Single Column Universal Material Testing Machine – Computer Type

Computer type single column universal material testing machine popular used for the engineer who will process a 100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN tensile test. But if your test sample request a 10kN, or 100 kN tensile test, We suggest you review our another type tensile testing machine. Basically, The heavy load request bigger capacity load cell. So the double column structure tensile testing machine is a better choice when you maded a 10kN or 50kN tensile test there.

The electronic universal material testing machine used for rubber, plastic, footwear, leather, clothing, textile, insulation, terminals on the stretching, tearing, stripping, bending test. The 5kN universal material testing machine will meet the following test standards: ISO7500/1, JJG475-88, ASTME4, DIN5122, JISB7721/B7733, EN1002-2, BS1610, CNS9471/9470.

Material Testing Machine
Equipment Mode: WEW-UMTM-125 (100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN)
External Dimension: 420*350*1450 mm (W*D*H)
Capacity Selection: 100N, 200N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN
Unit Selection: gf, Kgf, N, KN, LB
Test Force Testing Range: 0.4%~100% FS
Load Accuracy: ±1%
Load Resolution:1/200000
Load Magnifying Rate: X1, X2, X5, X10, X20, X50, X100
Test Speed Range: (25~100) mm/min|(50~200) mm/min|(100~500) mm/min
Speed Accuracy: Indicating value ±1%
Test Atroke (without fixture): 600mm
Displacement Indication Error: Indicating value ±1%
Displacement Resolution: 0.005mm
Measuring Range of Deformation: 2%~100% FS
Error Limit of Deformation Indication: Indicating value ±0.5%
Large Deformation Measurement Range: (10~800)mm
Large Deformation Indication Error Limit: Indicating value ±1%
Large Deformation Resolution: 0.008mm
Motor Capacity: 0.4KW; Power Supply: AC220V 50HZ, 0.2KW/0.4KW
Control System: Frequency converter;Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion motor.
Main Switch: Mitsubishi Japan, leakage protection switch, 30A
Speed Reducer for Single Column Universal Material Testing Machine: Italian otter precision hollow casting aluminum speed reducer.
Transmission Plate: High carbon steel forging, good mechanical strength, no variation.
Transmission Screw: Taiwan double structure precision ball screw.
Guide Bar: Korean guide bar, surface high frequency and hard chrome plating treatment, HRC60 above.
Main Engine Bearing of Universal Material Testing Machine: NSK Japan high carbon ball bearing.
Fixture Treatment: All fixtures are hard chrome plated, HRC55 above.
Dust Proof Control Device: Adopt Taiwan anti-stack dust cover to protect the ball screw from dust and ensure the life and precision of the ball screw.
Machine Surface Treatment: the United States dupont powder, electrostatic painting process, the curing temperature 200 ℃ to ensure long do not fade.
Data Transfer: the 16 bit data transfer. The RS – 232 data transmission, all the parameters stored in the peripheral hardware, computer hardware without having to install any extrapolation, great convenience user to change the upgrade, maintenance of computer.
2.5kN Universal Material Testing Machine
Mechanical trip switch protects upper and lower stroke
Emergency emergency stop switch automatic protection
Overcurrent, overpressure, undercurrent, undervoltage, leakage overload protection
Software overload limit protection
Breakpoint stop protection
Emergency braking can be applied in case of emergency
Safety Protection:
The Performance and Characteristics for Computer Type Single Column Universal Material Testing Machine:
Software: English Windows 7/ Windows XP Package. Language Selection: English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese and other languages are freely switched in operation, which greatly facilitates the use of operators.
Unit Conversion: Commonly used force and displacement, energy has and can be freely converted. Various Curve Display Modes: Stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, intensity-time and other curve modes.
Function Description: Can be calculated and list data graphics, with basic parameter of material testing machine: ① Yield point ② 0.2% off set ③Yield strength ④ Tensile strength ⑤ Elongation ⑥ Energy absorption ⑦ maximum ⑧ Fracture value ⑨ Deformation value ⑩ Average value ⑾ Graphics compare, etc.
Test Mode: Including tensile resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance, bending resistance, adhesion, tearing, stripping, elongation elongation, etc Such as setting.
Control Mode: Positioning movement, constant speed, constant strain rate, constant load, constant load rate, constant stress rate, stress rate, etc.
Convenient and practical zero setting function: power, elongation and displacement can be set manually by pressing a key, and the system can automatically set zero at the beginning of test.
Dynamic display: during the test, the load, elongation, displacement and selected test curves are dynamically displayed on the main control screen in real time as the test progresses.
Peak value is maintained: the maximum value of the test item is always displayed in the screen window along with the test.
Manual pickup function: it has special manual pickup function during testing. Data Use: Use database management tests and standards to enable authors to use pre-built data or build their own.
Automatic Discrimination: After sample failure, the system automatically recognizes and automatically switches to complete the next function according to the expected test requirements.
Automatic Storage: Automatic storage of test conditions, test results and range position. Automatic Regression: It has the function of automatically returning the test board to the starting point after testing.
Graphic Analysis: After the test, the data can be viewed with the mouse on the test curve. Any point on the test curve can be locally amplified and analyzed, and printing can be selected. Curve Comparison: The curves of the same group of samples can be superimposed and compared.
Report Output: Graphics and parameters are open to customers to modify according to their needs. Different report formats can be output, which is easy to learn and practical.
Range Extension Function: Sensors, extensometers and fixtures with different capacity specifications can be added to widen the measurement range, so as to achieve a more accurate test accuracy.
Malfunction Automatically Detect: Servo system failure, can automatically diagnose the fault reasons and the fault code will be automatically stored in servo driver, in order to quickly find and troubleshooting.
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