Pendulum Impact Tester for Plastics According to ISO 179-2

Pendulum impact tester is used for testing impact toughness of plastic, reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastics, ceramics, cast stone, plastic electrical appliances, insulating materials and other non-metallic materials. Charpy and izod impact tester is a simple structure, easy to operate, high test accuracy of the instrument. Digital izod charpy impact tester is scientific research units, colleges and universities, non-metallic material manufacturers for quality inspection of common equipment.

Charpy izod pendulum impact tester for plastics adopts round grating angle-measuring technology, which has the characteristics of high precision, good stability and large measuring range. Digital measurement of impact strength, pre-elevation angle, rising angle, and mean value, automatic correction of energy loss, printing test report and other functions.

pendulum impact tester

Model DescriptionWEW-IIT-5D-5.5
Impact Speed3.5m/s
Pendulum Angle150°|Izod Pendulum Impact Tester
Pendulum Energy1J|2.75J|5.5J
Distance 1335mm|Distance from the center of the pendulum to the impact blade
Distance 222mm|Distance between the impact blade and the upper plane of the clamp
Radius NoticeR=0.8mm ±0.2mm|The rounded radius of the blade
Control PanelTouch Screen, LED Digital Display
Equipment Dimension550mm*300mm*860mm
Power SourceAC220V, 50Hz, 60Hz
Environmental Condition23℃±5℃/≤85%RH
Net Weight85 Kgs

Pendulum impact tester is an intelligent digital impact testing equipment developed and produced by microcomputer technology. Pendulum impact tester can automatically correct the energy loss caused by friction and wind resistance, getting rid of numerical chart of energy correction due to the influence of resistance

After the fracture of the test sample, the detection of the residual energy of the pendulum and the correction of the energy loss are completed at one time during the impact process. Electronic display test results are adopted in the pendulum impact tester to make the reading more intuitive and improve the accuracy and accuracy of the impact machine.

Adopting rotary encoder grating angle measuring technology, izod pendulum impact tester has the advantages of high precision, good stability and large measuring range. The main technical parameters of digital izod charpy impact tester in full compliance with ISO 179-2 test standards. The figures show the thrust energy, impact strength, pre-lift angle, lift angle, mean value and automatic correction of energy loss.

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