IP X7 Water Immersion Test Equipment

IP X7 water immersion test equipment is used to test the IPX7 waterproof rating of the product. The test samples include electronic components, outdoor lamps, mobile phone cases, auto parts, etc. The IP X7 and IP X8 water immersion test equipment adopts box structure, no site restrictions, 304# stainless steel material, strong and durable. The technical parameters of IP X7 water immersion test equipment as below content mentioned.

The damage of natural water (rain, sea water, river water, etc.) to products and materials causes incalculable economic loss every year. The damage mainly includes corrosion, fading, deformation, decline in strength, expansion, mildew and so on. In particular, Electrical products are prone to fire because of short circuit caused by rain. Therefore, It is an essential key procedure to carry out shell protection water test for specific products or materials.

IPX7 water immersion test equipment

Outside DimensionD: 1400* W: 1300* H: 2000mm (Including wheels)
Test Room SizeD: 1000* W: 1000* H: 1200mm
To Test the Depth of Water1.2 Meters
Outer Cases of Thickness1.5 mm
But the WindowsTempered Glass (Thickness: 10mm)
Observation Window Width200 mm
Water Level DisplayWater Level Scale (Accuracy: 1mm), Horizontal Visual
Frame MaterialsSUS 304 Stainless Steel

The IP X7 water immersion test is characterized as inundation in up to one meter of water.IP X7 Testing
The IP X7 waterproofness testing requirement is that the entrance of water isn’t viewed as in unsafe amounts. This assurance is made when the nook is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time.
The characterized conditions could be water at a specific temperature. It could likewise be liquid of a specific salinity or the use of other chemicals.
The test subtleties incorporate a test time of 30 minutes and a water profundity of short of what one meter.
A product IP X7 rated is able to meet the requirements of this water ingress test.
The IP X8 water immersion testing is characterized as drenching in more than one meter of water.IP X8 Testing
The IP X8 waterproofness test requirements are commonly set by the producer however ordinarily mean.
The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under specific conditions. These particular conditions ought to be determined by the factory.
Regularly, the IP X8 water immersion test equipment is hermetically sealed. In any case, with particular kinds of machine, It can imply that water can enter. If there is some liquid intrusion, It should just happen in a way with the end goal that it creates no unsafe impacts.
Just like the IP X7 water immersion testing, the liquid can contain synthetic compounds. It can likewise be adapted to different temperatures.
The test duration is indicated by the producer, manufacturer.
A product IPX8 rated is able to meet the requirements of this liquid enclosure test.

Suitable for IPX7 waterproof rating test of products.Product Features
The water depth of the box is 1.2m and the bottom area is 1000*1000mm. (customizable).
The inner layer is formed by SUS304# stainless steel plate with high precision and integral sub-arc welding, ensuring no rust and no water leakage for a long time.
In the middle of the two layers, 40 square steel is used as reinforcement to keep the inner box from deformation
The outer layer is welded with hairline stainless steel plate, and the outer layer is covered with mirror stainless steel plate, without welding spot, and the whole is beautiful and generous.
Install the inlet and outlet pipes under the tank, and the inlet valve is located above the back.
The observation window is made of 15mm toughened glass, which can clearly observe the test condition of the sample.
Stainless steel bottom frame with load casters and foot cups for easy movement and fixation.
The stainless steel ruler shows the water level.
The case shall be installed with electric lifting device (movable, load 300KG) samples, and a large number of test samples shall be placed.

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