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Liquid nitrogen cooling environmental chamber, The lowest cooling temperature for environmental testing industry ! The temperature range for liquid nitrogen cooling chamber is -196°C ~ +30°C, It is the quite difficult design and seldom has the good supplier you can be trusted from China.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has developed the liquid nitrogen cooled temperature test chamber for China customer one week ago ! Not only the chamber for liquid nitrogen cooling, but also the customer request the tensile testing machine liquid nitrogen cooling chamber. We are the proper manufacturer for this inquiry type as well.

The liquid nitrogen cooling chamber used liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology, the use of the principle of heat balance and mixing method of circulation to achieve uniformity of the sample auto-cooling and temperature, to fully meet the temperature indicators of national standard GB229-2007 of the provisions. Testing standard comply with ASTM E23, En10045, ISO83,GB/T229-2009.

Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Environmental Chamber

Liquid nitrogen cooled temperature test chambers are designed for general purpose laboratory and test applications where small chamber size is important, and product loading is relatively low. The indirect evaporation of liquid nitrogen (LN2) is used for cooling the chambers.

The Features for Wewon Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Environmental Chamber:
Liquid nitrogen thermal chamber uses liquid nitrogen cooling technology and high-precision intelligent instrument to control ultra-low temperature test.
It can achieve automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature for specimen.
Touch screen and PLC program control device,automatic temperature controller,intelligent controlled PID adjustment device.
Liquid nitrogen cooled temperature test chambers can control the center temperature of tunnel and the exhausting temperature.
Can set 5 falling temperature technics curves,every curve can be sets with 100 steps.
Liquid nitrogen cooling system can show the actual operation parameter curve; Can show historical record. Can doenload data by USB device.
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Chamber

The process of refrigerant chamber use is incredibly long. The merchandise and materials exposed to such extreme temperatures risk experiencing thermal shock, particularly throughout the modification of temperature – so the refrigerant chamber should reach its minimum temperature at a slow rate, so come back to temperature at Associate in Nursing equally slow rate. The take a look at results are most correct if the method of moving between temperatures is dramatically stalled.

Design and construction of refrigerant chambers should even be rigorously thought of. because of the intense temperature, chamber size is a vital think about style layout as wasted area would be Associate in Nursing redundant waste of energy and will adversely have an effect on take a look at results. The seal on a refrigerant chamber has to be in prime condition to confirm that the temperature of the outer surroundings doesn’t have an effect on the temperature within the chamber.

Each component of the take a look at and testing conditions should be taken into thought – like existing surroundings and climate, the potential addition of interior chamber lighting and therefore additional heat, and also the variations that exist already between merchandise and materials. it’s long and expensive, and however refrigerant chambers square measure a vital process a part of several industries.

Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Temperature Test Chambers
Model (Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Chamber)WEW-300L-LN2-02
Cooling Range-196°C ~ +30°C
Temperature Accuracy±2°C
Temperature Dropping Speed2°C ~5°C / min
Internal Dimensions (W*D*H)500×500×1150 mm
External Dimension (W*D*H)1375×735×1480 mm
Cooling Medium/ TypeLiquid Nitrogen
Power Supply, Single Phase220V~230V, 50Hz, 2.5kW
liquid nitrogen cooling temp humidity chamber

Liquid nitrogen cooling system is convenient and efficient for working, which is the ideal equipment of specimen cooling and insulation for low-temperature impact testing. At the same time, it can also be used for other low-temperature detection and testing. Liquid nitrogen cooling environmental chamber square measure accustomed replicate very low temperatures so as to watch and appraise the aftereffects of the phase transition conditions on a product or material.

 Liquid nitrogen cooling process is wide utilized by industries as well as automotive, aerospace, medical, and food process because of the vital nature of their merchandise. It is seen in applications like chilling and flash-freezing food for extended preservation, propellent production from liquid gasses, the preparation and preservation of medicines, and in metal process – for instance, knife production, because it has been shown that metals show additional proof against wear and tear when refrigerant exposure.

As with different environmental take a look at liquid nitrogen chamber, Liquid nitrogen cooling environmental chamber square measure utilized by makers to check their merchandise for potential flaws and malfunctions so as to boost the planning and production method. Rising a product supported environmental take a look at results can guarantee a stronger quality product reaches the overall market and can end in fewer prices for the manufacturer in terms of replacement and compensation.

Liquid nitrogen cooling temperatures square measure those below -190°C and in refrigerant chambers, liquefied gasses like cryogen can boil -196°C. whereas some take a look at chambers mix environmental conditions for functions of additional thorough testing, refrigerant chambers square measure designed for very low-temperature replication.

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