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When we have found a IP X5 X6 water jet test chamber supplier from Google, It’s quite difficult to find the right water jet test chamber supplier there ! Because most of the Europe suppliers named the IP X5 IP X6 rain spray test chamber as spray and splash water chamber, not the water jet test chamber.

For example, There many keywords be used from Weice, iTS Gmbh, such us spray and splash water chamber, splash water test chamber, spray and splash water test device, water spray and splash protection testing equipment. According to the DIN EN 60529, ISO 20653 test standard, The IP X5 X6 water jet testing chamber be used for ingress protection testing. This water jet testing device does allow you to do the test in accordance to IP X5 and IP X6 test.

IP X5 X6 Water Jet Test Chamber
Splash Water Test Chamber
Equipment ModelWE-SC-1000C-56
Testing Room (W*H*D) mm1000 * 1000 * 1000
External Dimension (W*H*D) mm1500 * 3500 * 1300
Water Pressure50~150kpa (Adjustable)
Test Environment ConditionsThe ambient temperature is +5~+28C, Relative humidity≤85%
The Test StandardGB4208. IEC60529. GJB150. GB10485. Iec-5129, GB2423, GB4706
Test Bench SizeTest bech size is φ600mm
Height of Test BedHeight for test bed is 800mm
Bench Speed1 ~ 10 r/min is adjustable
Test Bed MaterialHigh quality 304 stainless seamless tube
Affected by the SurfaceThe front side for water jet test chamber
The Nozzle Diameterφ6.3mm(IPX5),φ12.5mm(IPX6)
Water Spray Intensity(12.5±0.625)L/min-(100±5)L/min
Flush Distance3.0 M
Flush TimeAdjustable
Gross Weight160 KG
Power Supply3φ5W AC380V±10% 50/60Hz, 3.0KW(Max)

The structure design of the IP X5 X6 water jet test chamber is advanced and reasonable, Consistent with GB4208. IEC60529. GJB150. IEC 5129; The main functional components of IP X5 X6 water splash rain test chamber are advanced and reliable in technical principles, and the optimal control of noise and energy saving is achieved.

The IP X5 X6 splash water testing chamber is suitable for testing whether the electrical products, shell and seal can guarantee the good performance of equipment and components in the rainy environment. This water spray test chamber adopts scientific design, so that the equipment can simulate various environments such as water spraying realistically.

Sprinkler system is composed of water pump, hydraulic pressure gauge and fixed nozzle support. Bracket material be used in the test platform is made up of square welding. Hole Size: φ12.5mm, (IP6 grade) φ6.5mm (IP5 grade), Speed: 1-3 RPM / per minute. Water spray intensity for splash water test chamber: IP6-100 + 10 (L/min), IP5-12.5 + 2 (L/min).
Duration of water spray: 3, 10, 30min (adjustable); Running time control: 1 ~ 99h99min (adjustable) Water circulation system to ensure the circulation of water, Water jet pressure meter, which can display the pressure of water spray. IP X5, IP X6 splash water test chamber include a touch screen controller, human-machine interface, programmable controller, automatic operation control.

The IPX5 / IPX6 waterproof IP test equipment water spray / rain test chamber is suitable for scientific research, product development and quality control. Water spray and splash testing chamber used to evaluate and determine electrical, electronic, outdoor lighting, communication products, signal devices and automobile lamps for waterproofing performance testing and IP waterproofing grade testing.

In accordance with the standard requirements, the spray and splash water chamber adopts artificial simulated rainfall environment to test the waterproof capacity of the tested product. Its specific requirements and qualified criteria should be in accordance with IEC60529-2001 or relevant standards of the product.

adobe-pdf-logo The Drawing Structure for IP X5 IP X6 Water Rain Spray Test Chamber | Product Photograph
adobe-pdf-logo IP X5 IP X6 Water Rain Spray Test Chamber | Splash Water Test Chamber | Product Catalog
adobe-pdf-logo The Technical Parameters for Spray and Splash Water Test Chamber Comply With ICE 60529
adobe-pdf-logo ICE 60529 International Standard | Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures (IP Code)
adobe-pdf-logo IEC 60598 2-3 2002 Luminaires – Part 2-3: Particular requirements – Luminaires for road and street lighting
IP X5 X6 Water Jet Test Chamber in Wewon workshop
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