Salt Spray Cabinet – Salt Spray Test Chamber for ASTM B117

Many customers request the salt spray cabinet should meet the ASTM B117 testing standard, ASTM B117 salt spray corrosion tests and standards, ASTM B117 salt spray, ISO 9227 salt spray test, ISO 7253, ASTM G85 salt spray test standard. Yes, They are the populare testing standard and used for salt spray cabinet testing period. This article mainly introduces the salt spray test chamber of ASTM B117. Welcome to take the initiative to send emails to our technical engineers to discuss the test methods and procedures of ASTM B117 standard.

The salt spray test is a standardized and widely used corrosion test method that is used to check the corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings . The test is designed to produce a corrosive attack to coated samples, in order to evaluate the suitability of the coating for use as a protective finish. Most commonly, the materials that are tested are metallic and finished with a surface coating, but stone, ceramics, and polymers may also be tested.

According to ASTM International, ASTM B117, in and of itself, isn’t a check specification. Rather, it outlines the quality observe for in operation salt spray (fog) equipment. B117 may be a document establishing the parameters and needs for in operation salt spray test chamber. ASTM B117 doesn’t specify something regarding the kind of check specimen, dimensions, form or exposure periods to be used for a selected product, nor will it have any needs or steering for the interpretation of the results.

salt spray cabinet
Equipment Model WEW-YW–90D
Inner Testing Room  900*500*600mm (W*H*D)
Appearance Dimension 1410*1280*880mm (W*H*D)
Laboratory Temperature Neutral Saline Test Method (NSS ACSS) 35C±1C, Acid Saline Test Method (CASS) 50C±1C
Pressure Tank Temperature Neutral saline test method (NSS ACSS) 47C±1C, Acid Saline test method (CASS) 63C±1C
Salt Water Temperature Neutral Saline Test Method (NSS ACSS) 35C±1C, Acid Saline Test Method (CASS) 50C±1C
Laboratory Volume 270L Salt Spray Cabinet
Salt Tank Volume 25L Water Tank
Salt Water Concentration Neutral Saline Test Method (NSS ACSS): Sodium Chloride Concentration 5%; Acid Saline Test Method (CASS); Concentration 5% Sodium Chloride Solution plus 0.26 g Copper Chloride per liter (CuCL2.H20)
Compressed Air Pressure
Spray Volume 1.0~2.0ml/80cm2·hr (At least 16 hours are collected and the average value is taken)
Laboratory Relative Humidity 85% RH or more
Spray Method Continuous spray (with different controllers for continuous spray and intermittent spray)
Power Requirements AC220V1φ 15A, Salt Spray Cabinet
salt spray cabinet for ASTM B117 test standard

The distributors more attention on the salt spray cabinet price, corrosion test chamber price. As a salt testing equipment manufacturer, We insist that salt spray cabinet price should comply with the salt spray testing standard, like the salt mist corrosion test, salt test procedure for painting, If you only attention on the cyclic corrosion test chamber price, I am sure you will not buy a good quality salt spray corrosion test cabinet. We all know that a good quality equipment needs to be supported by a reasonable price. This is an eternal truth!
ASTM B117 is wide used as a fast technique for evaluating coating and materials performance underneath extremely corrosive marine conditions.
ASTM B117 is usually used for metals, plastics, woods, and coated materials of all kinds.
ASTM B117 salt fog and salt spray testing is comparatively quick thanks to analyze the corrosion caused by salt water and chlorides on coated metals and alloys.
For this reason the salt spray cabinet is most frequently deployed in a very quality audit role, where, maybe, it are often accustomed check the effectiveness of a production method, corresponding to the surface coating of a aluminiferous half. Salt spray chamber for sale, salt fog chamber for sale are the traditional ways for marketing purpose. The distributors always try to get a salt spray chamber cheap price.

The back photo of the salt spray cabinet

According to astm salt spray test, salt fog testing astm b117, salt spray nozzle for salt spray cabinet need one additional stock for future accelerated corrosion test. Many salt spray test chamber manufacturers not much attention on this requirement, They always focus on salt spray chamber cost and selling price.

There are many different named for salt spray cabinet, Such as salt fog chamber, cyclic corrosion chamber, salt spray test machine, corrosion testing machine, salt mist chamber, corrosion testing equipment. Salt spray testing labs has many corrosion testing methods. Such as salt corrosion spray test, humidity salt test, astm corrosion testing, cyclic corrosion test, acetic acid salt spray test.
The ASTM B117 customary for in operation a salt fog or salt spray cabinet, like the “Salt Spray” or “Salt Fog” check, may be a wide used corrosion test needed by several firms and government agencies. the aim of salt fog testing is to gather corrosion resistance knowledge from coated and non-coated alloys and conjointly a large style of alternative materials together with plastics.
The ASTM B117 salt spray cabinet, it’s the sole salt spray test chamber on the market with a 360-degree read into the chamber. The salt spray testing equipment is a world standardized and widespread corrosion check technique, accustomed check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. Salt spray testing is widespread as a result of it’s comparatively low value, fast result, well standardized, and fairly repeatable.
The ASTM B117 salt spray cabinet permits for check things to be subjected to a corrosive surroundings while not introducing alternative contaminants into the check space. The B117 salt spray cabinet is that the solely clear sided salt spray fog chamber on the market permitting total product viewing throughout testing.
Control System of Wewon's Salt Spray Cabinet

Most salt spray chambers these days area unit getting used to not predict the corrosion resistance of a coating, however to take care of coating processes corresponding to pre-treatment and painting, electroplating, galvanic, and also the like, on a comparative basis. For example, pre-treated + painted parts should pass ninety six hours neutral salt spray, to be accepted for production.

Failure to satisfy this demand implies instability within the activity of the pre-treatment, or the paint quality, that should be self-addressed right away, so the forthcoming batches area unit of the specified quality. The longer the accelerated corrosion check, the longer the method remains out of management, and bigger is that the loss within the type of non-conforming batches.

The principle application of the salt spray cabinet is thus facultative fast comparisons to be created between actual and expected corrosion resistance. Most usually, the time taken for oxides to seem on the samples underneath check is compared to expectations, to work out whether or not the check is passed or unsuccessful.

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