12.5 CBM Salt Spray Tester for 1500 Kg Heavy Samples Testing

Do you have any idea on the 12.5 CBM salt spray tester for 1500 Kg heavy samples testing work ? Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has made one salt spray tester with a huge size, Here are some related information about this big size salt spray tester, Hope you like it. We choose a 20 feet container to load this 12.5 CBM salt spray tester and ship to customer who ordered this equipment from us. We take 40 days to manufacture this big size salt spray tester. Customer satisfied with the salt spray tester price as well.

They inquired to many salt spray test equipment suppliers and choose us as the finally supplier ! Because they consider that we are the best and match their test requirement. The truth is, We did not make them disappointed at last. When this 12.5 CBM salt spray tester has been finished the assembly work, and they come for quality check. The customer pleasure to receive this great salt spray tester. Customer stay in our factory for 3 working days, The salt spray tester made a continuous salt fog test, humidity test and drying test.

The testing work is perfect there ! We are also pleasure when customer signed the product acceptance certificate to us. The cover and main body material of salt spray tester use polyethylene, reinforced with fiberglass. There has three main test modes for salt spray testers: salt fog mode, humidity mode, and drying mode. We also accept the custom design, like the sprinkle raining and harmful gas test mode.

salt spray tester
Temperature Range 5 ° C above ambient temperature to +65 ° C
Heating Rate From room temperature to + 65 ° C, less than 35 minutes
Working with the concentration of NaCl solution Up to 80 g / l
Requirements for water in salt fog 2 … 3 g / m3
Dispersion of salt fog 1 … 10 μm
Requirements for operation Cycle maintenance (1h): generation – spraying (at least 15 min) – stirring – holding
Duration of the test Upto 10 days
Homogeneity of the test environment at any point in the test chamber space A nozzle made of acrylic glass in the irrigation channel for optimum distribution of salt fog. When this function is used, the injector must spray the corrosive solution throughout the chamber, creating a fine mist
The presence of a venting device Availability to remove salt from the test area after the test is completed

The operation of test modes will be independently from each other. Compressed air pressure for the preparation of brine can be 4 to 6 kg / cm2. Below is the salt fog salt spray test conditions for this 1500 kg heavy test sample. They are the salt spray test procedure according to the customer requirement. No matter salt spray test 500 hours or 1000 hour salt spray test, our salt spray chamber working very well and without any quality problem there.

Not only the salt fog/ salt spray test mode, There also has the humidity test which comply with the salt spray test standard. The salt spray test standard refer to iso 9227, astm b117. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as a salt spray test chamber manufacturer is capable to supply you the good quality salt spray testers.

There has many safety device which will help this 12.5 CBM salt spray chamber keep good performance always ! Some of the safety parts there, maximum sensor current of the salt spray tester heater, Low level sensor for water tank, Sensor for shutting of the salt spray tester in case of overheating.

Salt Spray Tester Humidity Range: From 20 to 98% (Limited by the dew point of the supplied dry air)
Temperature Range: 5 ° C above ambient temperature to +45 ° C
Duration of Salt Fog Chamber: Upto 25 days
External air must pass through a preliminary air conditioner, at the outlet of which must have a low temperature and relative humidity Availability for this slat spry tester unit.
The salt fog chamber with condensate elimination system Availability
There has cycle and cycle time counter for this salt fog chamber unit Availability
Total time counter of the salt spray tester Availability
Programmable function of deferred start of work Availability
Ethernet – 100/10 MV for salt spray tester integration into the enterprise industrial network and connection to an external PC Availability
The control system should be based on a built-in industrial computer without intermediate programmers with a capacitive touch screen with a diagonal of at least 8″. Operating system is Windows 7 Availability
Processing information recorded on all measuring channels, Ability to print Availability
Scaling of graphs and viewing of archives for this salt spray chamber machine Availability
Archiving: the ability to store all tests in the PC’s memory Availability
The possibility of viewing the test process on the screen of the monitor: both the set installation (test program) and the actual temperature curves of the equipment Availability
The ability to create, save and modify your own test program with the mouse and / or keyboard Availability
Visual diagnostics of units and equipment assemblies (including sensors, actuators, etc.) Availability
12.5 CBM salt spray tester
This salt spray tester has set of holders for flat samples Availability
This spray fog tester has set of holders for hanging samples Availability
Has spray tester shelf for the floor Availability
The salt spray test machine has salt water preparation kit Availability
A set for collecting salt fog and estimating its dispersion (refractometer digital) Availability
Pump for supplying a solution to a spray nozzle Availability
Compressed air monitoring and control system Availability
Humidifier compressed air heater with automatic water supply Availability
Adjustable flowmeter and dispenser for salt water Availability
A combined brine tank and a supply tank (200 liters) made of plastic for long-term testing Availability
SIP: Set for trouble-free operation for 12 months. (Pipes for the pump, air filter, mud filter, etc.) Availability
Power Supply: 380 V; 3 f. + N + PE, 50 Hz Availability

The above has mentioned the control system management requirement for this 12.5 CBM salt spray tester. Customer request to equip the Ethernet port and connect with their computer. Since we are a factory, So we can realize the customized designs and processes. In this way, The programmable engineer use the remote control way to control this salt spray chamber when he stay in his office. In fact, This is a good way and quite convenient for the engineer’s salt spray test report preparation.

How long does it take for galvanized steel to rust ? What is the astm b117 for salt spray testing equipment ? How to protect galvanized steel from rusting ? Does galvanized steel rust in saltwater ? They are the technical questions and always confuse the new engineer when they made a galvanized steel corrosion test or salt spray test for zinc plating. If you also encounter similar problems or questions, Please contact us in time. In this regard, Our technical engineers can help you !

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