RCT Sample Cutter|Edge Crush Tester RCT/ECT/FCT Model

The RCT sample cutter is a sampling device for the cardboard ring compressive strength test (RCT) and corrugated core paper flat compressive strength test (CMT). The machine has the advantages of high sampling precision and easy operation. It is an ideal test aid for the industries and departments of papermaking, packaging, scientific research, quality inspection and so on. The RCT sample cutter is specially designed to cut the sample for ring pressure or other test purposes. Its blade combination is precise, so that the sample edge can be flat.
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Edge Crush Tester RCT ECT FCT Model
Sampling Length152 mm
Sampling Width12.7 mm|Edge Crush Tester
Sampling Thickness0.1~1.0 mm
Machine Dimension (D×W×H)570×190×368 mm
Equipment Weight35 KGS
The Wewon’s RCT sample cutter has double ball guide bushings, its structure is more firm and labor-saving. The machine can cut the parallel degree of the sample, there is a mark on it, and the parallel distance can be set. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. provides detailed product prices, product photos for printing ink rub tester, pin adhesion test fixture, ring crush tester, edge crush tester, side pressure sampler, puncture resistance tester, folding endurance tester, elmendorf tear tester information. Please feel free to contact us.
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