IPX9K and IP9K Rain Test Chamber | ISO 20653 | IEC 60529

The engineer always use the IPX9K and IP9K rain test chamber for machine’s shell waterproof protection test. IPX9K keeps the powerful high temperature water jets. IPX9K rain test chamber applicable standard such as ISO 20653 Road vehicles — Degrees of protection (IP-Code) — Protection of electrical equipment against foreign objects, water and access

IPX9K rain test chamber compatible standard: DIN 40 050-9 – Road Vehicles; Degrees of Protection (IP Code); Protection against foreign objects, water and access electrical equipment. IPX9 rain test chamber applicable standards: IEC 60529 – Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

Test method for IPX9K : Make sure the water temperature inside the water tank +80°C, water flow rate with 14L-16L per min, water pressure: 8000 Kpa -10000 Kpa (80–100 bar) at distance of 100mm~ 150mm, The test duration is 30 seconds in each of 4 angles, total spray testing time is 2 minutes.

IPX9K rain test chamber
Product ModelWE-IP-X9K-500CWE-IP-X9K-1000CWE-IP-X9K-1250C
Test Room Volume500 Liters1000 Liters1250 Liters
Test Room (WxHxD) mm800*800*8001000*1000*10001000*1250*1000
External Dimension (WxHxD) mm1300*1150*18001500*1950*13001500*1550*1950
Sample Test Distance100mm~150mm100mm~150mm200mm~400mm
Test Sample Load Weight10KG~ 15 KG15KG~ 20 KG20KG~ 40 KG
Water Pressure8000Kpa~10000Kpa8000Kpa ~10000Kpa80 Bar~100 Bar
Water Spray Angle0°, 30°, 60°, 90°
Nozzle DesignCustom SUS#304 four fan nozzles made of stainless steel, located at 0°, 30°, 60°, 90° of the test platform level
The distance between the nozzle and the test object is 100~150mm, and the distance between the nozzle and the test plate can be adjusted.
The maximum movement distance of the nozzle is 300mm, and the Angle error is every 50mm
Injection DesignEach IPX9K nozzle is equipped with high pressure and high temperature actuating solenoid valve, and the actuating time of each Angle is 10 seconds (it can be set and changed for 0-5min)
The IPX9K nozzle can set the injection time and stop time, and spray in turn (0-1000 cycles can be set)
Spray NozzleFour Units, 30 seconds each position
Spray Range30° ± 5°(Single hole)|Space 100-150mm
Water Spray TemperatureRT+10°C ~ 88°C (Adjustable)
Hot water storage tank temperature can reach 88 ℃ (hot water injection test, high pressure hot spray)
Sight WindowEquipped with 10 mm reinforced glass and explosion-proof transparent protective film, the internal lighting adopts isolated lighting
Water Flow Rate14 L-16 L/min
Testing Sample ShelfSUS#304, Speed: 5 ±1 r.p.m
Shelf Height200-400mm, Rotate 360 degrees horizontally
Test Platform Diameters550mm, 600mm (Options)
Ambient Temperature5 ℃ ~ + 32 ℃|Ambient humidity:≤85%
Power RequirementsAC380( ±10%)V/50HZ Three-phase Five-wire system (3L+1N+1GND)
adobe-pdf-logoISO 20653 Road vehicles — Degrees of protection (IP code) — Protection of electrical equipment against foreign objects, water and access
adobe-pdf-logoISO 16750-1:2006 Road vehicles — Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment — Part 1: General
adobe-pdf-logoDIN 40 050 Part 9: Road vehicles — Degrees of protection (IP code) — Protection against foreign objects, water and access — Electrical Equipment
adobe-pdf-logoIEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
adobe-pdf-logoGB4208 2008: Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP code) (IEC 60529:2001, IDT)
adobe-pdf-logoGB/T4942.1-2001 Classification of degrees of protection provided By enclosures of rotating electrical machines (IP code)
adobe-pdf-logoVW 801 06 Push-on Connection on and in Electric and Electronic Components in Vehicle Requirements
adobe-pdf-logoGMW 3172 General Specification for Electrical/Electronic Components – Environmental/Durability
IPX9K nozzle and specification

IPX9K test equipment used for testing the water resistance of automobile lamps and lanterns, windshield wipers, automobile moving window motors, waterproof strips, automobile switches, anti-theft devices, locomotive instruments, automobile locks and industrial tests. The test room and external structure of Wewon IPX9K rain test chamber are made of SUS 304 stainless steel plate. The water tank is made of SUS 304 stainless steel plate, with low position and water full indication, the spray pipe is made of seamless stainless steel tube, the rotation table for park samples is made of stainless steel as well. Meet the standard comply with DIN 40 050 (IP9K), IEC 60529, ISO 20653, ISO 16750, VW 801 06, GMW 3172.

SUS304 stainless steel box body, the upper part of the test box for the laboratory and control panel, lower installation of water pump, water tank, motor and reduction drive mechanism.Equipment Structure
The door of the IPX9K test equipment is made of polymethyl methacrylate and sealed with silicone rubber, which has better sealing performance.
The IPX9K nozzle is made of stainless steel, and the nozzle hole is made of laser processing technology, which has high precision.
All other parts in contact with water in the studio are made of stainless steel and live copper, which will not cause corrosion.
Timing Control: Equipped with digital timer, the test time can be adjusted at will within the range.X9K Control System
Speed Control: Frequency conversion governor, speed control is stable, high control accuracy.
Flow and Pressure Control: Manual valve control flow and pressure, digital flow meter indicating the flow, spring pressure gauge indicating the pressure.
IPX9K nozzle and ipx9k waterproof rotation table
Accessory NameBrand (Spare Parts)Specification Description
Controller SystemSiemens7 Inches Touch Screen
PLC ControllerSiemens24 dots, transistor output
Wheel MotorTaiwan DongYuan60W
Temperature SensorJapan ShengJie-100 +200 degrees
High Pressure Temp Water PumpItalian NMT4KW
Switching Power SupplyTaiwan Ming Wei100W
Intermediate RelayJapan Omron8 big feet
Air SwitchFrance, SchneiderSingle phase 32A with leakage.
High pressure and high temperature gun Italy MV12.5 0.4MM
Electronic Flow Meter (stainless steel)Smit Group16L/M
Heating Tube (316 stainless steel)Teelong1800W X3 PCS
Float Ball (stainless steel)Imported from Japan2
Chassis Housing, Inside the box materialImport SUS304 stainless steel2 MM
Close SwitchTaiwan yangming24V
Bearing (stainless steel)Japan NSKThe inner diameter 25MM
Bearing Base (stainless steel)Taiwan yulongThe inner diameter 25MM
Solenoid ValveItalian MMSize: 1.5MM, Capacity:150 BAR
Shockproof Pressure GaugeStainless steel 304 (panel type)2 points
High Temperature Sealing RubberItalian imports4MM
IPX9K rain test chamber is the use of high pressure water pump, to a certain pressure, a certain flow test of water (normal temperature to 90 ° C), through spray nozzle device on the sample, to test required by the environment.Product Features
High-pressure water pump and high-temperature water storage tank are located at the rear and below of the test box. The control system is located at the front of the box body.
The external dimension is made of cold plate powder (or 304 stainless steel), and the inner wall of the studio is made of SUS3040 stainless steel.
Electronic high temperature flow control valve, speed regulating motor, use import pump, import high temperature and high pressure solenoid valve
Temperature measurement for IPX9K test equipment using PT100 sensor.
The door for IPX9K test equipment is transparent and equipped with a light to facilitate the user to observe the experiment directly
The IPX9K rain test chamber with rotation table for samples testing, The Rotation table speed adjustable.
IPX9K testing, Test Standard comply with DIN 40 050 Part 9

The upper part of the Wewon IPX9K rain test chamber is the testing room and the control system. The lower part is equipped with the water pump (Italian brand high pressure pump) and the solenoid valve (imported from Italy), the thermostatic and backwater double water tank (SUS304 stainless steel), the turntable motor (Panasonic motor) and the reduction drive mechanism.

WEWON IPX9K rain test chamber specification: Used for the inspection of electronic products with IEC(IP supplementary code enhancement test), Comply with the test standards such as : DIN 40 050 (IP9K), IEC 60529, ISO 20653.

Use the IPX9K test equipment to inspect the electrical products for the protection class IEC(IP supplementary code enhancement test) of enclosures, manufactured according to the relevant specifications in DIN40050. Mainly for the automotive parts, electrical and electronic industry, simulation of the natural environment or human factors designed waterproof testing machine.

It is mainly used for automobile spare parts, motor and electronic industry, simulation of natural environment or human factors and other related product design, Make waterproof performance reliability test and improve the product’s performance.

IPx9K testing, Test Standard comply with DIN 40 050 Part 9

What is the difference between IPX9K testing and IPX9 testing ? Why add a “K” to the testing standard, IPX9K test specification, and what is the meaning of it ?

IPX9K and IPX9 both come from the waterproof grade standard: ISO 20653-2013 and GB 4208-2017. IPX9 mentioned in GB4208-2017 test standard be introduced is the latest version (Come into force date: Feb, 2018), It can be understood that this standard was introduced by the committee from other standards. So the original test standard came from ISO 20653. IPX4K, IPX6K, IPX9K etc all has “K” term, So we should understand the relationship between the IPX9 and IPX9K.

What is the “K” mean of IPX9K ? “K” refers to the test pressure requirements. IPX9K testing has a 10000 Kpa pressure requirement, and extended to other protection grade, for example, 4K, 6K, actually it keeps the requirement of the water spray pressure. So we should know that “K” mainly mentioned water pressure requirement.

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