2017-05-24 Shipment | 408 liters Environmental Test Chamber for Italy Customer

On the 24th of May, 2017, an environmental test chamber with a capacity of 408 liters was shipped to a customer in Italy. This environmental test chamber is designed to provide a controlled environment for testing various products and materials, including electronic components, automotive parts, and pharmaceuticals. The chamber itself is constructed from high-quality materials and is built to exacting standards in order to ensure that it provides accurate and reliable test results.

It is equipped with a range of features and capabilities, such as temperature and humidity control, as well as the ability to control the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the chamber. The 408 liters capacity of the environmental test chamber is ideal for a wide range of applications, as it provides ample space for testing larger objects as well as multiple smaller items simultaneously. Additionally, the chamber is designed to be easy to use and operate, with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface that allows testers to quickly and easily set up their tests and monitor the results.

The environmental test chamber is a valuable tool for any laboratory or testing facility that needs to perform reliable and accurate testing of various materials and products. Its shipment to the customer in Italy is a testament to the quality and reliability of the chamber, and it is sure to provide years of useful service.

shipment 002

Today we shipped one pc 408 liters environmental test chamber for Italy customer, This is a Lamborghini chamber and equiped with Thermostatic valves, Bypass valve in both circuit; Part used of the following company : Schneider, Gavazzi, Omron, Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson, Unitè Hermetique, Bitzer and so on. Wire colors: Black for the power 220/380V with exception of neutral that should be blue, ground of yellow/green color, 24 Vac of red color, 24 Vdc of gray color.

● Cooling rate > 2°C/min according to CEI EN 60068-3-5. Equpment Photo of 408 Liters Environmental Test Chamber for Italy Customer 1

● This environmental camber able to start cooling with compressor form the highest temperature (180°C depending on the range of the chamber)

● The cooling rate calculated following the CEI EN 60068-3-5 must be 2-2.5°C/min. Equpment Photo of 408 Liters Environmental Test Chamber for Italy Customer 2

● The refrigeration system must be upgradable with bypass valve (Hot gas valve)to permit the compressor running while are not present any request (cold o dehumidification)

● In the refrigeration system, installed all thermostatic valves and not capillary, Testing hole:50mm. Equpment Photo of 408 Liters Environmental Test Chamber for Italy Customer 3

● The isolation of the chamber be done with PU Foam (100mm) + Glass wool installed directly in contact to the chamber

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