Ozone Chamber, Ozone Concentration: 10~3000pphm, Size: 100 L

Main Purpose of Ozone Chamber: The ozone chamber is mainly used for rubber and plastics resistance to ozone aging test, requires accurate steady-state test capability. Ozone in the atmosphere is rarely the main factors of rubber cracking. Ozone chamber simulation and strengthening the atmosphere of ozone conditions, the study of the role of ozone on the rubber, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent Protective effect of the method, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the life of rubber products.

Principles and Methods for Ozone Chamber: The equipment from the silent high efficiency ozone generator ozone gas and a certain amount of air pump by pressurization, through the glass rotor flowmeter, and adjust the flow of air, in the exchange after mixing into the test chamber, UV detection The instrument will continuously detect the ozone concentration on the line, fed back to the ozone generator control system.

    So that the control system according to the set value to effectively control the occurrence of ozone, so that the ozone test chamber to maintain the appropriate ozone concentration, by the heating and humidification system to meet all the tests condition.
    Test method According to the test methods and standards can be divided into “static” and “dynamic”, static is the sample is stretched or the product directly into the ozone test chamber to do the test, the dynamic is the sample placed in the test box on the fixture , The floating of the measured sample itself is about 5% ~ 45%.
    ozone chamber
      Product NameOzone ChamberProduct Specifications
      Product ModelWEW-OZ-100L-A
      Volume100 Liters
      Testing Room500*400*500 (W*D*H mm)
      External Dimension900*900*1700 (W*D*H mm)
      Gross Weight200 Kgs
      Power SupplyAC 220 +-5%/ 50 +- 0.5Hz
      Temperature range0C ~ 70C (The temperature can not exceed 60 ℃ when testing ozone, ozone will automatically quickly decompose)Main Technical Parameters
      Temperature fluctuation+- 0.5C
      Temperature distribution accuracy+- 2.0C
      Humidity range35% ~ 95% RH (Adjustable)
      Humidity fluctuation+- 3%
      Humidity distribution accuracy+- 3%
      Ozone concentration accuracy10 ~ 1000 pphm +-15%
      Test gas flow600 +- 100 MM/S
      Shelf rotation rate2 +- 1r/min (Adjustable)
      Test the number of componentsThree groups of experiments were possible at the same time
      (A) Inner box: SUS304 stainless steel plate
      (B) Outer case: paint (beige) or SUS-304 stainless steel plate
      (C) Insulation: rigid polyurethane foam + aluminum silicate insulation cotton double protection.
      (A) Open the door, turn left. window frame / door frame two silicone rubber seal and anti-condensation electric device.
      (B) Doors and windows with observation window above W300xH450 mm, lighting
      Shelf / Jig requirements (Only for dynamic testing):
      (A) At both ends of the test specimen to be contacted with ozonized air, the test direction of the specimen shall be substantially parallel to the direction of the airflow
      (B) The fixture should be made of a material that is not easily decomposable to ozone (eg aluminum).
      (C) the sample rotation speed between (20 ~ 25) mm / s, in a vertical dry air flow in the plane, each sample at the same time to maintain a fixed rate of rise.
      (D) The same specimen is rotated for a week (8 ~ 12) min. The scanning area of the specimen is at least 40% of the effective area of the ozone chamber.
      (E) Specimen preparation shall comply with the requirements of GB / T 9865.1. The sample is best cut from the new mold out of the test piece, if necessary, can be cut from the finished product. Samples should be at least 3 samples per test condition. The length of the standard specimen is not less than 10mm, the thickness of 2.0 mm disabilities 0.2mm, the length of the specimen before the two ends of the specimen is not less than 40mm.
      Control Panel:
      (A) Controller display
      (B) Power switch
      (C) Fault alarm; Ozone Chambers
      (D) Rotary governor
      Ozone chamber configuration:
      (A) With a stainless steel SUS # 304 rack turntable one
      (B) φ50mm lead hole lead hole: 1, and with a hole cover and silicone rubber plug.
      (C) 4 casters only for ozone chamber
      (D) Horizontal fixed tripod 4 only
      (E) There is a drain hole in the rear of the box to facilitate the condensate drain of the unit; (diameter 8%
      (F) Three-phase five-wire system (four-core cable + protective grounding wire) One cable (2.5 meters long).
      ozone chamber
      Adjustment methodFLOW THROW Air supply mode; Horizontal expansion Vertical heat exchange arc cycle. Ozone ChamberAir Circulation Adjustment:
      Circulating fansPower-saving motor + stainless steel extended shaft connection multi-centrifugal circulation fan.
      Heater control modFin type heat pipe type stainless steel heater heating. PID regulation, actuator: solid state relay.Heating System:
      How it worksMechanical cooling / air cooling for ozone chambersRefrigeration System:
      Control modeThe controller of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigerator according to the test conditions. Ozone Chambers
      CompressorEurope and the United States well – known brands of low – temperature efficient full – (France; Tecumseh)
      EvaporatorMulti – stage Automatic Load Capacity Adjustment. (Japan; Heron Palace)
      CondenserAir cooling type condenser (Japan; Shuangling) capacity automatic control of the refrigeration system.
      Expansion systemDanfoss expansion valve for ozone test chambers;
      RefrigerantsEnvironmentally friendly refrigerant R404 (ozone depletion index are 0). (United States, DuPont)
      Refrigeration processNitrogen protection welding, two-stage rotary vane pump vacuum, to ensure that the internal cleaning of the refrigeration system, the bottom of the compressor design water tray, condensate through the rear of the tank drain to the box outside the box.
      Cooling accessories(A) Expansion valve (Danish; DANFOSS)
      (B) Solenoid valve (Japan; Omron)
      (C) Filters (Danish; DANFOSS); Wewon Ozone Test Chambers Copyrihgt
      (D) Pressure controller (Shanghai Feng Shen)
      (E) Globe valve (Italy; CASTEL)
      (F) Oil separator (Europe and the United States; ALCO)

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      Cooling protection(A) Compressor overheat protection switchSafety Protection Device:
      (B) Compressor high voltage protection switch
      (C) Compressor overcurrent protection switch
      Heating protection(A) Heater surface temperature over temperature protection
      (B) Heater short circuit, overload protection device
      Other protection(A) Circulation motor overheat protection
      (B) Condenser fan overheat protection
      (C) High temperature, low temperature, over temperature protection
      (D) Reverse phase, phase failure protection device,
      (E) No fuse switch overload protection.
      (F) Smoke alarm machine power protection device.
      (G) Line fuses and full sheathed terminals
      Shelf on ozone chambersSUS304 stainless steel rack 1 (single layer load 10kg)Accessories and Random Information:
      Power test holePower test hole 1, located in the left side of the box, with a cover and soft plug, size ¢ 50mm × 100mm
      Power cord1 PC
      Drainage1 PC
      Air supply interface1 PC
      Moving Casters4 PCS
      Fixing the foot cup4 PCS
      Maintenance Manual1 PC
      Controller Manual1 PC
      Warranty Card1 PC
      Power supplyThe power cord is located behind the machineEquipment Conditions of Use:
      Water sourcesWater supply (requiring users to provide cooling water tower)
      Air supplyInterface diameter of 8%, pressure 5 to 8KG
      Environmental conditionsTemperature: 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
      Channel requirementsThis equipment is heavy. Please pre-consider the installation site aisle and handling methods (see the main technical indicators outside the size and weight)
      Site requirements(A) It is advisable to have drain drain or drain in the vicinity of the test chamber.
      (B) Place the site wall for the equipment to configure the corresponding capacity of the air or power switch (ie 30A); Wewon Ozone Chambers
      (C) The use of ground floor to be flat, well ventilated, free of flammable and explosive corrosive gases and dust
      Use of voltage silent discharge tube to produce ozoneOzone generatorOzone Detection System:
      Ozone generator is the key parts for ozone generate for ozone chamber
      UK imports of ozone concentration sensor, to achieve precise controlOzone sensor
      After the completion of the experiment, the ozone in the test chamber was discharged to the outside through a dedicated exhaust fan and ductOzone exhaust system
      Temperature sensor with platinum DIN PT-100ΩSensorsControl System:
      Imported from South Korea TEMI5.4 inch color LCD touch-type man-machine interface controller,Controller
      Large field of vision screen, with screen lock (LOCK) function.
      (A) Accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃ + 1 digit.Controller specifications
      (B) Temperature resolution: 0.1.
      (C) Each time setting range: 0.1 seconds to 320 hours can be set freely.
      (D) Temperature force signal Platinum PT100 type.
      (E) P.I.D control parameter setting, P.I.D automatic calculation.
      (A) The use of graphical control software screen chat, the screen direct touch options: including program settings, curve display, historical data, manual operation, automatic operation, auxiliary settings.Screen display function
      (B) Display the execution status, temperature and time set value, remaining time, and the number of remaining cycles.
      (C) With a separate program editing screen, you can enter the temperature, time and the number of cycles.
      (D) Temperature program settings to graph curve display, with real-time display program curve execution function.
      (E) Display the fault status and explain the troubleshooting method.
      (F) The temperature setting (SV) is displayed directly with the actual (PV) value.
      (G) Screen can be used for backlight adjustment, the screen display protection function can be set, turn off the settings. Ozone Chambers
      (A) The production of the program adopt the talk function.Program capacity and control functions
      (B) The number of cycles: up to 1-9999 times adjustable.
      (C) Available program groups: up to 96 PATTEN (ie 96 test specifications can be set and stored separately)
      (D) Each shock time can be set: 0 ~ 540Hour59Min.
      (E) Room temperature residence time can be set: 0 ~ 540Hour59Min.
      (F) With a power program memory, after the resumption of power automatically and continue to execute the program function. Wewon Ozone Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyrihgt
      (G) The graphics curve can be displayed in real time when the program is executed.
      (H) Has a reservation start and shutdown function.
      (I) Has date and time adjustment function.
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