Pin Adhesion Test Fixture for Corrugated Board PAT Sample Holder TAPPI T821

The pin adhesion test fixture is to test the adhesive strength of the corrugated board after pasting, insert the upper and lower needle rows into the corrugated groove of the sample, and place them between the two pressure plates of the ring compression tester to test. It is a test instrument for measuring the adhesive strength of corrugated board (PAT test). The pin adhesive test (PAT) fixture consists of a lower pin holder (common for all flute types), an upper pin holder (one piece each for flutes A, B, and C) and upper and lower pins.
Test Fixture TypeType AType BType C
Sample Dimension80×25mm/50×150mm80×25mm/50×150mm80×25mm/50×150mm
Needle DiameterØ3.5±0.1mmØ2.0±0.1mmØ3.0±0.1mm
Pitch Dimension17.6 ±0.1mm12.0 ±0.1mm15.0 ±0.1mm
Pitch Weight500g350g400g
Fixture (W×D×H)125*76*30mm91*76*30mm109*76*30mm
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Pin Adhesion Test Fixture
The Wewon’s pin adhesion test fixture measures the strength of the adhesion of the flutes to the adjacent liner. It is used for determining the adhesive strength of the single wall (double faces) corrugated board after being glued.Equipment Features
Put the prepared clamps onto the center of the lower platen of the machine in such a manner that their parting surface faces downwards. Start the ring crush tester at the specified speed until the top of the fluted paper parts from the outer paperboard. The error of the needle diameter and distance shall not exceed 0.1mm.
The machine is easy to operate, does not need adjustment, and has strong applicability. It can be widely used in corrugated cardboard (box) production, scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection departments to conduct corrugated cardboard single peel tests.
According to TAPPI Test Method T821. There are a couple of different ways to run the test. There is a selective method, in which the operator forces failure to occur on only one side, measuring the force required to separate the flutes from the liner. There is also a non-selective method in which the failure is allowed to occur at the weakest interface. The pin adhesion test measures the bond between the liners and the corrugated medium in a corrugated paperboard structure. It is tested by measuring the force required to separate the facings from the flute tips. The test is conducted using a special fixture in combination with a crush tester.
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