keep flame chamber dry and clean
Lubricate in mechanical motion
After the test is stopped, the power should be removed and the gas should be turned off.
Low pressure valve for gas pressure reducing valve
Turn off the power for a long time without operation
Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
Prepare the horizontal vertical flame chamber and plug in the power, and turn on the power switch. Test Method
●  Clip the product on the clip and adjust the height of the product. The metal mesh is adjusted under the Bunsen burner. Loosen the screw to adjust the angle of the blower. After adjusting, tighten the screw, turn on the gas, and turn off the lighting. Adjust the time counter and the number of times as required, turn on the power, press the start button to ignite, fine adjust the gas flow meter, take the gauge, and adjust the required flame height according to the gauge.
Press and hold the left button of the panel until the car stops at the place where the product is stopped. The panel rises and lowers the key to fine-tune the height, and determines that the Bunsen burner burns to the product. At this time, the burning time starts to count, and the time to the afterflame time starts to count the car automatically. Return to the original place, press the time switch next to the afterflame time will pause and the time of the afterburning time will be automatically timed. Press the time switch next to the afterburning time, the time will be suspended.
To do the second time or re-do, put the product directly, press and hold the left to move over, and repeat. After the test, press the fan, automatically draw the wind, turn on the lighting to watch the product.
Thank you for using Wewon horizontal vertical flame chamber, The ul94 horizontal vertical flame chamber produced and sold by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. are products manufactured by strict verification of the sum of them in accordance with national standards. Horizontal vertical flame chamber should be carefully placed after shipment to your company. A more spacious space is needed. Check whether the screws and fasteners are loose in transit before use it.

We solemnly promise that all flammability chamber for motor vehicles purchased in our company will be in good condition. In case of mechanical failure or poor quality parts and other quality problems within one year, We will take full responsibility, And free of charge to provide all services. In the case of damage caused by self-demolition or human failure, then we will not provide full free service according to the analysis of the facts, and will charge a certain fee for spare parts as appropriate.

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