Puncture Resistance Tester For Plastic Films and Sheet Material

The puncture resistance tester from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. uses advanced computer measurement and control technology for control and measurement. The machine adopts high-precision S-shaped force sensor, high-resolution force analysis controller, and various functional fixtures can be used to test the puncture force of injection needles and the rigidity test of stainless steel needle tubes. It can display the test force value and deformation and can be automatically generated. And record the test force curve, plan the report by yourself, and generate the test report. The machine can add peeling test fixtures for tape peeling tests. Pneumatic clamps or manual clamps are optional for film tensile strength test and elongation test.

Puncture resistance tester’s application fields are very wide. It can perform mechanical performance tests such as static load, tension, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, and peeling for various materials. Puncture resistance test machine can perform performance tests such as composite film bag tensile test, elongation at break, peel strength, right-angle tear, heat seal strength, and adhesive strength. It can also be used for QS certification of food packaging and puncture resistance test of diaphragm in lithium battery industry.

Puncture Resistance Tester
Equipment Model :WEW-PRT-001-STechnical Parameters:
Equipment Capacity :200N, 500N, 50N, 1000N
Decomposition Degree: 1/200000
Accuracy Capacity:≤±0.5%(0.5 Grade)
Test Stroke: 600 mm
Needle Diameter: 1.0mm (R0.5 Ball Head)
Puncture Diameter: 10 mm
Stretching Jig: 60 mm Wide
Display System: English Support, Computer Screen Display
Printout: Print From A Computer
Test Speed: 0.01 ~ 500.00mm /min
Displacement Display: 0.001mm
Speed Accuracy: ±1%
Rated Power: 200W
Dimensions: 420x420x1170mm
Equipment Weight :45 KGS
Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 5A
LCD Display: Real-time force value, peak, speed, test times intuitive display.Characteristics Spec:
Operation Mode: Humanized design, easy to operate. Film key mode operation.
Instrument Storage: Unlimited test results, can be deleted any group or more groups, data and curves stored at the same time.
Print Out: Print out from a computer.
Force Unit :N, kN, kgf. gf, Ib Optional.
Displacement Unit: mm, cm, in Optional
Strength Unit :Pa, kPa, Mpa, kgf/cm2, lbf/in2 Optional.
There are many physical properties of flexible packaging composite films, one of which is puncture resistance. Usually “puncture resistance” or “puncture strength” is used to confirm this performance, The puncture resistance refers to the maximum resistance value generated when the flexible packaging composite film sample is penetrated by a puncture needle with a specified diameter. This test method is widely recognized by the industry and is used frequently!

The puncture resistance of plastic single-layer film or composite film is one of the important physical properties of packaging materials. It is especially important in some special application fields, In the application of separators in lithium batteries, etc., in the field of special application requirements, the puncture strength of the composite membrane must be tested to reduce various uncertain factors inside and outside.
Plastic Film New Energy Composite Material Special Material
Plastic Composite Film
Stretch Film
Aluminum-Plastic Composite Film
Aluminum Paper Composite Material
Plastic Soft Bag Material
Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap
Lithium Battery Separator
Proton Exchange Membrane
Stretch Diaphragm
Electrical Insulation Paper
Aluminum Plastic Bottle Cap
Butyl Stopper
Aluminum Paper Composite Material
Artificial Skin
Soft Rubber Stopper
Electrical Insulation Paper
Aramid Paper
Microporous Membrane
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English and Chinese support with screen display, Puncture resistance test unit suitable for domestic and foreign use!Computer Software:
Test, rise, fall, return speed arbitrary input setting, accurate control.
Automatic and quick return after completion of test, avoiding long waiting time and speeding up test efficiency.
Test Results: The test is automatically recorded and saved without manual storage.
Multi-test items, multi-unit optional, meet a variety of test standards.
High accuracy: Adopt high precision S type sensor, the maximum accuracy can reach 0.25%.
Built-in special calibration mode, convenient for third-party measurement calibration institutions to calibrate the instrument certification.
Taiwan TBI high precision ball screw drive, efficient, durable, high straightness.Equipment Features:
Wewon’s puncture resistance test apparatus equip with high performance motor, low noise, low vibration, long service life.
High precision S-type alloy steel sensor, high precision, strong resistance to external force and overload.
The outer metal sheet of the machine is made of A3 steel plate + aluminum profile cover, electrostatic powder spraying plastic coating, beautiful and generous.
Puncture resistance testing machine can perform composite film bag tensile test, elongation at break, peel strength, right-angle tear, heat seal strength, adhesive strength and other performance tests. It is the food packaging QS certification and lithium battery industry diaphragm puncture resistance test professional instruments. Equipment Funtions
The puncture resistance tester is equipped with a professional puncture fixture to complete the test. Through the test, it can effectively monitor whether the puncture force of films, composite films, rubber plugs and other products meets the requirements, and provide corresponding detection basis for improving and optimizing the production process.
Mount the film sample on a fixed fixture, and then use a puncture needle to penetrate the sample vertically at a prescribed speed. Test Principle
Through the force sensor on the fixture and the built-in displacement sensor of the machine, the force value change and displacement change during the test process are collected, so as to calculate the tensile, tearing, deformation rate and other performance indicators of the sample.
protrusion puncture resistance test machine Equipment Photos
Universal Tester ASTM D5748
puncture test machine for plastic film
Wewon’s puncture resistance tester with full touch control, dreamy blue backlight on the screen. Equipmetn Features
Controller with English display, Touch screen and multi-level menu functions.
It has many functions such as displaying peak value, current value, unit, password setting, software and correction point.
Dynamic Display: During the test, the load data will be dynamically displayed on the main control screen in real time as the test progresses.
Peak Hold: During the whole process of the test, the maximum value of the test item is always displayed on the screen window following the progress of the test.
Manual point picking function: it has special manual point picking function during the test process.
Smart Judgement: After the sample is broken, the system automatically recognizes and memorizes the current rupture data.
Equipment Videos
Plastic Film Puncture Tester, Penetration Force Test Machine of Medical Injection Needles Equipment Name
A film is a thin, flexible, transparent sheet made of plastic, adhesive, rubber, or other material. The scientific explanation of thin film is that it is a 2-dimensional material formed by depositing atoms, molecules or ions on the surface of the substrate. Films are used for packaging, and as lamination layers, plastic packaging and plastic packaging products. Its share in the market is increasing.

The separator in the lithium battery needs to withstand a lot of pressure because the separator is sandwiched between the uneven positive and negative electrodes. In order to prevent short circuit, the diaphragm must have a certain puncture resistance. In the battery manufacturing process, due to factors such as uneven electrode surface coating, burrs on the electrode edges, and limited process level in the assembly process, the separator is required to have considerable puncture strength|Test Methods 1 Test Methods 2 of Puncture Resistance ASTM D2582

The test method for the puncture strength of the diaphragm: Cut the diaphragm into strips with a utility knife, and the width of the strip diaphragm must be greater than 100mm. Install the test piece with a width of 100mm on the sample film fixing clamp ring. Then use a steel needle with a diameter of 1.0mm and a radius of 0.5mm at the tip to puncture the top at a speed of (50±5)mm/min, and read the maximum load of the steel needle penetrating the test piece. The test generally measures 3 points, and takes the arithmetic mean value, and the number of test pieces is more than 5. Diaphragm puncture strength test method is based on the standard of GB/T 10004-2008 JIS Z 1707:1997
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