Nail Penetration Test Chamber for Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Batteries

Nail penetration test chamber is an indispensable testing equipment for battery manufacturers and research institutes. The nail penetration test chamber is suitable for simulating the use, transportation, storage or disposal of household waste of various kinds of batteries, the condition in which the battery is pinched and pricked, The test shall be conducted at an ambient temperature of 20℃±5℃, Place the battery connected to the thermocouple in the fume hood, The thermocouple contacts are fixed on the large surface of the battery.

A non-corrosive steel needle with a diameter of 2mm to 8mm is used to pierce the center of the largest surface of the battery at a speed of 10mm/s ~ 40mm/s, Hold it at any time and observe the test results, If the battery does not explode or catch fire, it can be judged as qualified product. The safety performance of the battery shall be tested through crush and nail penetration test. After the test, the battery shall not catch fire or explode.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is the battery safety testing equipment manufacturer. The main products included nail penetration test chamber, battery crush tester, external short circuit tester, internal short circuit tester, thermal abuse tester, altitude simulation tester. The nail penetration test system from Wewon Tech meet the testing standard such as IEC 62133, UL 2580, UL 1642, UL 2054, UN 38.3, etc. Since we are a manufacturer of battery testing equipment, We will accept customized design and production.

Nail Penetration Test Chamber
Model NumberWEW-ZY-JTL-13KN︱Nail Penetration Test Chamber
Pressure Range1KN ~ 15KN (Pressure Range is Adjustable)
External DiameterDiameter of upper pressure plate is 150mm (not less than 20 cm2)
Force Error±1%|Needle of needling test: φ3, 5, 8mm
Unit ConversionKg/N/Lb(Kg/ Newton/pound) three unit conversion
Test Power ModeHydraulic pressure for crush and penetraction testing equipment for power battery
Test SpaceW200 X D200 X H200mm
Test StrokeThe flat height of the battery is 200mm
Window Size200 X 200 mm(10mm thick double layer explosion-proof glass)
Exhaust Fan OutletDiameter 150 mm (exhaust fan is installed on the back of the box)
Ventilation OpeningThere are two ventilation opening with diameter of 50mm on the left side of the box (it can also be used to measure voltage, etc.)
External DimensionW680 X D570 X H1740 (mm)
The bottom of the boxThe bottom is equipped with four universal pulley, free movement
Explosion-ProofThe purpose is to prevent battery explosion from hurting people and things around.
Lighting SystemThe top of the box is equipped with lighting
Control SystemW330 X D330 X H1040 (mm)
Power VoltageAC 380V/50HZ three-phase four-wire + Protective ground wire
Gross WeightAbout 200Kg|Total power: 1.5kw
Needle Puncture SpeedAt the speed of 10 ~ 40mm/s (adjustable), Pierce through the battery from the direction perpendicular to the battery plate, stop (1min~6hour) and automatically pull out from the battery, easy to unload and easy to install.

Extrusion test for nail penetration test machine: The battery under test was squeezed between two surfaces, Through pliers or pistons, About 13KN extrusion pressure is applied to the 32mm diameter hydraulic arm, The squeeze continues until the pressure gauge reading on the hydraulic device reaches 17.2Mpa, Once the maximum pressure is reached, the squeeze is lifted. For cylindrical batteries, squeeze the long shaft of the battery, It shall be parallel to the extrusion plane of the extrusion device.

For prismatic cells, The pressure shall be applied in one of two directions perpendicular to its long axis, And then squeeze in the other direction. For the button cell, extrude its plane. Each battery tested needs to be squeezed only once. Test standard for Wewon’s nail penetration test chamber comply with SJ/T 11169 (equal to UL 1642:2008), SJ/T 11170 (equal to UL 2054:2008), UL 1642, GB8897.4 2002, IEC 62133, IEC 60086-4:2000, QC/T 743-2006, QC/T 744-2006.

Nail penetration tester squeeze 1 upper press plateStandard Configuration
Nail penetration test system equip with 1 piece Stainless steel chassis
High-temperature tungsten steel needle: 2 Sets (φ3, 5, 8mm)
1 needle chuck for nail penetration tester
1 operating manual for crush & nail penetration system will send to customer by email
The permitted operating environment is 0 ~ 35℃Operating Environment
Performance guarantee environment 5 ~ 28℃
The space between the nail penetration test chamber and the walls and surrounding objects must be greater than or equal to 1500 mm
It is suggested that the battery crush & nail penetration tester should be placed by the window for discharging the smell produced during the test to the outside.
Do not put inflammable and explosive articles around the nail penetration test machine.
Nail penetration test system for cells and related accessories should be maintained regularly.
adobe-pdf-logoCEI IEC 62133 Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes – Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications
adobe-pdf-logoUL 1642 UL Standard for Safety for Lithium Batteries, UL 1642 Fourth Edition, Dated September 19, 2005
adobe-pdf-logoUL 2054 UL Standard for Safety for Household and Commercial Batteries, UL 2054 Second Edition, Dated October 29,2004
adobe-pdf-logoGB/T 8897.4 2002 Primary batteries Part 4: Safety of lithium batteries
adobe-pdf-logoMT/T 1051 2007 Lithium-ion batteries for cap lamp
adobe-pdf-logoYD 1268 2003 The safety specification and test method for lithium batteries and charger
adobe-pdf-logoSJ/T 11169 Version: 1998 Standard for lithium batteries︱SJ/T 11169 1998 eqv UL 1642 Edition: 1995
adobe-pdf-logoSJ/T 11170 Version: 1998 Standard for household and commercial batteries
Nail Penetration Test Chamber for Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Batteries

The structure design of the Wewon Tech’s nail penetration test chamber is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standard, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The main functional components of the crush & nail penetration system are equipped with world famous brand, advanced and reliable technical principles, and the best control of noise and energy saving — its performance can replace similar foreign products.

The matching of parts and components is good, and the main functional components are imported with the international advanced level, which improves the safety and reliability of products and ensures the users’ requirements of long time and high frequency. The nail penetration test chamber for lithium ion battery, lithium batteries has good operation, maintenance, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, no pollution of the environment and harm to human health. All the wires in the control cabinet have the serial number and number printed by special equipment, and the lines are clear and clear at a glance.

The battery is squeezed between the two plates. The extrusion pressure is applied by a hydraulic head with a 32 mm diameter piston. The pressure reading on the hydraulic head reaches 17.2Mpa and the acting force is about 13 KN. Once the maximum pressure is reached, the pressure can be relieved.
The cylindrical ring prismatic cell shall be subjected to extrusion with its longitudinal axis parallel to the plane of the extrusion device. The prismatic cell also needs to be rotated 90° around its vertical axis so that the wide and narrow sides can withstand extrusion pressure.
Each sample cell is subjected to pressure in only one direction. Different samples should be used for each test. Coin or button type battery, the battery plane should be parallel to the extruder plane under extrusion pressure.
Batteries Crush
With φ3, 5, 8 mm high-temperature steel needle, with 10mm/s ~ 40mm/s speed, from the direction of the perpendicular to the battery plate through (the needle stays in the battery).Nail Penetration
Touch screen integrated controller, crush & nail penetration system can set pressure, holding time, etc.Equipment Features
With its own lighting system, the material of the inner test room is flame resistant material.
Battery crush & nail penetration tester can be set time, higher precision, direct display of maximum force value.
The air outlet is provided (It is convenient for customers to discharge the smell generated in the battery test to the test room)
Double layer explosion-proof glass window, explosion-proof box, independent controller (easy to operate and safer to use).
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