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Do you have any idea about the sand dust test chamber ? If you are looking for a sand dust test chamber, Please keep the patience to read this article which may easier to make you understand what is the dust test chamber and how it works. In fact, There has many suppliers who can supply the sand dust test chamber for you. Such as Espec dust test chamber, Weiss dust test chamber, PTL dust test chamber. They are all the good quality manufacturers, But their selling price is expensive. So if you don’t have enough budget but still want to buy a good quality sand dust test chamber, Inquiry to the China supplier is a good option.

The sand and dust test chamber is suitable for testing the sealing performance of the shell of the product. It is mainly used for the test of the two grades of IP5X and IP6X specified in the protection standard of the shell. It is mainly to simulate sandstorm weather caused damage to lockset, auto parts, seals, electrical instruments and other products. Through the test, add some protective screening or sand and dust measures in the general equipment installation and application. Improve the product’s ability to resist and protect dust.

The sand dust test chambers can effectively help users to evaluate the sand and dust resistance of the sample, and the ability to resist the impact of dust that may block the opening, infiltration cracks, gaps, bearings and joints, and it is not affected by the wear or blockage of large sand particles with sharp edges reduce the performance, efficiency, reliability and maintainability. Sand and dust test chamber is applicable for sand and dust test of various auto parts, including car lamp, instrument, electrical dust cover, steering system, door lock, etc.

Dust Test Chamber 1000 Liters
Model DescriptionWE-SC-500CWE-SC-1000C
Internal (W*H*D)mm800*800*8001000*1000*1000
External (W*D*H)mm1400*950*17101600*1150*1910
Temperature Range10℃~45℃10℃~45℃
Relative Humidity45%~75%RH45%~75%RH
Mesh Diameter50um50um
Wire SpacingNot more than 70umNot more than 70um
Stone Powder Qty2Kg/m32Kg/m3
Air Flow Speed≤ 2m/s (Adjustable)≤ 2m/s (Adjustable)
Blowing Time0~9999 Hours0~9999 Hours
Temp SensorTemperature Sensor PT100Temperature Sensor PT100
Vibration Time1~9999 min adjustable1~9999 min adjustable
Test Time1 min~100 Hours1 min~100 Hours
Blowing TimeAdjust ManuallyAdjust Manually
Dust Blowing CycleContinuous with CyclesContinuous with Cycles
Shock TimeAutomatically ControlAutomatically Control
Dust SystemPT100 Temperature SensorPTD + SSR Control
Blowing Dust SystemScroll Type Air PumpLow Noise, Strong Power
Power SupplyAC220V±10% 50Hz, 2.2kWAC380V±10% 50Hz, 3.5kW
Sand Dust Test Chamber
6000~60000mg/cm3 Or 2Kg /m3 Dust Concentration Performance Specification
Metal Net Mesh Standard Diameter 50um Mesh Diameter
Diameter between Metal Wires 45~50um Metal Wires
Inner Material:304# Stainless Steel 1.0mm thickness Chamber Structure
Outer Material:Cold rolled steel ,1.0mm thickness, and paint coated
Control cabinet and testing cabinet are integral
Special dust collector
Single door/ Explosion proof handle Chamber Door
Observation Window/Window light/ Window dust scraping devices
On the door with dimension 270X360mm Observation Window
Temperature control, Program control timer, Control Panel
Working indication light, Power switch,
Dust blow switch, Dust shaker switch
Blowing dust blower, dust blowing outlet Mechanical Room
Use 304 # stainless steel punching bending mesh Sample Shelves
Easy operating and the shelves distance adjustable
Power supply circuit breaker, controller, power distribution panel, Power Control Cabinet
Cooling fan, over temperature protection, dust shaker motor
With scale type heating pipe, P.I.D. Control heating thus achieve temperature balance Heating System
With high speed blower blowing the dust to the test chamber Dust Blowing Method
With vibration motor recollecting the dust on the inner chamber to the dust collector. Dust Shaking Method
Dust Test Chamber Shipment
Imported LCD touch screen temperature controller Controller Electrical Control System
Control temperature, dust blowing time, dust float time separately.
Dust shake, stop time and cycle time control etc.
Available Program: Max.120 group, one program consist of 1~99 segments Program Capacity
Available Memory Capacity: 1200 segments, Repeatable
RS-232 Communication interface, Communication
Which can be as monitor or remote control system, testing recorder.
Program mode, Fixed value mode Running Method
Touch screen, English Language available Setting Method
Temperature setting ±5℃ max Setting Range
Sand Dust Test Chamber Temp: 0.01℃, Time: 1min Display Resolution
Power off recovery mode can be set : hot start/cold start/stop Power off Memory
Starting time can be set freely Preset Start
Machine automatically running when time reached after turn on the power
With battery protection RAM Curve Recording
Can save equipment set data, sampling value and sampling time.
Max Recording time 60 days (when the sampling cycle with 1.5min)
adobe-pdf-logo Test for Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices and Components-SAE J575 JUL83
adobe-pdf-logo Fuze and Fuze Components, Environmental and Performance Tests for MIL-STD-331C
adobe-pdf-logo Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests MIL-STD-810F
adobe-pdf-logo Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Rules for Lights and Electrical Supply Track Systems for Luminaires CQC12-465313-2016
adobe-pdf-logo Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosure (IP CODE) GB 4208-2008/ IEC 60529 2001
adobe-pdf-logo General Safety Requirements and Tests for Luminaires (IEC 60598-1 2003, Luminaires Part 1, General Requirements and Tests, IDT) GB7000.1-200X

Working Principle of Sand Dust Test Chamber : Centrifugal fan is the main energy source for dust powder movement. The high operation of the blade causes the dust powder to be sucked into the fan. Because of the centrifugal force of the fan blade, Dust powder enters the pipe. Winds entering the pipe generally exceed 7.5m/s (too low wind speed will cause dust powder to precipitate in the pipe, which will make the test tube unable to work) Video of IEC 60529 IP 6X Sand Dust Test

The dust powder is sprayed into the test room from above, Passing through the sample at > 2 m/s. Since the test room of sand and dust test chamber is funnel type, So the precipitated dust powder can slide into the lower 72 x 50um filter network. Because of the motor vibrating, Dust powder which smaller than the diameter of the filter mesh is also inhaled by the centrifugal fan. The sand dust test chamber will work for testing by the endless cycle ways continuous.

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