Power-on Operation Steps and Shutdown Operation Steps

Power-on operation steps and shutdown operation steps are necessary training course for EV203H electrodynamic vibration testing system. After receiving the vibration shaker, the user does not carefully read the operation instructions of starting and shutting down, which is easy to damage the operation of the machine. Due to the abnormal operation or illegal shutdown of the switch power supply, the heat in the vibration testing machine body cannot be removed in time, and the vibration testing system will be burned.

(1) Power-on Operation Steps for EV203H Electrodynamic Vibration Testing System

● First clamp the test product on the test platform, place and fasten the center.

● The power amplifier “gain” potentiometer is placed in the “reset” position (That is, the “gain” potentiometer is turned counterclockwise to the end) Otherwise, the following operations are not allowed.

● Close the leakage switch of the power amplifier, the “off” indicator of the power amplifier is on, the LED shows, and the module cooling fan machine starts to rotate.

● Turn on the computer and enter the control interface, set according to the test requirements (the operating procedures are in accordance with the vibration controller manual)

● Press the power amplifier’s “on” switch, the “off” indicator light is off, the excitation generator cooling fan starts to rotate, looking forward from the back of the fan, the fan blades should be clockwise in the correct direction.

● Turn the power amplifier “gain” potentiometer clockwise, and the “Run” indicator lights. The power amplifier output potentiometer is rotated clockwise to the end, and the power amplifier is already in a state of being operated.

● The test signal is output to the power amplifier system according to the operation regulations of the vibration controller manual. At this time, the system enters the normal operation state.

Power-on Operation Steps and Shutdown Operation Steps

(2) Shutdown Operation Steps for EV203H Electrodynamic Vibration Testing System

● After the test work is completed, turn the “gain” potentiometer of the power amplifier counterclockwise (to the “reset” position), and the “operation” indicator will go out.

● Press the “OFF” switch, the “OFF” indicator is on, the “ON” indicator is off, the cooling fan will automatically stop after another 8 minutes delay, so that the table body is fully radiated and plays a role in protecting the table body.

● Turn off the controller and exit the computer system.

● Turn off the main switch of the control cabinet, the “off” indicator light is off, the LED display is off, the module cooling fan stops rotating, and the power supply is cut off.

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