Quantitative Sampler Detect Weight of Paper and Cardboard ISO 536

Quantitative sampler used to detect the weight of paper and cardboard. First use a quantitative sampler to cut a standard sample of 100c㎡, Then put the standard sample on a high-precision balance for weighing, The result of the weighing is calculated to obtain the quantitative of the product. Test standard for Wewon’s quantitative sampler will comply with ISO 535, ISO 536, QB/T 1671, GB/T 460, GB/T 1540, GB/T426, GB/T 451.2

Sampling Area100 cm²
Sampling Area Error±0.35 cm²
Measure Accuracy±0.2mm
Sampling Thickness(0.1~1.0)mm, (0.1~3.0)mm
Sample Diameter12.8 mm
Working ConditionTemp 20℃ ±10℃
Working TermsHumidity <85%
Machine Dimensions220*300*435mm
Equipment Weight28.5 KG

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