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Why you need a slat fog chamber ? If you are testing a quite big size sample, Then a custom design with custom dimension salt fog chamber should be more convenient for your choice ! Here is an real solution to let you know what I mean, The dimension I have marked on this photo, If there any unclear, Please let me know.

Frankly to say, We are the right manufacturer in China for such kind of salt fog chambers manufacture. So if you request a custom size with OEM ODM work, Contact and work with us is a good choice. The dimension and tehcnical parameters as below menioned, Welcome visit us. Thank you.

Salt Fog Chamber

Explanation and Comment: There has a third party testing organization for highway experimental detection, They bought one pc salt fog chamber from us. Above photo is the the real salt fog chamber before shipment, I taken this photo to make customer easier understand this design!

Meanwhile, We have no problem to supply a standard size salt fog chamber for you, The parameter specification for salt fog test chamber as below mentioned. For more details confirm, Please chat with me by Skype /Whatsapp online ! I am waiting for you there ! Thank you.

Salt Fog Chamber

Salt Fog Chamber


Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer and supply salt fog chamber for abroad partners many years ! The mainly product include: salt fog chamber, salt fog test chamber, salt spray chamber, salt spray test chamber, corrosion test chamber.


Many thanks for your reading ! I appreciate it ! Meanwhile, I am glad to know you have the inquiry for salt fog test chamber. The related data as above files mentioned, Hope you like it ! For more details check, Please send us a mail. I am waiting for you there ! Thank you.

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