2017-04-26 Shipment | Floor Type Environmental Test Chamber SUS

Today we are doing the shipment work for a Thailand customer. They are the mainly producer for solar panel. They buy this big size floor type environmental test chamber for solor panel testing. We taken the photos before packing this environmental test chamber. Send the photos to customer for checking purpose. After get the customer’s confirmation, Then we do the package work and prepare the shipment for customer. Step by step work !

The temperature range for this floor type environmental test chamber: -70C +150C, Humidity Range: 30%–85%, Cooling down from +150C directly, by France Tecumseh + Germany Bitzer Compressor, Cooling testing from +150C to -50C takes 90 minutes, Cooling Rate: 2.20C/min. This is a quite fast temperature cooling rate, Because normally the cooling rate is 1.0C/min ~ 1.5C/min for a China producer.

We have many different solutions for cooling rate request. Cooling Rate can be : 1C/min, 2C/min, 5C/min … It depends on customer’s requirement and testing standard. Please email us your samples testing procedure, testing standard refer, Our technical dept will suggest a good solution which based on your spec/ requirement. This is the standard size chamber producer who can not support you, But we can ! Welcome contact us if you have inquires. Thank you.


Environmental testing is an essential process for various industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and more. These tests are conducted to evaluate the performance and reliability of products under different environmental conditions. One of the critical factors in environmental testing is the size and weight of the test samples. Testing bulky and heavy samples can be challenging, especially when it comes to loading and unloading them from the test chamber. This is where a floor type environmental test chamber comes in handy.

A floor-standing environmental test chamber is designed to accommodate large and heavy test samples, making it easier to load and unload them from the test area. The chamber’s size and capacity allow for testing of a wide range of products, including vehicles, aircraft components, and other large-scale products that require environmental testing. The floor type environmental test chamber is also equipped with specialized features such as ramps, hoists, and other mechanisms that facilitate the movement of heavy loads.

floor type environmental test chamber

Another advantage of a floor type environmental test chamber is that it provides a stable and controlled testing environment. The chamber’s design ensures that the testing conditions are consistent throughout the test cycle, leading to accurate and reliable results. This is particularly important for industries that require precise testing conditions, such as the aerospace and defense industries.

It is important to note that the floor of the test area needs to be able to bear the weight of the bulky test samples to prevent the ground of the test area from being squeezed and deformed. Therefore, it is essential to choose a floor-standing environmental chamber that is compatible with the floor’s weight-bearing capacity.

In conclusion, a floor type environmental test chamber is an excellent investment for industries that conduct environmental testing on large and heavy test samples. It provides a stable and controlled testing environment and facilitates the loading and unloading of bulky test samples. When choosing a floor-standing environmental chamber, it is crucial to consider the weight-bearing capacity of the test area’s floor to ensure safe and reliable testing.

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