Remove Noise for Environmental Chamber

How to remove noise for environmental chamber ? It is a good question and most of engineers trying to remove noise for environmental chamber during their environmental chamber working. Some customers may claim the noise during the environmental chamber working period. Because no one like the noise when they stay in a quiet testing room. The noise of Wewon environmental chamber during its working is 60 dB level in 1 meter distance which is acceptable. They refer to the Japan ESPEC design.

Environmental chambers are specialized testing equipment that simulate various environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, light, and vibration, for testing products’ durability and performance under different conditions. Environmental chambers are often used in industries such as electronics, aerospace, and automotive to ensure that products can withstand harsh conditions and meet industry standards.

While environmental chambers are essential in these industries, they often produce significant amounts of noise during operation. This noise can be problematic, as it can interfere with operator concentration, affect nearby equipment, and even cause hearing damage in extreme cases.

To address this issue, several methods are used to remove noise in environmental chambers. One common method is to use specialized insulation materials that absorb sound waves, such as acoustic foam or sound baffles. These materials are placed around the chamber to reduce the noise level and create a quieter operating environment.

Why Wewon don’t Remove Noise for Environmental Chamber ?
We don’t use the sound-proof cotton inside the chamber any more. Even this is a good material which will helpful to remove the noise. But it’s the combustible material and easy to burning. It’s dangerous with risk, not good design actually.
We know that, Most of the environmental chambers manufacturers use the sound-proof cotton inside chamber to get a fewer noise, But they don’t understand there may has a fire disaster risk there.
remove noise for environmental chamber

Another way to reduce noise in environmental chambers is to use anti-vibration mounts. These mounts reduce vibration, which can cause noise, and dampen the sound waves generated during chamber operation. Finally, advanced noise reduction techniques such as active noise control, which uses an electronic system to generate a sound wave that is out of phase with the source of the noise, thereby canceling it out, can also be used.

In conclusion, noise can be a common issue in environmental chambers, and several methods can be used to address it. These include using specialized insulation materials, anti-vibration mounts and advanced noise reduction techniques. By implementing these methods, operators can create a quieter operating environment, which can lead to improved operator concentration, more accurate testing results, and enhanced safety standards.

If the customer insist to remove the noise, It’s not big issue, Please buy some sound-proof cotton and stick inside the chamber. The noise will be removed quite a lot. But please remind to the customer, They may get a risk on the burning disaster when the temperature is too hot in summer.
Compare with the noise, We choose to give the customer more safe ! This is the mainly reason why we don’t equip the sound-proof cotton inside our environmental chamber.
In fact, The Wewon’s environmental chamber got a pain a few years ago. One customer bought an environmental chamber from Wewon and used the sound-proof cotton inside chamber and it burning some day. The fire disaster happen, Wewon compensate the customer a lot of money, because of this sound-proof cotton combustible.
remove noise for environmental chamber

Where These Noise Come From ? How They Happen ?

1. In fact, The Wewon’s environmental chamber popular used for many customers. Some customer use the environmental chamber in their factory plant directly, the quality check dept for their mass production line. The testing room’s temperature comes to be 30C which is hot.

2. Because of this, Wewon environmental chamber equip the bigger capacity compressor, bigger size fan motor and condenser, fan system. In another words, We use more powerful and higher quality spare parts than our competitors. We use more powerful parts inside to keep our environmental chamber working well in the hostile environment. This is the Wewon’s environmental chamber quality guarantee policy !

3. This is the mainly purpose where the mainly noise come out and why Wewon’s environmental chamber design like this. If you have the interest and trying to know more, Please inquiry to us. We will feedback you within 2 hours after received you inquiry. Thank you.

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