Plug and Pull Force Testing Machine for Cell Phone, Laptop, USB, Keyboard

Plug and pull force testing machine mainly used for cell phone, laptop, USB flash disk, keyboard, etc. The Plug pull force test machine is suitable for a variety of connector plug test, using embedded microcomputer measurement and control technology. Plug insertion force test machine can simultaneously display the insertion force, output, real-time force value, and has the frequency setting, the speed stroke can be adjusted, and display the speed value, automatic zero, unit rotation, etc

Rotary eccentric power design, so that the test speed and test stroke is not associated with the long, short stroke of the connector, the test is also fast. This microcomputer insertion force testing machine is the most cost-effective plug life testing machine on the market.

Plug Life Test machine Model: WEW-FCL-8615
Max Load Test: 50kg, 20kg, 5kg, 2kg (4 Options)
Test Stroke: 10 ~ 60 mm
Total Count: 0-999999 Times
Running Speed: 5 ~ 60c.p.m
Force Save: Can be continuous and spaced 10 groups
Power: 500W|Plug and Pull Force Testing Machine
Power Voltage: AC220V,50Hz, 5A
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H) 550×450×500mm
Gross Weight: 30 Kilos

insertion force testing machine

The plug life test machine is suitable for testing the plug life of many kinds of connectors such as pin arrangement, bus arrangement, simple horn, long-ear horn, wire pressing head, WAFER, round hole IC seat and USB cable (USB3.0), HDMI hd cable, Display cable, DVI cable, VGA cable and so on.

Put the male end and the female end into the deepest place by hand, and put the female end into the anti-slip fixture of the rear end equipped with the sensor, Knobs on both sides of the handle to clamp the product, manual hand rotation can adjust the eccentric shaft. Keep the state of parallel to the word straight, knob both sides of the handle will be the male end of the product with anti-slip clamp clamping.

Press the starting LCD screen of plug pull force tester to display the continuous change value and peak value of plug force. The microcomputer plug-in life testing machine has a number of Settings, with the plug force value display and printing function, the speed can be adjusted, and the number of display value.

Plug and Pull Force Testing Machine

Plug and pull force testing machine with overload load setting automatic stop alarm function
With automatic saving function, the maximum of 10 test data can be saved automatically and the average value can be obtained
Plug and pull force testing machine displays the saved test data as a list
With the administrator password, users can change the boot password, make the machine management more secure
Using software to more accurate load value, Easy to more accurate for insertion pull force.
The plug life tester machine use of English prompts to set internal functions, easy to operate.
Insertion force testing machine reach the set number of shutdown, save the number of power failure memory function
Equipment Features

Transmission Structure for microcomputer plug life test machine : CAM structure (adjustable eccentric shaft to modify test stroke)
Handle Type Test Fixture: Equipped with special fixture which is anti-slip and not easy to damage the test material. Microcomputer plug and pull force tester used for cell phone, laptop, USB, keyboard insertion force test |Plug and Pull Force Testing Machine
Rear End Fixture: Connectors of different specifications, mobile phones, tablets, chargers, small electrical appliances, etc. Can be used to adjust 100mm up and down
Force Value Display: insert force and output force separate display|Units of Force: Kg, N, iB three international units are available
Test Accuracy of plug and pull force testing machine: The accuracy of the force sensor below 10Kg is 0.001kg, and the precision of the force sensor above 10Kg is 0.01kg

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