2017-11-15 Shipment | 4 pcs New Design Climate Test Chambers

Today, We have finished 4 pcs climate test chambers assembly work and ready for shipment. We are using a 20GP container to prepare this shipping work. The customer is the end user, They ask us doing the shipment by DDP term. So hire a 20Gp container and without wood case packing is a smart idea with an economic packing solution. But when you are not using a fully 20GP or 40GP or 40HQ container, Remember to use the plywood case for outer package is very important. Buy a transport insurance for climate test chambers shipping work is not enough, You need make sure the packing solution is quite well in case there has a shack, impact or vibration movement during the shipment.

Temperature range for this 4 pcs climate test chambers: -70C +180C, Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%. This week, There also has one 27 liters thermal shock chamber for shipping. The temperature range is -40℃ +200℃, 2 zones lifting design. These are the most popular climate chambers what the customer buy from us. Procuring it and stocking it properly is a good option for resellers targeting overseas. If you have the interest and try to work with us, Please send us an inquiry to let me know. Thank you.

climate test chambers

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climate test chambers

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