Insertion Force and Withdrawal Force Test Machine for Connectors

Insertion force and withdrawal force test machine from Wewon Tech is suitable for pin headers, female headers, simple horns, long ear horns, crimping heads, WAFER, round hole LIC sockets and USB cables (USB3.0), HDMI high-definition cables, Display connections cable, DVI cable, VGA cable and other computer peripheral cables for plugging and unplugging tests of various connectors. The machine can display the continuous change value and peak value of the insertion and extraction force, and has the number of times setting, and has the display and printing function of the insertion and extraction force value.

The automatic centering device is adopted on Wewon’s insertion and extraction force test machine to solve the problem of various connection test fixtures, and the male and female connectors can be automatically aligned during the test, so that there will be no problem of only one-sided work or offset. The speed and pulling stroke of the equipment can be adjusted, and the value can be displayed in degrees. It is the most cost-effective insertion force testing machine on the market.

Insertion Force and Withdrawal Force Test Machine

Maximum Load50 KGS20 KGS5 KGS2 KGS
Drive Motor:Lapping Motor 120WLapping Motor 120WLapping Motor 60WLapping Motor 60W
Total Count0-999999 Times0-999999 Times0-999999 Times0-999999 Times
Test Speed3~60c.p.m Adjustable3~60c.p.m Adjustable3~60c.p.m Adjustable3~60c.p.m Adjustable
Transmission StructureInsertion Force, Withdrawal ForceInsertion Force, Withdrawal ForceInsertion Force, Withdrawal ForceInsertion Force, Withdrawal Force
Force UnitKg,N. Ib (Option)Kg,N. Ib (Option)Kg,N. Ib (Option)Kg,N. Ib (Option)
Minimum Decomposition0. 05kg0. 05kg0. 01kg0. 01kg
X-Axis Travel Stroke0~75mm Adjustable0~75mm Adjustable0~75mm Adjustable0~75mm Adjustable
Y-Axis Travel Stroke0~75mm Adjustable0~75mm Adjustable0~75mm Adjustable0~75mm Adjustable
Maximum Test Height80mm150mm80mm150mm
Force Value StorageInterval 10 GroupsInterval 20 GroupsInterval 10 GroupsInterval 20 Groups
Printer FunctionCurrent Force Value, Average ValueCurrent Force Value, Average ValueCurrent Force Value, Average ValueCurrent Force Value, Average Value
Total Power500 Watt420 Watt350 Watt300 Watt
Working Power SupplyAC220V/50Hz/5AAC220V/50Hz/5AAC220V/50Hz/3AAC220V/50Hz/3A
Equipment DimensionsW420*D350*H980mmW420*D350*H1050mmW420*D350*H980mmW420*D350*H1050mm
Gross Weight60 KGS50 KGS50 KGS45 KGS
Parts AccessoriesStrture DrawingOperating ManualPower CordSet Of Inner Hexagon

Before selecting an insertion and withdrawal force tester, carefully assess the load capacity, speed and accuracy of the samples you need to test. You’ll want a machine that can support your specific test sample requirements, like force range, frequency, speed and peak load. Furthermore, consider the types of connectors you’ll be testing. for example, stiff or semi-rigid connectors will have different force measurements than flexible connectors do. By taking into account all these factors, you can find the best machine to reach your testing goals.

The test conditions are all set by the computer screen and can be stored. You can check the setting from the drop-down menu, or enter the data directly.Equipmetn Features
Including test category, measuring motion direction, load measuring range, stroke measuring range, stroke origin position, stroke origin detection, measuring speed, total number of measurements, pause time, each waiting position, air pressure times.
Insertion force test machine can store and print graphics (load-travel curve, load decay life curve, inspection report).
The overload protection function of the load cell can ensure that the load cell will not be damaged. Apparatus for connectors insertion force and extraction force life test displays load-travel curves and life curves.
Automatic load zero detection, and can set the origin detection load value. The load unit display N, lb, gf, kgf can be switched freely.
Wewon’s insertion force testing machine adopts a steel structure design with a servo motor to ensure accuracy under long-term use. It is suitable for general tension and compression tests, and insertion force life tests.
If the specification value is exceeded, the machine stops automatically. (During the life test, the machine will automatically stop if the test data exceeds the set upper and lower limit specification values).
Measuring Items: maximum load value, peak value, valley value, load value of stroke, stroke value of load, resistance value of insertion point, resistance value of load or stroke.


Insertion force testing machine with computer control can be advantageous, allowing you to easily adjust pressure limits or settings with a few button clicks. However, if you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, consider models that offer manual as well as automated control. This gives you greater accuracy and precision when setting test parameters, as well as the ability to manually override any parameter settings if desired.

Test For Connector Plug-In Life Decay Curve AnalysisMain Test Items
Connector Single Hole Insertion Test
Connector Row Insertion Test
Connector Plugging Life Test
Connector Single Pin and Plastic Retention Test
Various Compression and Tensile Breaking Strength Tests
Terminal Connector Back-Pin Test
Conventional Compression Test, Tensile Failure Test
Connector Positive Force Test (Normal Force)
Terminal Withstand Load Test
Connector Impedance (The Contact Impedance Test System)

It’s important to consider the compatibility of your insertion force tester with different types of connectors. Some insertion force measurement apparatus can be used only for specific types, while other models may offer greater flexibility. If you anticipate needing to test a wide variety of connectors, look for a model that has interchangeable components and is easily configured to match the characteristics needed. Even if you don’t need to accommodate many different connectors, flexibility could prove beneficial if your application requires occasional testing of another type of connector or sample.

Motor: Japanese Panasonic Servo MotorMain Components:
Transmission Mechanism: Japan THK Ball Screw
Load Cell: U.S. Force Transmission Sensor
Mobile Platform: Precision X-Y Platform
Proximity Switch: Taiwan FOTEK NPN Type
Button: Japan Izumi IDEC
Fixture: Single PIN Retention Force Fixture

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